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reviewed Swims

76 reviews · 3 followers · 2 years ago

Great coffee. They are super friendly too. So glad I chose to stop here on the way down the east coast of Tasmania. I tried a single origin from El Salvador as a long black. It was complex, flavoursome and like a journey all of its own. I wish I was here longer as it’s got a cool vibe and ocean views.

reviewed Blend Providore Fine Food & Coffee

76 reviews · 3 followers · 2 years ago

Great coffees and by far the best in Tathra. Single origins and blends. Amazing selection of baked goods and cheeses too.

Blend Providore Fine Food & Coffee's Avatar'

Blend Providore Fine Food & Coffee

2 years ago

Hello, apologies for the late reply. Thank you very much for your review. We always strive for high quality, so we are very happy when we read comments of customers who enjoy our Café. Best regards, Bronwyn

reviewed Via Italia

76 reviews · 3 followers · 2 years ago

I’ve been here many times, always hoping that it will live up to the reviews. I’ve ordered a few coffees and had one which was great, the rest which were pretty average. I finally gave up on coffees there and tried their chais and hot chocolates, which are also hit and miss. They charge A LOT compared with other places, so the service and food should be a lot better. There have been a few times that the staff seemed more focussed on catching up with each other and get annoyed when you want to do something like paying for your meal. Alas.

reviewed Blackwater Trading Co

76 reviews · 3 followers · 3 years ago

I had a couple of coffees here along with breakfast. It was pretty busy. The barista was friendly and his coffee was the best thing about the place. The place had a real chaotic feel on a Saturday morning. I’ll have to try it on a quieter day. I ended up at The Pocket a couple of doors down and found it a lot better.

reviewed Kai Coffee

76 reviews · 3 followers · 3 years ago

This espresso bar is in Kai’s medium sized roasting warehouse. They have a great barista in Lily, and you can go on a flavour journey through all the single origin beans that they roast, or through their range of blends. It’s definitely become my regular coffee haunt on the coast.

Kai Coffee's Avatar'

Kai Coffee

3 years ago

Thanks so much for the love CoffeeMusoe!

reviewed Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar

76 reviews · 3 followers · 3 years ago

I love this place. I've never had a bad coffee, and the staff are always efficient and committed to making a great coffee. Today I had a long black on their single origin Brazil. One of the best I've ever had (and I've had A LOT). They helped me match up the right bean choice with the drink I wanted. Spot on yet again!

reviewed The Goldfish Bowl

76 reviews · 3 followers · 3 years ago

We came here for breakfast. The coffees were excellent. I had the V60 as well as a piccolo. Both were flavoursome and smooth. The only negative was the lack of gluten free options for one of our party. But I'll be back for the great baked goods and the great coffee. Well done.

reviewed Hello Coffee Roasterie

76 reviews · 3 followers · 3 years ago

Ideal coffee away from the overpriced tourist strip and tucked away in a small industrial park. We came for breakfast, stayed for lunch and are back here for breakfast before we continue our journey. They toast their own beans and do it well. I had a couple flat whites on their blend, as well as a couple of long blacks and a piccolo. They did well. The food was also well above average. And they are very friendly and efficient. Cannot wait to return.

reviewed The Dining & Co

76 reviews · 3 followers · 3 years ago

The coffee was good. They use Campos, but the baristas make it much better than it is elsewhere. The food is amazing! Great breakfast. The staff were welcoming and friendly and super efficient. Wish I lived near here and could visit more often.

reviewed Cafe Kaos

76 reviews · 3 followers · 4 years ago

The staff here are great. I went in for breakfast and ordered a piccolo. Unfortunately it was scaldingly hot and undrinkable. The milk was burnt and I couldn't taste the coffee for the overpoweringly burnt milk. Unfortunately the pancakes I ordered were like rubber. It's a shame as the staff were very friendly.

reviewed Cassiopeia

76 reviews · 3 followers · 4 years ago

I had two coffees here, firstly the single origin that was on offer and then their house blend. The single origin was good but the flat white I had on the house blend was tasteless and the milk was burnt. I'd like to return to try another of the single origins as a piccolo.

reviewed Dramanti Artisan Roaster

76 reviews · 3 followers · 4 years ago

Was back here a few days after my previous visit. I'm not sure if it was because the owner wasn't there, but the flat white I had was not that great. A shame after the epically great coffee I had there previously. My advice is to get a coffee when the owner is on the machine.

reviewed The Old Bean

76 reviews · 3 followers · 4 years ago

Just had one of the best coffees here. Honduras single origin as a double ristretto piccolo. It was full of flavour and yet smooth from start to finish. I can't speak about all of the Good Bean locations, but when Tom is baristaring the coffee is always incredible here at Mooloolaba. Best coffee I've had in ages.

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