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reviewed Coffee Institute

15 reviews · 9 months ago

I've enjoyed a high quality, smooth coffee here a number of times recently and will go back when I get the chance. Have always found the wait staff here to be attentive, friendly and accommodating. The food is colourful and well presented; last time I had a smashed avo with poached eggs and was pleasantly surprised. It can be noisy inside when busy but there are some outside tables and you can always go off peak! Recommended.

reviewed Seedling Cafe

15 reviews · a year ago

A very intimate little café with room for around 8 seated customer maximum. Little tables and bench seats tucked in are great for a single or couple though your time is probably limited to spend there. I had a lovely granola cup (surprisingly filling) and a very nice cappuccino that went down particularly well. The coffee was flavoursome, a hint of bitterness but a well rounded milk that lasted the journey. Staff were friendly and happy operating in close confines.

reviewed Dukes Coffee Roasters at Ross House

15 reviews · a year ago

I walked past in the early morning and saw a line out the door so figured the coffee must be good. I returned late morning and there was still only a seat or two free. You can't order a larger coffee if dining in unless you like a takeaway cup (I don't). Went with the regular cappuccino and found that it was only warm. Flavour was decent but not the high quality I was expecting. Busy little place but there are plenty of others to choose from in Melbourne CBD.

reviewed La Moka

15 reviews · a year ago

Rode here to sample the coffee after seeing some high ratings from other connoisseurs. Was not disappointed. While Peel Street is off seedy Hindley Street, this Cafe makes up for location difficulties with great coffee, friendly staff and a good atmosphere. Was not too busy mid morning. Will definitely be back as this is a little gem.

reviewed Red Cacao

15 reviews · a year ago

Outstanding service, brilliant coffee and a large selection of delectable goods is all part of the experience at Red Cacao. This is a ride destination for me that I have visited numerous times and am impressed every time. Each of the wait staff is pleasant, friendly, professional and have exceptional knowledge of the products on offer. Barista's choice of coffee and paired chocolates is a very safe bet for a great experience. My only suggestion is that this place be cloned and appear in a few more locations around Adelaide.

reviewed Paddy's Lantern

15 reviews · a year ago

Rode to Paddy’s Lantern on a recommendation and was not disappointed. This place has a sensible and calm atmosphere. It is spacious and light, with walls decorated with artworks. There are various seating options including a wide table big enough to spread out a newspaper; better still you could actually enjoy reading it here. I ordered a cappuccino and it was so nice that I didn’t need my usual sugar addition. Presentation was excellent and aromatic, the smooth froth lasted through the final sip. Today I had the carrot & walnut cake to accompany my coffee, and it too was excellent. While things often taste better after a ride, I’m certain that the fare here would be great any time!

reviewed The Red Mill Bakehouse Caffe

15 reviews · a year ago

Probably best considered a bakery that also makes coffee rather than a Cafe so to speak. The coffee is average as is the service at times. The practice of singing out a customer's name from behind the counter lacks any class. There is a huge range of cakes and baked goods to choose from so that's a plus. On occasions when I have been there the staff appear tired, worn out and often disinterested.

reviewed E For Ethel

15 reviews · a year ago

Excellent coffee in this hidden away nook. The place doubles as a craft / art shop on the side which makes up a little for the car park views! Service can be slow at times and I think the banana bread is over priced. Just off Melbourne Street, it is not easily found but is a nice spot to enjoy a peaceful coffee experience. The coffee is lovely, smooth and not too hot. No toilet here other than the generic one that seems to service about 6 businesses nearby.

reviewed Pane E Latte

15 reviews · a year ago

This is a quaint little retro cafe that is owned / operated by one of the most friendly gentlemen I have met. The coffees are small but tasty and enjoyable. During the week it is often quiet inside and could be a nice place for a peaceful solo experience, catch up or even some study.

reviewed Malobo

15 reviews · a year ago

I'm a regular thursday morning cyclist and the sensational coffee here is what I look forward to after riding with a group of lads. The coffee is seriously good and goes down a treat. The mark of a great coffee is that you could entertain the possibility of having another one straight after! I've also rewarded myself with the smashed avo / beetroot / poached eggs breakfast more than once and have loved it each time. Based on other reviews it would seem that management may have changed. I rate this place and will continue to be a regular. Often on weekends (particularly in fine weather) this place is jam packed - not my scene. However, the quieter times are great. Plus, sitting at the benches you get great views of Henley Square and the ocean.

reviewed The Coffee Barun

15 reviews · a year ago

Took my daughter here for a special breakfast and we were not disappointed. The breakfast menu is ample and the poached eggs were fresh and cooked perfectly. The staff on this day were interactive and friendly, adding to the atmosphere. There are plenty of seating options and while the premises is situated on Main North Road, the noise level isn't too bad inside. The cappuccino I had was nice and smooth with a slightly nutty finish.

reviewed Zitto

15 reviews · a year ago

There really aren't that many decent coffee options in the north-east of Adelaide but Zitto is quite reliable. The coffee isn't memorable but is decent enough. The apparently high turnover of staff means that there is some variety in the delivered coffee but the beans used do leave a hint of bitterness. I decided to try a soy cappuccino last time and was very disappointed as it had such a nutty flavour - I guess they used almond milk accidentally. There is certainly ample seating at this venue and the vast variety of baked goods and breakfast options do make up for the lack of top end coffee.

reviewed Whistle and Flute

15 reviews · a year ago

Have been here a bunch of times and am increasingly disappointed. The cappuccino I normally get is generally quite good but the venue and atmosphere is not. As a cyclist I nearly always feel unwelcome and have to sit outside. I've found staff ask me if I want the coffee as a takeaway when I clearly have no means of doing so. The last (and I do mean last) time that I attended there was a Sunday morning and I was hoping for a quiet coffee; no chance of that - in an effort to be 'cool / hip / whatever' there was bassy music cranking, kids everywhere and it was a noisy mess. The waitress eventually delivered a mug of cappuccino that she slopped as she placed it on the spare seat outside (no table) and left me with a tiny spoon that was too small for the mug.

reviewed Where We Met

15 reviews · a year ago

I heard about Where We Met from a couple who lived in Adelaide CBD and listed it among their favorites. I rode there and was not disappointed. The decor is modern with huge glass windows flooding the adequate space with light; across the road is Veale Gardens to gaze upon. I was one of few customers at the time but was greeted in a friendly and welcoming manner. I ordered my first ever soy cappuccino and savoured it (without sugar - rare for me!). The smashed avocado with salsa was a generous and appealing dish and was fresh (I'd love to see some paprika added). I believe they have only been open around 8 months but I believe when word gets around this place will become well established. As they say in the Dilmah ad: 'Do try it'!

reviewed Ronin

15 reviews · a year ago

This place was a hidden gem in Singapore and should rate among the top coffee establishments. It has a raw decor with exposed ceilings but the dedication to quality can't be overlooked, and smelt for that matter. While it is cash only, the cappuccino was super smooth and delicious; I visited 4 times during a 9 day holiday! There's room for about 20 or so customers and there is no wifi so customers need to actually talk with each other - as they should! Twice I shared a scrumptious brownie creation that delighted the taste buds. I didn't try the other meals but I would be confident that the offering would be of a high standard. Bravo!

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