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reviewed Crown & Crumpet

16 reviews · 17 followers · 7 years ago

Oops! This place is now a weird "Tea Salon" called Crown and Crumpet. It specializes in full tea service with little cookies and stuff. They still do Blue Bottle though, so if you're hanging out in Japantown and need an espresso, its passable for a quick spro. And kind of amusing to have it made by a British guy in a flowered apron.

reviewed The Mill

16 reviews · 17 followers · 8 years ago

Look twice or you might miss this little tent pop-up inside a construction zone in an old grocery store building! Great Four Barrel coffee and espresso drinks served properly alongside Josey Baker bread toast with a rotation of toppings. The super friendly staff are happy to answer any questions you might have, and ask you should, as Josey makes the bead from the grain! (Thus the Mill name). The hours and selection will expand when the build-out is complete, in the meantime, enjoy this little secret behind the outhouse on Divisadero!

reviewed Matching Half

16 reviews · 17 followers · 8 years ago

2 years later, shots range from good to great. The Slayer espresso machine is gone but that hasn't effected the quality, in fact the barista there made me an amazing creamy shot the other day. Atmosphere is still minimal and inviting, in fact maybe too much so for all the people on laptops sitting in front of empty cups!

reviewed Backporch Coffee Roasters

16 reviews · 17 followers · 9 years ago

How could I NOT be biased when there's a picture of me racing my bicycle on the wall? Haha, well I swear I don't know these people, but they do have a beautiful red La Marzocco, and they know how to use it. They roast on site, and have bottles of house cold brew for those hot Oregon summer days. I've only visited here twice, but both times were good. Rumor has it they may be moving across the street soon..

reviewed De La Paz

16 reviews · 17 followers · 9 years ago

These guys have been quietly roasting some of the best coffee and espresso in San Francisco. No cheesy promotions or trendy cafe clutter, just 100% focus on roast and flavor. In anticipation of the new cafe they are building, they have been serving coffee and espresso drinks on Fridays between 7am and 2pm only. If you are an aficionado, it's definitely worth a peek inside. The Perfume V espresso is worth the trip.

reviewed Caffè Florian

16 reviews · 17 followers · 9 years ago

Serving coffee since 1720! I tried an espresso at the secret little bar in the back (non-tourist pricing). It was OK, but later I had the gold drip coffee at an indoor table that was much tastier. It's fun to wonder if I was sitting where Hemingway, Vivaldi, or Cassanova had enjoyed coffee. Historic!

reviewed Crown & Crumpet

16 reviews · 17 followers · 9 years ago

I watched the barista make my shot of Blue Bottle using great care, with a bottomless portafilter on a La Marzocco. It was good, and the cafe is inside a building full of very interesting businesses. Best place to grab a spro' in Japantown for sure. By the number of laptops, I would assume free wifi.

reviewed Castroni Caffe

16 reviews · 17 followers · 10 years ago

If you go to the Vatican, you must look this place up. Legit espresso is served with class by baristas wearing ties. It\'s fun to browse the shelves of grappa, candy, and other Italian foods. The essence of a classic Italian espresso experience. The deli next door is THE spot to stock up on picnic supplies and take-out for the hotel room.

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