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reviewed The Steam Engine

53 reviews · 4 followers · 2 years ago

Excellent coffee and a great yet simple menu that effortlessly caters for many dietary requirements without making a big thing of it. I chose to put the Costa Rica single origin with my flat white. The barista seemed allergic to this (so often the case here in Australia), but I assure you, it works. With milk it had flavours like liquorice and blackcurrant toffee.

reviewed Workshop Coffee Co. (Fitzrovia)

53 reviews · 4 followers · 5 years ago

The perfect next step for Workshop. It creates it's own place in the family, and in the neighbourhood. Sara is the perfect hostess, and the coffee is superlative. Their Colombian at the moment is just great with milk. Hint of banoffee in a latte/flat white, but works even better in a mocha.

reviewed Bulldog Edition

53 reviews · 4 followers · 6 years ago

Unfortunately your coffee will vary according to barista. The young, fresh-faced English guy seems to do well; the dark-blond guy not so well at the moment. The espresso was clearly over extracted. Almost metallic bitterness (surely not still the newness of the machine). The milk was perfectly steamed, but overall my flat white was barely drinkable. The place and service are great. You don't have to brace the furniture in the cafe as you can sit in the hotel lobby, which is great. I hope someone takes charge and fixes the coffee. It's the only place open at 6:30 on a Sunday.

reviewed Botton

53 reviews · 4 followers · 6 years ago

The best cafe in Seoul for complete package of coffee, atmosphere and service. Amazing for evenings. The music was Parisian piano jazz by candlelight. Clear design focus in the interior and the selection of books on the tables. Amazing service - exceptional even by Korea's high standards.

reviewed Dose

53 reviews · 4 followers · 6 years ago

Truly my go-to cafe in the City. In the middle of a heavy afternoon i needed a serious boost to plough through work and got a triple shot accepting that i'd just have to deal with a bit of extra bitterness - not so. Perfectly balanced flavours, no hint of bitterness. These guys really know their craft.

reviewed Curators Coffee Studio

53 reviews · 4 followers · 6 years ago

This place is almost perfect. They have great guest espressos, monthly creations (mixing coffee - or tea - in cocktail-style drinks). It feels a bit like Melbourne. The staff are friendly and seem to know most of their customers by name. The muffins are fantastic. What more do you want?

reviewed Association Coffee

53 reviews · 4 followers · 6 years ago

This place has all the ingredients to be amazing but I feel it doesn't quite make it. Their coffee is a little on the bitter side (fine if you like that). And they're not as smooth as they could be. Still one of the best around though.

reviewed Fix 126

53 reviews · 4 followers · 6 years ago

Uneducated coffee fascism. "We only do our guest espresso as an espresso." Have you ever had single origin with milk, or in a mocha? Cos I almost always go for the guest/single origin. Maybe 1 in 10 really don't work, but usually it is perfection. Dose Espresso in Smithfield always make it work! So, dump your arrogance, and remember that your business succeeds only through serving customers well. And maybe try a guest latte before you slavishly repeat the received wisdom of "I couldn't possibly put that with milk."

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