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reviewed Zarb & Ru

9 reviews · 2 followers · 2 years ago

Tiny-sized Zarb & Ru in Rosebud is truely a place which is more than the sum of its parts. Superb neo-retro concepts on menu, outstanding coffee and all with a modern simplicity that befits its small space. Blink while walking through Rosebud and you'll miss it. These guys run the "Godfather" blend by Mornington roastery Commonfolk - think choc/hazelnut. This is through a mythos and 2gr linea, while running 3 singles on EK at the back. Had blend as a latte and was impressed. Decided to stay for lunch and was subsequently blown away by two of their jaffles - prince pear (prosciutto, pear and gorgonzola) and miss pickle (ham, swiss and pickle) - welcome updates to this classic Aussie snack. Finished with their washed Rwandan as a double espresso - a crisp brew which delivered on its promise of brown sug, stewed fruits and bright acidity. Full marks for putting much larger establishments on the peninsula to shame.

reviewed Café Bun

9 reviews · 2 followers · 3 years ago

Two weeks without a decent coffee can offer a specialty fanatic a new perspective on...who am I kidding - it's driven me absolutely mental. So, fresh from a fortnight of low expectation, Montpellier's Café Bun was my first port of call in Frances fastest growing city, with a view to ditch the dark roasts and lift the spirits. The first thing to notice is the Giesen standing proud at the back - everything is roasted on site. The place seems popular - probably befitting of a bigger premises. Nevertheless, this offers hope to those urging the 3rd wave movement on in France. Espresso and Aeropress on the menu here, though seem to be selling Chemex and Perculator equip off the shelf. I spot a 2gr GB5, VA Mythos One as their go-to, a couple of Mazzers (Super Jolly + Luigi?) and a K30 (in the middle of a clean), though unfortunately only one coffee was on offer - I was later told that it's usually two. Down to business: they are running their Sitio Colorado. This is a natural Mundo Novo from a Minas Gerais micro-lot in Brazil. I start with a Latte (made with Grandlait - fresh), served a tad hot for my liking, but good texture and gave me milk choc/peanut. My partner orders a latte with OAT MILK WTF? Made by Swedish company Oatly, no curdling here, creamier, sweeter and better in highlighting the flavours of the coffee than any Almond milk I've ever tried. I'm impressed. Maybe Bonsoy has finally met its match? I try the Sitio Colorado as an espresso - toffee/vanilla aromas, medium-full body, velvety, starts with subtle grapefruit sweetness moving to fresh walnut and sweet almond choc finish. Delicious. Nice range of teas on offer - partner finishes with a loose-leaf chai as a dairy latte (gone before I could steal some), but it got her seal of approval. Small menu + a few cakes and premade muesli cups in the fridge, but didn't have time to try. Take away coffee available, beans available in 250g bags (saw another Brazilian, a Nicaraguan and a Colombian - wish I could try there and then). All reasonably priced, chilled atmosphere and lots to like. This review will show 8/10, but it's closer to a 9. Had to leave Montpellier early but will be back in near future, with Bun most likely being my first stop.

reviewed Holybelly

9 reviews · 2 followers · 3 years ago

Popular cafe with an interesting fit out, using beans from Koppi in Sweden, grinding on Mazzer (couldn't see which) and an EK43, and running through a La Mar Linea (again couldn't see which). Wait staff were super friendly, choons were banging, but have to admit that the coffee did not blow me away. Had a dbl Espresso and a 3/4 FW. Dbl spro lacked depth of flavour, but with a little fine tuning might come in to its own. The 3/4 FW was too milky, though milk texture and temperature was on point, and bonus points for using fresh milk. My partner had a Chai latte which they absolutely nailed (spice of the clove and the sweetness were really well balanced), and we shared 2 cakes, both of which were delicious. Didn't have breakfast, but the menu was not dissimilar to one you'd find on the streets of Melbourne. This place was tough to review, as I feel on another day they may have an 8 or a 9 in them. I will be back to smash a breakfast and give the coffee another go.

reviewed La Chouette

9 reviews · 2 followers · 3 years ago

First thing's first - this place has character in abundance. Fronted by a bicycle workshop, the cafe area only has a few tables, but this only adds to the atmosphere. Tidy little setup comprising of a 2gr linea classic and a Fiorenzato (F64evo by the looks of things), and running beans by Parisian Roastery Belleville. I tried the Sertão (a semi-washed yellow bourbon from Brazil) as an espresso and was not disappointed. Of the 3 cafes I tried in the area that day, this would be my go-to as a local.

reviewed Honor

9 reviews · 2 followers · 3 years ago

As a visitor to Paris, I was relieved to have found a quality 3rd wave establishment on first attempt. These guys rocking a 2 group Synesso and grinding out on an EK, running Espresso, Aeropress, Filter and cold brew (served in a v sexy bottle). Using fresh milk sourced from Northern France for milk based - will try out next time. Had mixed Ethiopian blend as dbl espresso - gentle mandarin start leading towards peach and caramel. Delicious. Bonus points for the Aussie barista playing ball 20min before close and giving us an overview of the Parisian specialty coffee scene. Highly recommended.

Honor's Avatar'


3 years ago

Was great to have you pass. Hope the jet lag is not too bad! Catch you soon!

reviewed Workshop Brothers Specialty Coffee

9 reviews · 2 followers · 3 years ago

Choosing a quality roastery (in this case Axil) is only half the battle; how you present the coffee is another matter. Workshop Bros certainly gave these beans the platform they deserve. We seemed to walk in during a calmer time on Saturday afternoon (we were the only coffee up at the time). I had the washed Colombian Castillo as a single shot espresso - amazing mouth feel and delivered on its tasting notes. The 3/4 FW I had was superb, fruity af. Interested to try during busy period, but passed this one with flying colours.

reviewed Smashing Sorrento

9 reviews · 2 followers · 3 years ago

Visited for the first time this week. Running PMC blends and singles, Synesso + Mahlkönig. They have a nice drip system happening on the wall, and do run nitro, though it being late arvo in autumn, it understandably wasn't on. Will be back to sus out their filter. Def the place to go for a specialty coffee fix in Sorrento.

reviewed LB2 Specialty Coffee

9 reviews · 2 followers · 3 years ago

Had an Ethiopian spro, roasted by Cartel. As a big yurg fan, I'm happy to report that LB2 nailed this. Also had a Colombian spro, roasted by Axil. Although I wasn't as fond of this (purely down to my own preference), it had that wild dynamic that I love from certain Colombian coffees. Summary: Little cramped, so probably wouldn't come here with more than one friend, but this place isn't about that, so no bother. What I do know is that these guys are super lovely, and really know their black coffee. Bravo!

reviewed Morning Brew

9 reviews · 2 followers · 4 years ago

Best coffee I've had in Oahu thus far (although not much competition around). Glad to see this place taking full advantage by sourcing beans locally and roasting on site. Negatives: Volume. I ordered a single espresso and was given a double, and my small latte came in a huge mug (though to be fair, i find portions to be massive with everything here). Milk texture could have been better and microfoam denser, but not bad. Positives: Espresso was great.Good extraction time, smooth, great acidic balance, really liked the subtle hints of choc. Didn't see the latte being made, but espresso/milk ratio was good, the milk temp was on the money.

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