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reviewed The Bikesmith Espresso Bar

257 reviews · 15 followers · 5 months ago

Popped in here for a couple of take aways over the weekend. If you are into coffee and bikes, this seems to be the place to be. I don't ride a bike... The coffee was generally pretty good though there was one we received where the shot seemed burned. The service was quick.

reviewed Bliss Coffee Roastery

257 reviews · 15 followers · 5 months ago

Not so much a cafe as a front for their roasting, none the less a good place to grab a take away, which we did several times this past weekend. The coffees were fairly consistent and there was the added bonus of trying a couple of different blends in the grinder.

reviewed Supply Speciality Coffee & Bar

257 reviews · 15 followers · 6 months ago

I managed a detour in search of good coffee as we passed through Coffs today and I wasn't disappointed. On offer was a delightful blend of Columbian beans which were fantastic in a small, strong flat white. The beans are roasted in house and the coffee made me wish I hadn't driven away drinking it so I could have gone for seconds.

reviewed Bean Beat

257 reviews · 15 followers · 9 months ago

Not too bad for a regional area coffee. The flavor of the beans was good but not amazing, but it was well made with a good extraction and well textured milk. The view across to the water is stunning.

reviewed Blacksmith Specialty Coffee

257 reviews · 15 followers · 10 months ago

This was a regular for a little while but the quality seemed to depend on the certain staff. There was a young blonde girl who produced great coffee but she seems to have moved on. The current staff just can't seem to match the quality that she was producing. The milk is consistently a touch hot and the shots taste a bit burned as well.

reviewed Juliette's

257 reviews · 15 followers · 10 months ago

Sorry, but I cannot understand how this gets good ratings. It's very average coffee. The milk was burned, the espresso was flavourless and uninteresting. The Gelato looks great and the location is great but this is a coffee rating site...

reviewed Specialty Coffee Trader

257 reviews · 15 followers · 10 months ago

These guys are excellent. It's hidden away in an industrial precinct but well worth going hunting to find it. I went back twice on Saturday and was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the product. It was full flavoured and delicious. The guys were only too happy to chat coffee with me which I always enjoy.

reviewed Brother Baba Budan

257 reviews · 15 followers · a year ago

A trip to Melbourne means a visit to Brother Baba Budan. It's an essential location for those passionate about their coffee. The product is always excellent. Even though I've been gone for months, nothing has changed and they're still producing beautiful coffee. Combine that with the quirky decor and you've got a wonderful inner city coffee experience.

reviewed Wake Me Up

257 reviews · 15 followers · a year ago

I arrived for a coffee pretty close to closing time and in chatting with the young lady serving, she stated that the guy really responsible for their top coffee was a morning shift guy and had finished for the day. They do double shot as standard in a flat white which is a huge plus compared to so many others who charge extra. It was well made with a good texture and smooth, strong flavour. It was good, but I would stop short of saying it was exceptional which I might otherwise expect from a cafe with a score over 9.

reviewed Josie North

257 reviews · 15 followers · a year ago

It's hiding down inside a quiet mall away from the road but it was worth the find. The coffee was made on beans from 7 Seeds from Melbourne and very tasty. Instantly pleasing and enjoyable enough that I might have been tempted to get another had I not already walked back to the truck and started to drive away.

reviewed Hallowed Grounds Espresso

257 reviews · 15 followers · a year ago

Unfortunately, it looks like the owners have changed and the coffee is suffering. A few weeks ago the staff entirely changed and since then, the coffee has taken on a bitter taste and is regularly too hot. Sad to see a good coffee spot suffering for lack of a quality product.

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