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reviewed Oak Room

22 reviews · 5 years ago

The love is gone. Nothing stays the same in Melbourne for very long and that is a win for innovation. Melbourne isn't complacent with mediocrity, its a seething wild thing of wondrous creation.

reviewed Workshop Brothers Specialty Coffee

22 reviews · 5 years ago

12 month update: During a recent visit we ordered a soy late'. It was seriously cheese-d (curdled) and returned to the barista for correction. The lack of responsibility and childish slamming of cups, saucers and jugs well ensures we will never! go back to Workshop Brothers Specialty Coffee. Grow up. [After numerous visits I support the Idea that WBS is at the forefront of coffee boutiques in Melbourne. Always beautifully crafted and great choice. The food is wonderful but leaving bacon and egg Brioche breakfast buns on the counter all day is absolutely unacceptable.]

reviewed Admiral Cheng-Ho Specialty Coffee

22 reviews · 5 years ago

The Melbourne coffee scene and its cafe's are the envie of the world. Perhaps it's the various boutique roasters that define this? Monk Bodhi Dharma are innovators in the industry and Admiral Cheng Ho "localise" and have the tireless care required to complement such fine coffee product. Backed by incredibly innovative food Admiral Cheng Ho has Melbourne savouring, what's next?

reviewed Seven Seeds

22 reviews · 5 years ago

I visited Seven Seeds with very high expectations indeed on the basis of their reputation in Melbourne as a premier product supplier. Unfortunately the coffee was lazily made with not much care taken in the pour and lack of flavour. Too bad.

reviewed Coffee Brothers

22 reviews · 6 years ago

All the great hallmarks of a Coffee boutique. Brilliant coffee (Vanuatu Gold is immense), made with the care and passion only professionals can. Epic in-house bananna bread with honey and passionfruit butter on the side. Friendly and helpful staff. Cycling friendly puts this boutique at the very top. Not to be missed.

reviewed No Name Lane

22 reviews · 6 years ago

Make no mistake, this is the destination for fine coffee on the Gold Coast and perhaps the best in Queensland? We tried numerous average cafe's that just don't get it. Only NNL understand what a coffee boutique is: The very best coffee and simple food made to perfection. I would put this boutique alongside the Mebourne greats; Dukes, Proud Mary and Brother Baba Budan and my home town champions: Coffee Barun and Coffee By The Beans. Unfortunately, due to the popularity service was diminished but that's ok, you've got something to work on.

reviewed Ltd espresso brew bar

22 reviews · 6 years ago

We travelled up from Surfers Paradise to visit Ltd Espresso with high expectations. First up I had a large Flat White which was good but a little on the lean side with a single shot in such a large capacity cup. I also took a regular Latte to go because they don't do Latte in a glass, which in my opinion is a fail on presentation terms. Nevertheless it was good. On our return trip from a brilliant breakfast in James street we stopped by again. This time I had a regular flat white, a much better proportion. The staff were friendly but short on conversation until the topic of cycling arose. Now that's my kind of café!

reviewed The Coffee Barun

22 reviews · 6 years ago

Brilliant botique coffee house. Close to the Melbourne coffee experience. Would net a higher rating with complementary selection of "Home made style" cakes rather than the bland bought in ones. Fingers crossed xx.

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