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reviewed The Steam Engine

2138 reviews · 145 followers · 13 days ago

Watermelon cake for the espresso. I must be suggestible as this did taste to me of the BlackStar watermelon cake. Lengthening the shot a bit by added some hot water gave something more rosewater-like and upped the acidity a bit. A lovely lick of lime acidity to the Ecuadoran batch.

reviewed ONA Marrickville

2138 reviews · 145 followers · 2 months ago

CM Ethiopian Heirloom pour over done in two ways: Fine grained hotter extraction gave a more tea heavy cup which tended towards dark chocolate - very tasty. Courser grained cooler extraction gave a brighter, sweeter more strawberry driven cup - even better than the first.


2138 reviews · 145 followers · 3 months ago

Dark chocolate with acidity care of the orange part of town - an excellent washed Ethiopian espresso Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Gesha as a pour over smelled generously floral with honey notes. A buttery mouthfeel and clean white grape and apricot with some tannins in the back. Complex and delicious.

reviewed Cavalier Specialty Coffee

2138 reviews · 145 followers · 3 months ago

Espresso on a natural Columbian from Five Senses - sour cherry becoming more sweet strawberry - really enjoyed Batch on a natural Ethiopian from Double Tap - balanced cup with a nice orange aspect. Also grabbed some Gesha beans from Ickle (new roaster to me). Bean selection here has expanded recently, which is great.

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