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reviewed Three Monkey's Place

29 reviews · 7 months ago

Close to the best coffee I’ve ever had. Ordered a double shot latte which is the norm for me. The coffee had great body to cut through the milk, also had fruity complexity and no hint of imperfection in flavor. The coffee was blended and roasted to perfection, the milk was spot on and the barista nailed the shot! Wow!!!

reviewed beans and cream

29 reviews · a year ago

Ordered a piccolo latte, was the size of a latte but the same strength so can’t complain about that. Ice cream was good too and lovely lady helped clean up my kids ice cream mess as well. Well worth a visit!

reviewed Property of Little One

29 reviews · a year ago

Ordered their batch brew for something different, it was so sweet and full of flavor. The barista had taken a lot of care making it and it was very well presented. Cafe is located in the back streets but well worth a visit.

reviewed Brewhouse Coffee Roasters

29 reviews · a year ago

Ordered a double shot latte, had good flavor. Didn’t order food but looked good. Service was friendly and reasonably smooth given how busy it was. Would probably choose here over Cortille as their service was a little better.

reviewed Cortille

29 reviews · a year ago

Good atmosphere, I had a double shot latte that was smooth and flavorsome. Chicken burger was to die for, chips were very soggy (I prefer them crispy). A little on the expensive side, also had to question my bill as I was overcharged. Just a few simple things could turn this cafe from a good place into a great place.

reviewed Bill's Beans

29 reviews · 4 years ago

I don't think I have enjoyed many coffees as much as the one I had here. It's only a small place but is friendly and has plenty of character. It gives most of the well known inner city Melbourne cafes a run for its money, and the staff and patrons are a lot more down to earth.

reviewed Millie J and Co

29 reviews · 6 years ago

This is my second visit and it reminds me of The Lillydale General Cafe in Melbourne. It was quiet, being a week day, so the service was good. I had a late' in a mug and it was nice and smooth. Townsville is fast becoming a 'hip' place, so there are lots of other options, especially around the town centre.

reviewed The Maling Room

29 reviews · 7 years ago

It's been a while since I popped in here. The coffee here seemed to have lost the plot in the past couple of years. I'm pleased to say that today it was back! I had a latte and it was the best I've had in two years. I could taste the big hits of berry in the blend they use. I'm tipping they use a good Ethiopian bean in their blend. This is what coffee used to be like when Melbourne was at the top of its game! Lets hope other big name coffee places wake up from their complacency too.

reviewed Cafe Zingers

29 reviews · 7 years ago

The worst coffee I have had in a long time. My latte was weak and there was a thin layer of frothy milk on top. We also ordered food but had to wait over half an hour for this. Sad to say that still the only local place to get a good coffee is my place. Oh, did I also mention the coffee is Piazza D'Oro. Need I say any more?

reviewed Yallingup Coffee Roasting Company

29 reviews · 7 years ago

The only thing missing with my latte' was a paper doily to go with the glass you would expect from a cafe on the 80's! The coffee was average at best, and was barely rescued by the quality of the milk they used. Very disappointing that a cafe that roasts their own coffee don't know how to make it properly.

reviewed The Lane Cafe

29 reviews · 7 years ago

Their sign said they have properly trained baristas and they were right! A very friendly young barista knew precisely what beans were in the coffee they use. I had a take away late' and it was very well made. They only have the one size which is a double shot, but at $4 these are Melbourne prices and cheap by Rotto standards! Rottnest Island is a must see destination and so is The Lane Cafe for coffee aficionados!

reviewed X-Wray

29 reviews · 7 years ago

Found this place tucked away close to where we were staying. Its a hip looking place with friendly baristas know how to make a good coffee! The custom blend is ok but probably a little too much robusta. Nevertheless, I will be going there again for breakfast tomorrow.

reviewed Cellar N Pantry

29 reviews · 8 years ago

This place has a nice selection of gourmet foods and the staff are quite friendly. Having says that, this place is not a cafe, there was nowhere to sit down so we had to get our coffee take away. I ordered a latte and could unfortunately not taste the coffee in it. The milk was well over heated as well. Very Dissapointing in the end!

reviewed Rock Pool

29 reviews · 8 years ago

Ordered a flat white and got exactly that. Not too much foam. I saw that the lattes were served in those tall glasses with a handle. Not a good sign. My coffee was a little over hot, but was definitely drinkable. If you like Fish and Chips, this is a great place to come.

reviewed South Of Johnson (SoJo)

29 reviews · 8 years ago

Had some time to kill and don't often come into these neck of the woods. Ordered a latte which tasted a little strange, so ordered an espresso which was much better. I suspect the milk might have been the culprit. I also tried the chorizo eggs which were awesome! This part of town had a big reputation for its coffee, but I'm always a little disappointed when I do make the trip.

reviewed Innocent Bystander

29 reviews · 8 years ago

This was my first time here and along with White Rabbit next door it was an awesome experience. The coffee wasn't too bad either (a lot better than Genovese who seem to have unfortunately saturated the cafe market in the Yarra Valley).

reviewed The Urban Bean Cafe

29 reviews · 8 years ago

My experience would have been nicer if the lady who served me pretended that she cared about the customer! And, after getting the opinion of other tourist operators in the area, it was pretty clear she wasn't just having a bad day. Having said that though, the coffee was pretty reasonable if you are after an early 'hit' of coffee! If you can though, wait until Yahava Coffee Works opens as you will get much better coffee and service there.

reviewed Yahava Coffee

29 reviews · 8 years ago

I visited Yahava every day when on holidays in the Swan Valley. I love their set up as it's all about the coffee! And they certainly know and love their product. They offer a selection of single origins or blends each day, and the coffee paraphernalia is always interesting to look at. Most of all, they make a great latte or espresso, and the staff always show interest in the customer.

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