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reviewed Abacus

37 reviews · 3 followers · 3 years ago

This shop should do so much better with their coffee.. Last time I was here they served padre and I could have given them a good 9/10. St Ali beans now, a nicely extracted S/O long black from Papa New Guinea complimented the amazing lunch I had. Their main focus seems to be the food, we can still go to market lane right around the corner for some exciting brews.

reviewed Bayano the Rebel

37 reviews · 3 followers · 3 years ago

New addition to the Monk family.. their coffee is outstanding as one would have expected, great service.. I just hope they don't start thinking they're too cool and follow the path of monk bodhi dharma with their unfriendly, lazy service.

reviewed The Pour Kids

37 reviews · 3 followers · 3 years ago

You expect a business with that name to take particular attention to their brews but the Axil long black and espresso I had were awfully extracted. Didn't seem like there was much focus or care in making them or any interest in the feedback I gave the waiter about it. When ordering meals I asked for mine without cheese and replace it with non-dairy side and got told they don't do substitutions. They could although take cheese out and add a side (that's a $5 substitution guys, yes, you do substitutions). Anyway I decided not to eat, pay for the coffee and move on. Those pour guys are going down a slippery slope

reviewed Long Street Coffee

37 reviews · 3 followers · 3 years ago

I love the clean look of this place, white and polished industrial deco complimented the friendly, calm, attentive, service. They use beans from different roasters and use them well. Small Batch, Proud Mary, Market Lane.. they really give their customers a lot to choose from. The owner seems to love his coffee as much as the team does. Worth a visit or two if you're in the area. Keep up the good work team and you'll go far!

reviewed Pillar of Salt

37 reviews · 3 followers · 3 years ago

While the coffee is well made and always on point (this time I had a Kenyan from Wood and Co.), the sporadic service and wait on everything let's the place down. The last time I was in i had to leave my take away toastie behind after asking twice about it and waiting 25 minutes, simply because it was forgotten. I was not offered an apology or refund. This sort of experiences destroys a business Coffee 9 Atmosphere 9 Service 4

reviewed Aucuba Coffee Roasters

37 reviews · 3 followers · 3 years ago

Acuba did not live up to the hype. Sour and fresh cut grass notes overpowered my long black. The long wait for v60 and meals was pretty upsetting and according to the waitress only one chef works during the week (could of mentioned that before I ordered). The burgers are yummy when they finally make it to the table. Will give it another try in the future and see if it improves.

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