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reviewed Bright Bird Espresso

12 reviews · 2 years ago

Just passing through Warrnambool and called in based on Beanhunter rating. Only purchased 1 cappuccino but was pleased it equaled its rating. Their description of the Coffee Cartel house blend was accurate and the Coffee was very well made. Service was genuine and very friendly. Highly recommended.

reviewed Brioche by Philip

12 reviews · 4 years ago

Cafe looks great, food looks magnificent and the service is outstanding, but the coffee.....meh! Really disappointing as you get the feel that the coffee is a highlight. Sadly, it was bland, bland, bland.

reviewed The Village Idiot Cafe

12 reviews · 4 years ago

Points for being open near 5pm on a Saturday when many other local Cafes had packed up and gone home. The food looked great and the menu listed some enticing dishes. Service also was friendly and prompt. Unfortunately I was there for coffee which was a waste of money. Burnt and bland, our cappuccinos left us feeling slightly ill.

reviewed St Rose

12 reviews · 4 years ago

Friendly staff first and foremost. Big points for this as the noise in the room was deafening and most customers a bit rude so staff get big points. That said, the coffee didn't live up to its Beancounter scorecard. Weak and the milk seemed thin and cheap. The coffee wasn't burnt and the temp was good. Trying to find him a positive but overall.....disappointed.

reviewed Grace Cafe

12 reviews · 4 years ago

Walked in to the overwhelming and intoxicating smell of bacon frying........they could do no wrong from there. Coffee and service was great to!

reviewed Warburton Pantry

12 reviews · 5 years ago

Coffee just OK but service is appalling! 20 minutes for two takeaways and only one person ahead of me. Experienced this numerous times. Staff were completing other tasks after taking coffee orders and simply ignoring customers. Quite a bizarre and annoying experience!

reviewed Chapter Too

12 reviews · 5 years ago

Great tasting Cap, standout taste in a market with way too many bland coffee suppliers. Very fast service, always friendly and none of this minimum EFTPOS rubbish, Always a 'go to' place when Im in the area.

reviewed Round Bird Can't Fly

12 reviews · 5 years ago

Ticks all the boxes, friendly staff, good menu, nice atmosphere and very solid coffee. The owners have some serious cred and have added a strong and flavoursome coffee to a strip that has two other sold coffee providers all but next door. Big points for being open everyday when the neighbouring cafes keep significantly shorter hours.

reviewed The Deli Platter

12 reviews · 5 years ago

Regularly buy the Bulletproof Coffee. Always made spot on and the quality never varies. Can't find many places that do Bulletproof so The Deli Platter definitely stands out!

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