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reviewed Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar

20 reviews · 4 years ago

After a great bike ride from Brisbane we stopped by for coffee and some food. It's a shame they don't serve a good breakfast but happy with the bounty slice, flat white and a double espresso. Bot coffees where great and enjoyed them both. Nice and fruity espresso and full bodied flat white. See you again soon

reviewed The Lab Cycling Cafe

20 reviews · 4 years ago

Went for a morning training ride first before heading into the new coffee shop in North Lakes. I ordered a double espresso and it was well balanced and full of flavour. They also have a great range of food options and yes they have some unhealthily items for those like like mars bar slices etc.

reviewed Frisson Espresso

20 reviews · 4 years ago

This place is under rated but it doesn't help that the location in the app is not showing the correct address. Great little place and really nice flat white. Nice and close to my hotel and they know what a flat white is.

reviewed Blue Bottle (Rockefeller Centre)

20 reviews · 4 years ago

Little tucked away place and can get very busy in the mornings. I had an espresso and it wasn't too bad it seems to me they service mainly milk coffees which this would be great in, just not as an espresso. I also tried a pour over single origin coffee. That was fantastic. Great flavours. Worth a visit

reviewed Four Barrel Coffee (Valencia)

20 reviews · 4 years ago

Great little coffee shop. One Jing I've noticed is most shops have bike racks out the front which is awesome for people like me that ride around a town to experiment and taste the deferent blends. Espresso was smooth and very well balanced

reviewed Rapha Cycle Club

20 reviews · 4 years ago

One thing you will notice when going to Rapha stores around the world, they know how to make coffee and it has a nice atmosphere, well for cyclist and coffee lovers. The double espresso we great. Nice balance and not burnt like I've had in other local stores. Nice job

reviewed Mazarine Coffee

20 reviews · 4 years ago

Nice and strong coffee just like Australia. They didn't know what a flat white but once explained they knew. Service was ok but could have been faster as it wasn't busy but still made a good coffee

reviewed Kettle and Seed

20 reviews · 5 years ago

On the way to the snow we needed a coffee and this little place had the best reviews. The coffee was great and the services was just as good. They roast their own beans and had some nice selection of food for breakfast and lunch. The milk was very nicely folded through the espresso and gave a nice balance. We enjoyed it that much we went through again on the way back down the mountain. Well worth stoping off

reviewed The Hub Espresso Bar and Eatery

20 reviews · 5 years ago

After reading a few reviews I thought I'd give them a shot. I got two coffees, first was a piccolo which was a little over extracted for my liking and the second was just a standard flat white. The flat white was balanced better then the piccolo but still not great. Still not a bad place for coffee and breakfast.

reviewed The Cupping Room

20 reviews · 5 years ago

I sent my wife here a year ago when she visited and she loved it. Today we stopped through Canberra on our way to the snow and I had to try. Apart from the cool winds whilst waiting for our take outs. The coffees were made really well and they had a nice balance. The hot chocolate was a little on the too much chocolate but still very nice. Definitely worth another try.

reviewed Cup of Truth

20 reviews · 5 years ago

In Melbourne for the day and really wanted to find this place. After walking round and around upstairs I took a walk down to the train station and tried an espresso and a flat white. I like to taste both types to ensure I can comment and rate the places I visit the same. The service was outstanding and it helped that we talked about bike racing. The first double ris was great. Nice balance and body. The flat white also carried the same balance and body but the milk was a little cooler then I normally like. Overall great little shop it's just a shame it's hard to find

reviewed Little Bean Blue

20 reviews · 5 years ago

I was looking for a nice local coffee shop near by the hotel and I found this little gem. The service was warm and very fast. As I do I tried the espresso and the flat white to test the barista skills. The espresso was very well balanced and packed a nice little punch. The flat white lacked a little body the first time round. The following day I asked for a strong flat white and the body was in abundance. Great little shop and well worth the visit. Btw the muffins are nice and fresh

reviewed Patricia

20 reviews · 5 years ago

Was in Melbourne for the week and I had to try the best coffee shops you have to offer. I went to Patricia twice in one day. The first was after my bike ride and it was just after 730am. The service was quick and friendly. I ordered an espresso and a flat white as I always do. I believe this is the easiest way to test the barista skills. Wow both had great balance and the body was very full and enjoyable. The second time was a few hours later but the coffee wasn't as good but it was very busy. I will be coming back next time I'm in Melbourne.

reviewed Klink

20 reviews · 6 years ago

The service was ver quick considering the line up. Over all my flat white was smooth with nice balanced floral notes. The flavour of the bean would be great as an espresso as you could taste the floral notes which I like.

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