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reviewed Ocean Grind

19 reviews · a year ago

Exceptional coffee! A destination coffee establishment in a warehouse , one can see they pride themselves on their craft. I ordered a double shot soy latte it was smooth with chocolate undertones. The food truck out the front is funky, they even had a lovely singer whilst we sipped and pondered our thoughts

reviewed Cheeky Monkey

19 reviews · 2 years ago

This is a neat cafe in Swan St, no doubt the leader in the street. My strong soy latte was earthy and strong in flavour. The service is very efficient and the atmosphere vibrant - it’s what you would expect when the cafe is adjoined to a florist.

reviewed Lorne Central

19 reviews · 2 years ago

The coffee was clean and strong tasting. Although the bean was not as fresh as some. The cafe is attached to the Cumberland and is elevated nicely, it has a birds eye view of the street and pleasant view of the ocean. The sourdough bread toast was a feature and superior to all other cafes I frequented in the street. The staff were super friendly and very attentive.

reviewed Riverbank Cafe

19 reviews · 2 years ago

A very nice classic style cafe well suited to the natural habitat that surrounds it. The service was good. I ordered a strong soy latte it was perfectly brought together with a wonderful texture. Unfortunately the bean was not as fresh or clean as some of the best operators, but nevertheless strong for a coastal establishment

reviewed Sharkys Cafe

19 reviews · 2 years ago

This is a neat little cross promotional cafe adjoined to the local well established surf shop. The coffee was smooth tasting and derived from a PNG bean, so it was highly earthy and fresh. The best aspect of this cafe was the very up-beat highly friendly and entertaining barista, he’s worth the visit alone!

reviewed Aireys Inlet Foodstore and Cafe

19 reviews · 2 years ago

This cafe brunch was a pleasant experience. I was impressed with the coffee - I ordered a strong soy latte, it had a rich crema and the soy milk was smooth and integrated nicely into the bean. The scrambled eggs and salmon were a winner, along with smiling service and a cool atmosphere. No complaints and certainly one of the best cafes along the Great Ocean Road that I have frequented.

reviewed The Bottle Of Milk

19 reviews · 2 years ago

Strong and clean in taste. The ‘7 Seeds’ blend is a winner. The atmosphere is pretty good considering they have a hybrid model combining a cafe with a burger shop. No table service but it’s a great outlook Clearly the best or equal to the best coffee in Lorne

reviewed The Secret Cup

19 reviews · 2 years ago

Most importantly the coffee is great. Comparable to any city coffee house in Melbourne of which I frequent many. The blend is called Razor Back, i ordered a strong soy latte, it was strong but smooth. The atmosphere didn’t grab me as it wasn’t funky or minimalist and they lost a mark for having no newspapers at 8am.

reviewed East Ivy

19 reviews · 3 years ago

Very funky cafe tucked in a side street. Great menu with a cool atmosphere, similar to Liar Liar in Hawthorn My strong soy latte came out with an extra shot, to make sure the milk didn't curdle. It was a nice drop. A very good local for the good folk of Ivanhoe

reviewed Willo

19 reviews · 3 years ago

This is a light and vibrant cafe. This is my local, the two owners are a delightful combination. The service is always friendly and they make it their business to know your name. A very smooth coffee with neutral after taste. The smoothies are great too!

reviewed Crabapple Kitchen

19 reviews · 3 years ago

The service and quality of produce at this cafe is a standout not only in Hawthorn, but would rival most others in Melbourne. The 80's music pumping is also a feature. The marble bar is also great place to ponder through your days thoughts. The coffee isn't my favourite in light of the bitter after taste of the their bean of choice. But nevertheless it's still good.

reviewed Short Straw

19 reviews · 3 years ago

My strong soy latte was excellent, exquisite strong flavour with no bitter aftertaste. The beans are from 'Undercover Roasters'. The barista was very cool and appears to have a very professional setup. They have changed the counter set up and ownership from when I last visited and it is more aesthetically appealing I believe this to be the best coffee in Hawthorn ATM.

reviewed Bobbi Beans

19 reviews · 3 years ago

I ordered a strong soy latte, it had a very clean fresh taste, with a rich even crema and neutral after tones. The cafe offers anconsistent delivery in a vibrant creative space. The best part of this cafe is the friendly service, they always manage to make the customer feel welcome. Not my local but worth the travel.

reviewed Bellissimo Bulimba

19 reviews · 3 years ago

Outstanding coffee, very clean taste with neutral undertones. Very rich crema with some delightful coffee art. My wife ordered a chai latte and was equally impressed. All of what you expect from a roasted on premise operation.

reviewed Treehouse

19 reviews · 3 years ago

I ordered a double shot soy latte. It had a very strong earthy after taste. The coffee and soy had a nice texture. Extra marks for the latte art. The atmosphere and service were good too.

reviewed Xtraction Espresso

19 reviews · 3 years ago

I ordered a strong soy latte. The coffee was smooth and strong with a discernible flavour. They clearly had pride in their coffee and service was superb. The shop is small but has some intriguing art work on the walls, but still manages to find some atmosphere

reviewed Aloha Roastery

19 reviews · 3 years ago

I'm unashamedly a coffee snob from Melbourne; this was a phenomenal brew. I had a strong soy latte. It had a rich crema and very smooth filtered taste. This rivals anything I've had at home and was by far the best in Hawaii. Roasted beans on the premise, with a minimalist feel. Worth travelling for. Look no further when in Kauai!

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