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reviewed Origo

11 reviews · 6 years ago

Their methods of brewing are just proper. They use Simonelli for their espresso machine and grinder. Always use fresh beans, clean equipment and they measure the coffee before brewing. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff that love a peptalk with you even if you don't know much about coffee. So far the best place to enjoy a proper cup of coffee in the capital. Will definitely come back every time in Bucharest.

reviewed Patricia

11 reviews · 6 years ago

I really see no reason why not to give a maximum rating. Been there just two days ago and must say that it met my expectations 100%. By far the best espresso I've ever tasted. And so was the Seven Blend drip. Will definitely go back once I'm in town.

reviewed 1/15 Coffee

11 reviews · 7 years ago

They use local brand coffee beans of high quality and also import some from other countries. They use Chemex, Clever drip, V60, Aeropress and La Marzocco Strada EP coffee machine. The first picollo I had was served at 87°C, being well balanced and robust. The second however, srrved at 80°C as per my request, revealed a strong bouquet of lime and dark chocolate. This was much more balanced, with soft texture and creamy aftertaste. Will definitely come back again.

reviewed Tom&Serg

11 reviews · 7 years ago

The best coffee place in Dubai and probably in the Middle East. The baristas know their stuff pretty well, are very friendly when approached and always seek to understand your taste. They use columbian coffee from Colombia and Peru, which is roasted around the corner at another great coffee place. They say that in few months they'll have their own coffee roastery. The coffee comes packed in 1 kg airtight bags and they open one at a time. The barista lady said that one bag finished usually within half an hour. That's great because the beans oxidise if left more than 3 hours in contact with air. The machine is a La Marzocco Strada EP. From the reviews I've read that it's a pretty cool machine to use, with amazing feedback from customers. I must say that this were my best two coffees I've ever had so far. Simply delicious. The only downside was the temperature of the first one (their standards are 65° C), and the later one corrected to extra hot (75° C). Simply amazing coffee!! I'll pass by every time from now on and also recommend it to my friends.

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