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reviewed Tucker

23 reviews · 7 months ago

Good quality coffee. Personally, I like it more punchy, but the quality is good and the coffee comes out as the beans intended it. Service was great (after being send away from the barista as she ‘cannot take orders’), the guy doing table service was a great chap and super friendly. Recommend to people who like a smooth coffee, rather than a punch to wake you up :).

reviewed Kartel Espresso Bar

23 reviews · 7 months ago

Little spot, great for a quick coffee. Nice and punchy double espresso and ristretto. First sip tasted a tiny bit burned, but it was great in the end. Service was quick and efficient. Would come back.

reviewed Wattle Cafe

23 reviews · a year ago

Better than expected. I always go to Anonymous, but they were closed on the public holiday. I was not expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. The cafe was made well, however, as mentioned before it is not very strong or does not have a major ‘kick’ that I like. All in all, i would be back if Anonymous is closed.

reviewed Little Paris cafe

23 reviews · a year ago

Espresso/Ristretto were both terrible, on the other hand that means it is ‘authentic’ and coffee ‘just like you get it in Paris’. The cafe is rather cute and the service was quick enough given it was a long weekend.

reviewed Either Or

23 reviews · 2 years ago

Great great coffee :). I think they use the same beans as cafe con leche in Surry Hills, which are delicious :). The barista knew what a Ristretto is and made a fantastic one, but the person taking the orders did not, so try and make sure you order with the ‘right’ person. Food looked great, but we didn’t try. It is a real yuppie style cafe designed to produce ‘instagrammable’ drinks/food. Quality is great though, so not all about the looks :).

reviewed Cuckoo Callay

23 reviews · 2 years ago

Espresso & Ristretto, great place at Newtown station. The place looks nice and have good music going. Service is great, friendly and efficient :). Coffee is great 9 out of 10 times!

reviewed The Little Lord

23 reviews · 2 years ago

Espresso. I have not had a weaker/watery non coffee tasting espresso in a long long time. I reckon it might be ok for people drinking milky coffees, but I would describe this coffee as ‘coffee for people who don’t like the taste of coffee’. Cannot recommend for anyone who truely loves their coffees. I do not understand the rating on BH at all...

reviewed Table View

23 reviews · 2 years ago

Ris & Espresso, good quality coffee. Not quite punchy enough for me, but great quality and well made. If you are after a high quality coffee that is not too strong or hard hitting, this is your choice.

reviewed Footbridge

23 reviews · 2 years ago

Ris & Espresso, great coffee, well made and good flavours. I like it even more punchy, but don’t worry that is me, as the coffee already nice and punchy. I liked this one the best in BH.

reviewed The Diver Cafe

23 reviews · 2 years ago

Ristretto/Espresso. Rating on Beanhunter massively overstated imo. Service was pretty average for Sydney standard. Coffee not bad, but nothing near great. Location is great though, little corner shop semi-overlooking Coogee beach.

The Diver Cafe's Avatar'

The Diver Cafe

a year ago

Thanks Joep for your feedback. Sydney standards are very high, and we think we are continually trying to improve our coffee.

reviewed Simply Brew

23 reviews · 2 years ago

Double espresso: great little place, great service, but most of all great coffee. I live in Sydney and am spoiled for fantastic coffee, but the espresso here was a match for any of my favourites in Sydney.

reviewed Lords of Pour

23 reviews · 2 years ago

Four sides to my story: - coffee great (ristretto/espresso/cold drip) - food is good, but small portions so if you are hungry... - service overall great, except... - ... the female barista/manager, I have never seen a worst party sponge in my life. She was extremely arrogant, unfriendly, non-helpful to both customers and other staff. All other staff was friendly and helpful so don't let the one rotten apple hold you back from going here :)

reviewed Real Grounded

23 reviews · 2 years ago

Good quality coffee (espresso/ristretto), although I like to have a bit more punch in my coffee. Apparently it is the same coffee as the previous Brewristas cafe, but I never went there so I cannot verify. Cold drip available.

reviewed Cafe con Leche

23 reviews · 3 years ago

Love this hole in the wall place! The owner is a good guy from Colombia and a great character :). The coffee is a single origin from Colombia and has a great punch to it! Service is friendly, yet a bit scattered (to be expected from our South American friends :)). Do stop by and try it out, you won't regret.

reviewed Industrial Brew

23 reviews · 3 years ago

Coffee is not good... My double espresso semi-burned, my body was shaky afterwards, general taste bad. I should have taken a hint from the fact it was empty :). People were not unfriendly.

reviewed Coffee Away

23 reviews · 3 years ago

Great hole in the wall place, with a couple of benches and nice cushions outside. Coffee is good and solid, no highs no lows. The double espresso was smooth. Staff is friendly and enthusiastic :). No problem ordering without a lid etc. Minor improvement options (now I'm nit-picking) a small take-away cup for espresso would be great vs. the standard size.

reviewed Barber Shop Espresso

23 reviews · 3 years ago

Double ris, double espresso, great! Likely the best in the wider area and definitely worth the stop wherever you are going :). Small little cafe with some simple snack/food options (avo on toast, banana bread) at fair prices. The guy is chilled and nice, quick explanation of where the beans were roasted, nice little chat :)

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