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reviewed Bourke St Bakery

4 reviews · 3 years ago

I was here a week ago and can't remember the coffee exactly however I think it was earthy and rich. After paying the barista kindly asked if I required an extra shot. The staff were friendly and it smelt lovely. I'll return again and try a pastry next time.

reviewed Kentaro

4 reviews · 3 years ago

I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and will certainly return. Understated and situated away from the bewildering rush of Crown Street the space is airy and cool; surrounded by leafy trees. The service was very friendly and not invasive at all as I was allowed to peacefully enjoy my espresso and green juice (excellent juice BTW). I didn't grab anything to eat however it al looks beautiful. The coffee was rich, creamy, rounded, earthy and wonderful. In a nutshell it hit the spot! Bravo Kentaro!

reviewed Artificer Coffee

4 reviews · 3 years ago

Not particularly impressed. Fashionable yet slightly uncomfortable seating. Call me old-fashioned but I enjoy a cushioned chair. Propped up against the hard wall I struggled to read the book I bought and enjoy my espresso as other customers spilled over the edges of the premise (perhaps my error in judgement in bringing a book). Despite this the service was warm and friendly! The coffee was on the thin side; it lacked the rich, woody and earthy taste I enjoy and left me a little depressed and craving a decent espresso. However, this is a personal preference. Location wise the cafe is surrounded by beautiful leafy trees and escapes the hustle and bustle of neighbouring Crown St.

reviewed The Reformatory Caffeine Lab

4 reviews · 3 years ago

I was not impressed. The water served with my espresso was delightfully chilled so this was a plus. Otherwise; the espresso lacked grit, earthiness and crema (I personally enjoy a woody, wholesome and strong grind). It was on the watery side and the flavour was far from rounded. It left me wanting to continue bean-hunting to satiate that wild espresso craving we all know too well. The stand up idea is unique and perfect for the solo drinker or city worker in a rush. On the other hand, felt a little cold and in-personal standing in the dark to the back of another customer. The lights were warm which, like the child water, was a nice touch. It seems that various different styles of filtered coffee are available - perhaps this is the star of the show. I will return to try one and give the lab a second chance and hopefully my review will be reformed to a more positive note.

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