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reviewed Central Road 2625

54 reviews · 1 follower · 5 months ago

The double shot espresso was well made. The origin was not clear but think a smooth Italian style dark roast. The flat white passed the partner test OK. Served take away in paper cups and slow service reduced the experience.

reviewed Darling's

54 reviews · 1 follower · 6 months ago

Using a coffee roasted and blended for them Darlings served an excellent espresso. Smooth, well extracted and slightly sweet. The fruit muffin with grapes and mandarin was delicious.

reviewed Backyard Cafe

54 reviews · 1 follower · 2 years ago

In the quietest Street in the mayhem of Pnomh Penh is this Oasis. My espresso was only passing OK. A bit light but nice fruitiness came through but not enough depth. The menu is heavily focussed on healthy fare but looked inviting. Upstairs a bit more relaxing ambience.

reviewed Java Cafe & Gallery

54 reviews · 1 follower · 2 years ago

Right on the main road near the independence monument it's easy to find when really good specialty coffee is usually hidden. The espresso coffee I had here was not specialty grade but well made if a little too bitter for my taste.

reviewed Boreal Coffee

54 reviews · 1 follower · 2 years ago

Boreal is a chain in Switzerland. The first place I tried in rue Mont Blanc Geneva was very good so I thought I would give the rue du Stand outlet a test for consistency. It came up trumps. My espresso was well made and again a good full mouth feel. A little more chocolate than the rue Mont Blanc but that may have been my palate. Seems Boreal is reliable for good coffee.

reviewed Birdie

54 reviews · 1 follower · 2 years ago

The Birdie was worth the walk across to the other bank of the Rhone. An excellent espresso using La Goute D'Or Brazillian beans. Alittle grass with a hint of chocolate.

reviewed kafeville

54 reviews · 1 follower · 2 years ago

Returned to the address but as JLatte pointed out it is a new café called Cotero - see pictures. The coffee is still good. They roast their own beans and blend Columbian, Ethiopian and Vietnamese beans as the house blend. My espresso was well made, great strength and lovely mouth feel. The flavour has a grassy edge to it which is probably the Columbian washed beans. Kafeville is still operating nearby at 23 Yen Ninh, Truc Bach Ba Dinh. See picture. The coffee there was again very high standard. Kafeville is still only using Columbian beans they roast themselves. Kafeville has a second outlet at 21 Bac Son Street apparently. I asked both proprietors to fix their listings on Beanhunter to remove the confusion.

reviewed Haka

54 reviews · 1 follower · 2 years ago

Back in town and tried the coffee again at Haka on a couple of occasions. My espressos of local arabica beans were consistently well made - smooth, slightly sweet and full flavoured. Haka's prices are bit higher than some other similar good coffees such as Oriberry.

reviewed Operator25

54 reviews · 1 follower · 3 years ago

Met some friends at the Flagstaff Gardens and needed a good coffee. Beanhunter solved my problem by pointing out this café. Great single origin espresso. The other drinks were all good according to my friends. The food coming out of the kitchen looked and smelled terrific.

reviewed The Front

54 reviews · 1 follower · 3 years ago

The renovated cafe is a great improvement from the grunge of its previous incarnation but as some reviews indicate this change has not been to everyone's taste. The important thing is the coffee is good. In Canberra we are spoiled for good coffee but The Front will hold its own in a crowded marketplace.

reviewed Fringe

54 reviews · 1 follower · 3 years ago

I am not sure why this café has not attracted more Beanhunters. The location is among the thicket of good coffee in the 3rd arrondissement. My espresso was excellent. Strong flavour, with fruity overtones. My companion's cortado was however a little too strong for her taste. I guess you can't please all of the people all of the time. The salty brownie was just perfect. I hope they get the sticking door fixed soon.

reviewed Loustic

54 reviews · 1 follower · 3 years ago

I went looking for a breakfast place that was a bit bigger than my usual hole in the wall coffee outlet. Loustic provides a nice lounge area and a small petit dejeurner menu and met my needs. My espresso was light and fruity using beans from Chateau Belleville(the same roaster as Le Peleton uses but does a much stronger extraction). My companion's cappacino was rated highly.

reviewed Le Peloton Cafe

54 reviews · 1 follower · 3 years ago

Revisited Le Peleton again this year. It remains one of my favourite hole in the wall coffee outlets in Paris. My espresso was very good. I like the strength of the coffee here. Some outlets under do the strength to the detriment of the end product. However my companion thought her cortado was too strong for her taste.

reviewed Coutume Café

54 reviews · 1 follower · 3 years ago

Yet another Australian coffee outlet in Paris. This one has been there for a few years. I ordered the Grande reserve double espresso. An excellent Buku Abel Ethiopian cup was served. Full flavoured and well made. My companion's cortado was rated her best yet in Paris.

reviewed Fondation Café

54 reviews · 1 follower · 3 years ago

Fondation has been a favourite in Paris for many years. Caught up with its coffee again on this trip. It's still all about the coffee and not much else. My espresso was very well done. Full flavour and smooth crema. My companion's flat white was fully up to standard as well. Competition nearby such as The Broken Arm and Ob La Di offer a more complete café experience with equally good coffee but I am fond of the hole in the wall style.

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