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reviewed Solidbean Coffee Roasters

76 reviews · 8 followers · 4 months ago

This funky little suburban location pumps out some truly delicious coffee. The flat whites were pretty much flawless though are sized to Taiwanese/Japanese proportions so most will be left wanting. The 3 arrived one at a time, a looooong time apart but hey, so long as you're not pushed for time why not enjoy some 'slow food' action? The Tiramisu was delicious and well made (balanced components, not too much cream), which is a rare thing.

reviewed Blue Bottle Coffee

76 reviews · 8 followers · 9 months ago

Flawless coffee. Don’t judge Blue Bottle Shinagawa by the decline of the US stores, they’re great. Also, the Orange Cake shouldn’t be missedjust quietly! They do have a habit of adding too much espresso to milk-based drinks (>40mL of S.O. into a 180mL capp) but with some firm but polite pressure you can get what you like.

reviewed Coco Espresso Central

76 reviews · 8 followers · 3 years ago

It's so rare to receive a genuine greeting at an F&B establishment in HKG so today's visit was a nice surprise. This also differentiates them from their QRC branch that's cold and robotic since J left. Great coffee, pleasant atmosphere, great service. What's not to like? :)

reviewed Coco Espresso Central

76 reviews · 8 followers · 4 years ago

Just not the same since Johnson left. Current staff have no warmth, no personality. Bags of coffee went up in price AND down in size (put the price up all you like but don't do both!). Coffee is still well made but without J, it's lost its soul.

reviewed Saint's Cafe

76 reviews · 8 followers · 4 years ago

Having visited over the past 3 years, a very noticeable reduction in coffee quality has occurred. I suspect it's due staff turnover (being a college town) and new joiners not getting the same training as the old. Used to be good, now so so :( The Rugelach is delicious. Intelligence coffee through a Mazzer / Synesso combo.

reviewed Pikolo

76 reviews · 8 followers · 4 years ago

How do you review a place like Pikolo? First visit saw two guys on duty that were friendly, polite and made nice coffee's. A gem had been found! The following day a pleasant cashier was paired with a terrible Barista. Got my friends coffee wrong because she was flirting incessantly with a friend. Error was pointed out and she remade it with full cream milk again. Error pointed out *again* and she said "sorry, I always stuff things up when I talk"....and went straight back to talking. My coffee was stone cold by this time. Honey, we're not charity recipients, we're CUSTOMERS who are PAYING for a product. *Epic Fail* :(

reviewed The Cupping Room

76 reviews · 8 followers · 4 years ago

I love this place, they just get better and better. And unusually for Hong Kong, they have SPACE and Baristi that engage with the customer. Biscuits sell out far too early and I haven't tried the food options though they don't appear to be too inspiring. But lets face it, you don't come here for the food.

reviewed Dolcezza Gelato

76 reviews · 8 followers · 4 years ago

This was by far and away the best coffee we had found in DC. And it was by accident as we initially came for Gelato. The coffee snob (said with love) on duty that night warned that they'd just started some new Baristi but when we returned for coffee the next day we received damn near perfection from the girl on duty.

reviewed Baked & Wired

76 reviews · 8 followers · 5 years ago

Great location, coffee and cakes. And as an added bonus, a friendly & engaging barista that typified service perfection. The second best coffee we found in D.C. And not by much of a margin. Well done.

reviewed The Goldfish Bowl

76 reviews · 8 followers · 6 years ago

Holy snappin' duck shit. How good are these guys? Great food, sourdough baked on the premises in their own wood fired oven and good coffee that they roast themselves. Service was perfect. Warm, welcoming and couldn't do more. Why can't all cafés be like this?

reviewed Knockbox Coffee Company

76 reviews · 8 followers · 6 years ago

Snuck in here for my last coffee of the day. They have an interesting beer menu! Promptly greeted by a friendly Barista, order taken by a rather apathetic waitress. Much care taken with production, naked extraction, result was just ok. My short mac had a distinct burnt taste. It was great to see an ordered Mac appear as a short Mac and not a piccolo latte as is customary in HKG.

reviewed Dulce Luna

76 reviews · 8 followers · 6 years ago

Mecca had an equipment failure and it was too cold to stand outside at Joe Black so that led us round the corner to Dulce Luna. A warm & friendly welcome, prompt service and a nice range or pastries. The coffee was a bit bitter but otherwise ok.

reviewed The Cupping Room

76 reviews · 8 followers · 7 years ago

Holy crap. We've had some great coffee popping up in Hong Kong of late but few have been able to get food and ambiance up to the same level. The Cupping Room is the first to change that. Near flawless coffee, a warm and inviting environment and a small selection of sweets done very well. Keep it up guys.

reviewed Coral Lee

76 reviews · 8 followers · 8 years ago

A funky, independent, retro cafe with a nice style and both sweet and savory comfort foods. Coffee was pleasant for this kind of cafe but not in the specialty stratum. Ruggero machine, Compak grinder and Atomica beans. Possibly the best cuppa in Bright.

reviewed Duchess of Spotswood

76 reviews · 8 followers · 8 years ago

There's nothing more pleasing than finding a hidden gem of a cafe with not just great coffee but scrumptious food and delightful service. I really enjoyed the coffee and am pleased to be unable to fault the flat white, piccolo late and long black I had. My two friends were unable to fault theirs either. I had 'Simple Pleasures' for breakfast. Beautifully presented, perfectly cooked and great composition of flavours and textures. Service was prompt, warm and attentive. Sitting in the courtyard out the back in the sunshine and watching a coffeesnob sparrow perch on a glass and steal a beak-full of latte was just icing on the cake. If these standards can be maintained, the Dutchess of Spotswood will be a personal fave.

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