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reviewed The Deck

464 reviews · 14 followers · 7 months ago

Possibly new owners and/or barista since last review as the coffees prepared for my family and I were all nicely prepared and tasted great. Coming off a week of northern Tasmanian coffee I even thanked the barista for preparing excellent coffees. To top it off my breakfast of ricotta pancakes with fruit, lemon curd and double cream was delicious.

reviewed Gioconda Coffee Roasters

464 reviews · 14 followers · 7 months ago

From the location and the fact that they are roasting Gioconda coffee it would appear that they have rebranded themselves as the Verona Restaurant. We had coffee there twice, with the first being excellent and the second mediocre. We asked for double shot 3/4 full lattes in a regular glass. Their regular glasses were large and this meant even more milk than we sought even with 3/4 full glasses. Service was abysmal with staff taking ages to take orders and baristas standing around chatting before filling orders. Taking 30 minutes to receive coffees in a half full restaurant was very ordinary!

reviewed Fundamental Expresso

464 reviews · 14 followers · 7 months ago

Coffee was excellent but we needn’t have ordered double shot 3/4 full lattes as a single shot would have been strong enough. Coffee was very strong but the texture and temperature were spot on. Nice modern espresso bar with lots of seating to drink in. Staff were very friendly and service quick.

reviewed Laneway Cafe

464 reviews · 14 followers · 7 months ago

We came for coffee and breakfast after disembarking from the Spirit of Tasmania. Great to find a specialty cafe open at 6:30am. Both our breakfasts were excellent and were just two of several novel breakfast offerings. My piccolo on the other hand was ok but could have been better. The coffee did not have an espresso consistency and the head was too airey. All up drinkable but certainly not memorable.

reviewed Ebb And Flow

464 reviews · 14 followers · 7 months ago

A great day for magics! After our first good one this morning in Lorne we were served equally well prepared magics at Ebb & Flow. Smooth, strong and a nice temperature. They use Axil coffee and it certainly wasn’t bitter. Lunch was fantastic too - we had brioche turkey, chicken and bacon club sandwiches that were huge but wary to eat.

reviewed The Bottle Of Milk

464 reviews · 14 followers · 7 months ago

We ordered magics and had mixed reactions. I liked the taste and the coffee milk ratio was creamy and tasty. Temperature wise the coffee was warm and needed another 5-10 degrees. My partner was disappointed with hers, particularly as regards the strength of her coffee which she felt was just a single shot,

reviewed Wye River General Store

464 reviews · 14 followers · 7 months ago

They served Genoese coffee and I liked the taste. We both ordered Magics and we had mixed reactions. While I thought mine was pretty good in terms of taste and consistency my partner felt that they only poured a single shot and the coffer was only warm.

reviewed The Golden Fleece

464 reviews · 14 followers · 7 months ago

Been a while since we had visited. Four of us came for Sunday breakfast. Our piccolos were good without being outstanding. Breakfasts were excellent and the buzzing crowd members were universally enjoying their dining experience.

reviewed Cibo Glenelg

464 reviews · 14 followers · 7 months ago

Two years since we visited and we were disappointed. Piccolos were ordinary - warm, mild and poured badly. Coffee head was minuscule and as a result coffees spilled as I descended steps. It was a warm Sunday lunchtime but the atmosphere was very ordinary.

reviewed Bonobo Espresso

464 reviews · 14 followers · 7 months ago

I really liked my magic, but my other half thought the taste and temperature of hers was not as good as when we last visited a year ago. COVID has changed the way the business operates and thus seems to have impacted on how the coffees were prepared.

reviewed Mediterranean Cafe Ristorante

464 reviews · 14 followers · 7 months ago

Back in Adelaide for WOMAD concert after a year under lockdown. Four of us popped in late afternoon for a mix of coffee types and all were satisfied with what they got without the coffees standing out. My piccolo tasted good, was in a good sized glass, but again could have been closer to 65 degrees as it was warm.

reviewed Red Cacao

464 reviews · 14 followers · 7 months ago

Made our annual pilgrimage to Red Cacao for coffee and chocolate. Service was excellent, piccolos tasted very good and complemented our choice of accompanying chocolates. The place was buzzing with lots of customers on a Wednesday afternoon.

reviewed Stefano’s Café Bakery

464 reviews · 14 followers · 7 months ago

First visit to Mildura in a year due to COVID and we breakfasted at Stefano’s. Service was ordinary, food was awful but our Magic’s were well made albeit like so many other coffee shops we visited lately, lucky to be 60 degrees. Perhaps more baristas should be using thermometers to get the temperature right?

reviewed The Blessed Bean

464 reviews · 14 followers · 7 months ago

Our piccolos were very strong and tasted pretty good. Served in small glasses and very dark in appearance. They accompanied our Caesar salad wraps which were delicious. However the venue seems to have lost its pizazz and seemed run down.

reviewed Circa

464 reviews · 14 followers · 8 months ago

It’s been more than a year since we last visited and we were pleased to find that it’s still serving up great coffee and very tasty breakfasts. We ordered magics and received double ristrettos served in cups. They looked good and were spot on. A medium blend of coffee which went nicely with well prepared milk.

reviewed Booknook & Bean

464 reviews · 14 followers · 2 years ago

B&B has a coffee tent at WOMAD again this year and it became our go to place for our Magic’s. Our swipe card after the four day event indicated that we had many Magic’s over the time we were there and every one was poured to perfection notwithstanding that they were served in cardboard cups. Service was first class and the tent set up contributed to a great atmosphere!

reviewed Miss 5048

464 reviews · 14 followers · 2 years ago

First time back in two years and pleased to find that great coffee is being prepared there once again. My partner and I had Magic’s which were well prepared and tasted excellent. Our friends had skinny lattes which looked milky but which was just what they were after. It’s a busy place and staff were friendly and very helpful.

reviewed CREAM

464 reviews · 14 followers · 2 years ago

First time back since they changed the layout to a more open style coffee shop come food joint. Service was ok but nothing memorable, atmosphere was lacking perhaps due to how it’s opened up to the street and coffee was ordinary, perhaps due in part to them getting ready to close for the day at 1:45pm. Our Magic’s were luke warm and tasted really strong. Overall really disappointing!

reviewed Folks Gallery

464 reviews · 14 followers · 2 years ago

It’s almost a year since Folkes opened and I did my review. Since then it’s become my regular and most recently my partner and I have changed from piccolos to magics and we are both loving them. Campos coffee served in small Huskee reusable cups.

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