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reviewed Barefoot Barista

436 reviews · 568 followers · 8 months ago

I had a quite good experience at Barefoot Barista. The service was relaxed but friendly while it was very busy at the shop. They use Gabriel coffee roaster, which I don't see often in Brisbane. My partner's milky coffee was mild and subtle while flavoursome, and my batch brew Costa Rica was super sweet and tasted a bit like pop corn. Very tasty cup. Breakfast was also good while some may find a little bit pricey but they use good ingredients and are creative too, so no complaints. The cafe was a bit noisy but not like my ears are ringing... thanks to the high ceiling with lots of open space. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and definitely visit them again when I visit the area.

reviewed The Dugout

436 reviews · 568 followers · a year ago

Visited there after the change of ownership. I love the friendliness and sort of funkiness of the place. Really small and packed with students from TAFE and a bit of bohemian atmosphere. I had flat white and it was not amazing but decent. They use Fonzie Abbot beans so rather on the strong side. It is quite a friendly place and opens until 4PM as well as air-conned. Food options looked good too. Most places nearby shut down recently. This is the only place where I can find a decent cup on that part of South bank now.

reviewed Caffeination Station

436 reviews · 568 followers · a year ago

I tried this cafe on a Saturday morning after a morning rush was over. The place seemed to be popular amongst locals and people there were friendly, particularly a lady manager/owner. Food is on the pricey side if you wish to have cooked meal, but cabinet food selection was good and reasonably priced. Coffee was not bad. Not spectacular but decent. I had milk-based coffee as they use strong blend. While it is said strong, it was not too bitter, rather mild. I don't mind this place but not my first option as music was a bit too loud and when the place is filled up, a bit less spacious and not so relaxing. Maybe good after 11am or having a takeaway before catching a train.

reviewed Pourboy

436 reviews · 568 followers · a year ago

Always enjoy their coffee and service. People are smiling and coffee was consistent. Nice and relaxing atmosphere. Coffee beans are on the pricey side, but in house beverages are fairly priced considering the quality. My go-to-cafe in the area when I want a good quality coffee.

reviewed Lost Bean

436 reviews · 568 followers · a year ago

They use St Ali and offer filter from 10am to 2pm , so I had the high hopes for this venue. The cafe setting was pleasant and very South-Bankish - which means very open with mainly outside seating and good for cyclists and tourists. Some tables do not have any covers/umbrellas though. I tried a small flat white as I thought coffee might be on the bitter side - and I was right. Not a bad coffee, but lacking depth and flavours that can be found at speciality coffee places. Service was not bad. The girl behind the machine was friendly and attentive enough. It could be a good place for catching up or resting after walking around South Bank, but I would rather visit a cafe nearby...

reviewed Ashton and Old

436 reviews · 568 followers · a year ago

I visited this cafe on Saturday morning with my partner and his child. While it was a rather busy time, we were promptly served and got a table. The service was efficient and friendly. The interior was nice and I was impressed by the efficient use of a rather tiny space. They have three long benches to accommodate more clients without congesting the place. They use Veneziano Folza, so I chose it as flat white. It was honestly not too bad. Coffee was delivered promptly, while form was rather coarse compared with other speciality cafes. So the texture was not so creamy but still tasted OK as I did not find unpleasant bitterness in my cup. We all ordered breakfast. The menu looked find as most food looked like authentic cafe food with a little twist. Possibly they must be fantastic four or five years ago, but now, many newer cafes offer more creative menus. The kid's menu was delivered quick (maybe because it was just a toastie) but adult food took a while. It was fine as it was a busy time but I would have appreciated if they could have given us an estimate of our wait. Unfortunately, bread was stale and dry. The portion was generous, which was good, but rather greasy and bland. This place may be good if you are nearby and drink milk based coffee or catch up with friends without worrying about whether a table is available, but I might drive a few streets down if I want a good cup of coffee or better food.

reviewed Camp Hill Antique Centre & Tart Cafe

436 reviews · 568 followers · 2 years ago

I tried this place when I visited the Antique Centre. The decor was interesting and funky. I love the atmosphere. Meals were rather expensive thought tasty. Service was not bad, just a bit slow. Coffee was, sorry, let down. They use Campos, so it should not be too bad, but it was extremely bitter and left burnt after taste. My partner ordered flat white and even milk did not help to mitigate the bitterness. I guess many customers who visit this place take sugar, so it would be OK if you drink coffee that way. This place is good for socialising, but not for coffee.

reviewed Urban Garden

436 reviews · 568 followers · 2 years ago

An unexpectedly cool cafe that offers good coffee and service. The interior is a mixture of industrial feel and warm yet hipster. I tried blend and single origin, both well balanced and delicious. Look forward to visiting numbour again!

reviewed Bedouin Brew

436 reviews · 568 followers · 2 years ago

Visited them after relocating of the cafe and myself. It was worth a trip as they keep friendliness and the space has more space and relaxing atmosphere. The service was very nice as before, and coffee tasted quite pleasant, no bitterness nor strange aftertaste. Just easy to drink. I think this cafe is one of cafes that use neighbourhood coffee roaster, so you can try another great Brisbane local coffee roaster's coffee here if you are a southside resident. A very nice yet quirky and very friendly community feel cafe that people nearby should appreciate.

reviewed Grinders Coffee

436 reviews · 568 followers · 2 years ago

I visited this Grinders new place a few times as solo and a group. While their coffee is not my favorite as their roasting profile is rather dark, the atmosphere and service were quite nice. The lady who worked there was really patient with my friends who were really fussy with their coffee, and treated us very nicely. The interior was a bit industrial but had warm atmosphere. Very nice cafe if you like traditional darker roasted coffee.

reviewed Penny Coffee Co

436 reviews · 568 followers · 2 years ago

I visited here a few times on odd occasions. The space is very nice but some of my friends said tables are so close that they felt a bit too intimidating though I don't mind that. You can pick up a table from the courtyard, indoor, outside next to traffic (I personally don't like it as I can see a ghost bike) and coffee bar. I really like their coffee bar as it is closer to the coffee machine and quite private. The service is nice, friendly and prompt. Coffee-wise, they mainly use Parallel and use some guest roasters. I tried filter and espresso, and found coffee quite enjoyable. I really enjoyed their basic blend, shifting light as it tasted light and sparkling, which is quite unique.

reviewed Little Black Pug Cafe

436 reviews · 568 followers · 2 years ago

I visited this cafe after visiting spotlight for some yarns. Staff were really friendly but the order system was a bit confusing. Nice atmosphere and cute decor. Lovely seats near the window are the best spot in this narrow shop. There is a bench for lone customers, but not so relaxing as people always pass by. Indoor tables also did not look comfortable enough as they are all set in some tiny space. Outdoor tables are facing a busy road but spacious. They are super dog friendly and environmentally conscious. Food was delicious too. Coffee-wise, they only offer the standard Toby's blend (maybe inherited from the previous owner) and some alternative brewing methods - Interestingly they have Hong Kong style tea and coffee mixture. I may try that next time. Coffee actually tasted good. Not extremely great or outstanding, but quite easy to drink with no nasty bitterness, just sweet and chocolate flavour. I don't mind visiting them again next time I visit Spotlight.

reviewed Grumpy Monkey's Coffee Nook

436 reviews · 568 followers · 2 years ago

I decided to visit this small suburban cafe after reading they are a roaster too. The place is a good sized and nice and quirky decor inside and tables outside where clients can chat in the sun. I found they offer Mexican. Though it's decaf, it tasted really nice and very easy to drink as black. It might be really weak with milk though. I didn't try their blend but I would be happy to try. They serve a tiny brownie accompanied with coffee, which is definitely a must try. It was absolutely delicious. The service was nice too. Worth visiting.

reviewed One Drop Specialty Coffee

436 reviews · 568 followers · 2 years ago

When back to One Drop for the first time in many years. The atmosphere is still corporate but greeted by friendly baristas upon arriving. Food is light and not complicate, and good selection of coffee. If you are not sure what is good, you can ask barista for his or her recommendation. They are so happy to help clients to enjoy coffee. Unfortunately, they are open from Mon to Fri, so unless you work in the area, you cannot visit.

reviewed Little Genovese

436 reviews · 568 followers · 2 years ago

I visited there as my partner needed coffee before visiting a salvage yard nearby. A very nice looking place and the girl who took our order was really nice and friendly. She was happy to chat while busy. The problem came afterwards. First, I ordered single origin as it was said on the board, but nobody seemed to know what single origin they had. Second, picking up seemed to be a bit confusing for staff members. I was waiting for my coffee at the pick up window, but another lady came from the entrance. Third, my coffee was extremely hot and bitter with not much tastes in it. My partner's flat white was the same. I would not mind visiting there for breakfast and catch up as the decor was really nice but not for coffee unfortunately.

reviewed Gannon's Coffee House

436 reviews · 568 followers · 2 years ago

This cafe is conveniently located next to the train station and main road in Wynnum North area to cater commuters, trade people and locals. They use coffee from a local roaster, Delamauta. The interior was interesting and quirky with hand-made plywood benches, and the owner was relaxed and friendly. Coffee was kind of mellow with not much flavour as it was suggested me that normally clients order coffee in a mug. I prefer to having options: cup or mug as I could not find much enjoyment from a big sized coffee. It is often diluted with lots of milk. But considering the fact that this place is mostly for people who consume lots of coffee over a chat with friends or go through a long working day, it is understandable. I don't mind visiting them again when I miss a train another time.

reviewed Eighteen88

436 reviews · 568 followers · 2 years ago

Visited Eighteen88 a few times. I quite enjoyed staying there as there was no loud music and the atmosphere was calm, and people working there were friendly but not overly friendly. The decor, particularly the bookshelf, is nice. They do proper breakfast and serve all sorts of coffee. I found their coffee, espresso, milk-based and batch-brew all very tasty. Not way too punchy even with standard blend. All tasted very well balanced and served at good temperature. Glad to see this cafe has been taken over by a very nice owner. Look forward to visiting again soon.

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