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reviewed The Timeless Way (Kingston)

9 reviews · a month ago

The coffee is nice, probably the best In Channel court (although choices are somewhat limited...) but like a previous review, it’s pricey. Coffee and a muffin will set your back over $10! Service can be slow at Times but food is always of good quality.

reviewed Six ZerO

9 reviews · 2 years ago

A quaint, cosy little cafe right off the street in Bellerive Village. Service is always great- even when busy they always manage to get the order out without any fuss. Kid friendly and lots of natural light. Some nibbles (muffins, cakes, etc) and a full menu if you’re hungry. Coffee is always very nice- strong but well balanced and the baristas know the difference between a flat white and a latte. One of the best spots in Bellerive for a coffee.

reviewed Shotgun Coffee

9 reviews · 2 years ago

Another new coffee shop in Hobart! Not all that much to seperate them from all the rest- they have the usual coffee shop things- besides coffee they have sandwiches, toasties, muffins, that sort of thing. Some gluten free and vegetarian options as well if you’re so inclined. Seating is very minimal- a few tables up the back and a narrow bench up the front. Music was very loud in the space due to the echo. They advertise live music on occasion. Would be interesting in the small echo-y space. Coffee is okay- not stellar. Ordered a flat white and came in a mug with a lot of thick foam. Slightly sweet with some earthy tastes as it went down. Service was prompt, staff friendly. You could certainly do worse, but there are better CBD coffee options at present.

reviewed Ecru Coffee

9 reviews · 2 years ago

Villino’s little sibling, but it sure has a lot going for it. Service is prompt, despite how busy it can get the staff generally remember people’s names (and orders). A few sweets and usually some good tunes going. One of Hobart’s best spots for sure.

reviewed Jamaican Mist

9 reviews · 2 years ago

It’s the Sunday morning conundrum in Tasmania. You want coffee like any other day, but your options are limited, even in the CBD in the busiest mall in Hobart. Still, you could do worse than Jamaican Mist. Lots of seating, booths and tables out the front for some people watching or paper reading. Lots (at least 3 times) the amount of cakes, muffins and sandwiches in the case at the front and lots of options for fresh made food as well. I ordered my usual flat white and a bubbacino for my little person and we shared a muffin- we drank them there but ordered them in takeaway cups (bad for the environment, I know. But any parent knows sometimes you have to leave in a hurry if a toddler meltdown happens. At least take your coffee with you!) My coffee wasn’t amazing: very hot and consequently very bitter. Had to let it sit lidless for several minutes just to get it to a drinkable temperature. Within seconds the little one knocked her drink down and it splattered everywhere- the crew saw this and brought us out another one without having to ask, even with an extra marshmallow and some shortbread biscuits. The staff was pleasant and friendly (also hard to find!) even if my coffee wasn’t spectacular. Better than Maccas a few blocks away or Hudson’s around the corner.

reviewed Red Square Cafe

9 reviews · 2 years ago

This place is great - the most kid friendly cafe around. Incredible deals for breakfast- they do all day breakfast but before 11am everything is 9.95. Huge area for the kids to play and incredibly spacious and airy inside. Every time I’ve been it’s always the same barista, and I couldn’t tell which roaster they use- it’s a lighter roast and the Coffee is always good. Standard coffee menu items, in a cup or mug and bubbacinos with marshmallows for the kids. I ordered a latte which had the right amount of froth and was the right temperature. Came out very quick despite being very very busy for breakfast. My only gripe is bordered a side of smoked salmon which I had to ask the waitress for 3 times, and it didn’t show up until long after breakfast was over.

reviewed The Beachouse

9 reviews · 2 years ago

Went for brunch- food was really good (portions a tad small though). Clean, simple uncomplicated menu with the usual breakfast items found everywhere. Table service was prompt and food came out very quickly with no issues. Coffee on the other hand came out quickly, but had an unpleasant, bitter, plastic-y aftertaste and had a gritty mouthfeel. Needed almost one sugar to make it palatable. I wouldn’t order it again. There’s a lack of good coffee at Long Beach- vans and carts take notice!

reviewed Fish Frenzy

9 reviews · 2 years ago

Coffee on a Sunday in Burnie? Your options are somewhat limited. You could go the always open but never good Hungry Jacks or Maccas route, but nearly every other place is closed. Who wants coffee on a Sunday anyway? Fish Frenzy is pretty much your best (and only) option. It’s right on the waterfront, near the peeing octopuses, next door to the surf club. Very clean, can’t really fault the service. Opens up literally to the water edge with plenty of indoor seating and “semi outdoor” seating as well. I grabbed a takeaway flat white and sat with some seagulls. The coffee itself was above average, not stellar. A bit watery and the espresso tasted a bit bitter and over extracted. Think they may have used skinny milk, not regular. Still, I can’t complain too much considering the other options.

reviewed Yellow Bernard

9 reviews · 6 years ago

If you like being looked at and not greeted "hello" by the cash register person while standing in a hot, claustrophobic shoe box or pushed outside at the mercy of the Hobart weather; all while watching the barista serve their friends who come in after you, this is the place to be! It's also great if you like your coffee boiling hot and very very bitter. Apparently soy milk isn't great burned- I wouldn't personally know but a colleague of mine tells me so everytime she gets a soy latte from YB. Apparently the cookies are good too, but the last time I ordered one the barista dropped it. No worries though when you have little paper bags to slip them into, because five second rule is a thing, right?

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