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reviewed Admiral Cheng-Ho Specialty Coffee

33 reviews · 3 followers · 5 years ago

As a big Monk bodhi Dharma fan, i was really excited to come up and check it out. I am a bit split in my opinion, i first tried the Rwanda single origin, which was mind blowing, such a rich mix of flavours came through that there is not enough place to explain it. Then after eating i decided to try the $5 Bolivian which, in comparison, I would say isn't worth the $5 it cost. The Rwanda was far better. As for the service split again, one waitress was awesome and one seemed to have a bit of attitude.

reviewed LB2 Specialty Coffee

33 reviews · 3 followers · 5 years ago

Although I felt the space was a bit dark in lighting the staff were really good and friendly. I tried the house blend by Axil. Full body strength, crema and 3 different flavour till the last drop: Citrus, oak and dark berries stood out most to me. Best so far in the Cbd, definitely coming back with the crew. Keep up the good work.

reviewed Cup of Truth

33 reviews · 3 followers · 5 years ago

While the coffee was really good, acidity, dark berries flavour, i felt that there was a different kind of service depending on whether you are a regular or not. Service was not bad though. Anyway great coffee and thats all i am asking.

reviewed Brighton Soul Espresso

33 reviews · 3 followers · 5 years ago

Really Happy when I realised that those guys use to own my favourite place in Hampton before it changed hands. The double espresso was excellent, slight acidity on first sip, then dark oak and berry after. So far the best in Brighton. Funky set up with red bricks. Really friendly staff.

reviewed OTTO Epicurean

33 reviews · 3 followers · 5 years ago

Disappointed with the Single doppio, just didn't get the dark fruity flavour i should get from an Ethiopian. Being Boxing day, it was quite busy, they might need to find a barista who is able to handle pressure and have consistency. Soy latte was nice; however service has really improved compared to last time.

reviewed Aunty Peg's

33 reviews · 3 followers · 5 years ago

Really enjoyed my first try, the Filter Panama Rojas was so good, with orange flavour. Not a filter coffee fan usually but man that was good. The Estribi espresso had about 3 different level of flavours. Staff were friendly and really knew their coffee which is great. Will come back next month the Columbian.

reviewed Brother Baba Budan

33 reviews · 3 followers · 5 years ago

Here is a little tip, this the only Top coffee open on Sunday in the CBD!!! There was a spot to seat and for once i am not in the rush. Really great service, had the espresso and a soy latte. Both excellent, the latte art on the soy latte was nice. If you have any experience in the industry you will know latte art with soy is really difficult. You guys just got up in my top 5. 🙏👌

reviewed Cornerstone & Co

33 reviews · 3 followers · 5 years ago

Really cute looking cafe. Tried an espresso on the single Ethiopian option, was not bad. But the Soy latte on the house blend, i had to accompany it was great. ( they use bonsoy which is a plus for me). Will go back to try their food next time, menu looked really good. Best coffee in Hampton so far.

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