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reviewed Salt

38 reviews · 2 years ago

I must have picked a bad day/time. Rather than bag it.. I will just have to go back. This time time it was a very watery flat white In a takeway.. not as worthy of the g High reviews it has so far. Well not in my opinion..

reviewed Cleanskin Coffee Co

38 reviews · 2 years ago

I kept hearing everyone banging on about this joint so thought would try myself. For a Friday arvo around 1:30pm it was a bit confusing on the car park situation.. The take away flat white was great considering how much they were under the pump in there. Got a bag of full throttle beans to try. Only complaint was my partner saying her coffee was a bit cold.. but solid brew.. 👌🏾

reviewed Little Ruby

38 reviews · 2 years ago

As far as California/ West LA goes. This is probably some of the best getting around coffee in America isn’t cheap and all the Locals must be used to shit coffee to actually say they enjoy Starbucks. (Steamed water) anyway little ruby does proper expresso and is of good quality.. P.S I came here in February and thought I would catch up on it as a review.

reviewed Ramekins

38 reviews · 2 years ago

Really nice coffee shop.. pity it’s in a location that is ordinary.. I hate grocery shop based cafe’s .. but they use elixir which is a solid bean and have good food to accompany the coffee.. Good eggs Benny.

reviewed Acai Brothers

38 reviews · 2 years ago

Got an Açai bowl here.. and thought I would get a coffee. Just to test them our.. to my surprise she did a great flat white, and the coffee was great.. my concern here is if they are real busy what’s the coffee like.. but fair play!!

reviewed Roast

38 reviews · 2 years ago

This place is pretty good.. it has a really good cafe menu and the coffee is good.. the staff are attentive and switched on.. as a tip try to get your flat white in a takeaway filled to the top.. the best way to do this is actually ask for a takeaway latte.. from my experiences..

reviewed MINT

38 reviews · 2 years ago

Had a large takeaway and usually this stuffs Up a barista coz of the air change etc.. it was really good and their snacks are often unique but tasty.. definitely would be back..

reviewed Izba Espresso - Containing Coffee Cravings

38 reviews · 3 years ago

Use Fonzie Abbott Beans. Probably the best coffee on the peninsular.. because the wind can be quite strong be carefully your mug doesn’t go too cold if your chatting away. Good service. Good park for kids.. only issue with the cafe is it could do with a little more shade but let’s be honest it’s about the coffee this and their coffee is 👌🏾

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