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reviewed Larry & Ladd

74 reviews · 7 followers · 4 years ago

Shop 3 Larry and Ladd I first saw this shop when it was closed and my wife was looking at a trendy shop a few doors down. Coming in didn't disappoint, I had a cold brew with a Ethiopian Ardi, really good! Fresh, summery with blueberries developing into summer stone fruits (yes I realise how wanky I sound). It could stand a little stronger but might lose some of its subtleties. Friendly and knowledgeable staff with well priced and tasty toasties. wifes comment "really cool."

reviewed Fair Espresso

74 reviews · 7 followers · 4 years ago

Friendly staff (the girl who served us was not super knowledgeable however), in many ways feels more like stepping into a little cafe in indo (greatfully with aircon) rather that the industrial norm of an Australian Coffee shop. A really friendly vibe away from the busyness of Rundle Mall. Food looked good and at a good price. I went with an iced Long Black, with a Columbian Timbio Single Origin which was good but to watered down, but still good. Final thought; definitely come back for a coffee and a breakie or lunch.

reviewed Established

74 reviews · 7 followers · 4 years ago

For what is meant to be the best coffee in Belfast I was a little disapointed. Was good but not great. They also only pour one style of shot which I found disapointing as I normally have a double ris. Went back a second time and it was better and the staff where friendlier.

reviewed Glencoe Cafe

74 reviews · 7 followers · 4 years ago

To be honest I was a little disappointed after reading 2 very positive reviews. The food was good (bacon and egg roll hard to mess up tho). The coffee was good but didn't apear to have any real care taken with them, no late art same milk for latte as cap. The staff where felt like they were not to happy to set up, signs up bragging about table service but I had to go up to the counter for assistance ti find ther servers chatting with their backs to me. There was an older couple who where much friendlier than the younger staff. Final thought. It is easy to believe this is the best coffee in a area with very little options, but if not for this I would not recommend it on its own merrits.

reviewed Inverness Coffee Roasting Co

74 reviews · 7 followers · 4 years ago

Cool looking place with some good equipment for sale. The beans on display were in glass jars and looked a little old. I ordered a double shot late and it came out in a bowl (not literally but a massive mug) it was also a cappuccino not a latte. It was pleasent enough but any flavour of the coffee was washed away by all the milk. They are fairly new and heading in the right derection but not quite there yet.

reviewed The Coffee Dispensary

74 reviews · 7 followers · 4 years ago

First coffee shop review in the UK, although we have been to a few. I am very impressed! We drove about an hour out of our way for this mornings coffee, I was setting myself up for disappointment but when I walked in and saw the information wall with the different coffees I was excited. The equipment they use and sell is all top shelf, offering pour overs, sypons, cold drip and aeropress. The staff where knowledgeable and friendly and the entire vibe was welcoming. The decor was fitting, Scandinavian yet still with english charm. The food was well priced and tasty, the big question however and why we are here is the coffee!! Simply devine. I ordered my normal order of a magic, the barrister had never heard of it as it is what we call it in Aus but understand when I explained it and she aced it. The coffee was an Ethiopian Joyeria, it had the chariciateristics of an Ethiopian with out the nuttiness of a Yirgacheffe. It was smooth but full flavoured. The only negative of this place is sadly I will not be able to return. I also find it a little depressing that there is a coffee chain over the road, that seem to be busier, why would people drink dirt when beautiful coffee is so close.

reviewed Maddox Licensed Cafe & Bar

74 reviews · 7 followers · 4 years ago

Coffee shop 4 Moddox Hipster level (out of 10) Melbourne rating 7 Adelaide 7. Came here as it is our tour guide's local. Very friendly and feels like you are walking into a friend's lounge. Sweet tunes and relaxed vibe. I had a long mac which was good, though not my normal order and was more bitter than i am used to in a magic or double ris. Overall a good little shop where I would be happy to become a regular.

reviewed The Vertue Of The Coffee Drink

74 reviews · 7 followers · 4 years ago

Stop 3 The Vertue of the Coffee drink. Hidden behind a petrol station; if you didn't know it was here you would not stumble across it. Hipster level (out of 10) - who cares, this place is awesome. I have died and gone to my happy place. Friendly staff who engaged with me about all things coffee, and recommended other places to visit. The machines are displayed beautifully with clear backing, with all the top quality coffee accessories for sale. The coffee was amazing; good full flavour in the single origin without any bitterness. The house blend was slightly darker which I felt was a little more full bodied however my coffee drinking companion (and grammatical giver of life) disagreed. The Mexican batch brew was also good and smooth but not my normal order. I would have preferred a cold drip, though that has more to do with preferences than the quality of the coffee. Spectacular overall and I would love to come back.

reviewed De Clieu

74 reviews · 7 followers · 4 years ago

Hipster level (out of 10) 6 on a Melbourne scale8 on an Adelaide scale. A nice little coffee shop, semi déco with a twist of modern, relaxed with clean lines. Or as one friend put it- Matrix train station. The staff were nice enough but didn't really go above and beyond. I ordered my normal Magic with a single origin - Brazilian beans, which looks a lot lighter in the cup than the blend. The bean was spectacular with not a hint of bitterness and a delicate milk chocolate finish. The blend was OK, but bitter at the finish. The Brazilian was beautiful and made a spectacular coffee. Overall thought: was not impressed at first but the coffee was amazing.

De Clieu's Avatar'

De Clieu

4 years ago

Thanks for the feedback Bobsta, always good to hear what we can do to improve.

reviewed Industry Beans

74 reviews · 7 followers · 4 years ago

Stop 1 for the morning. Industry Bean Recommended by a number of different people in both Melbs and Adelaide. As the name would suggest it is rather industrial. Walls made from old pallets and coffee trees in pots. Very friendly staff who definitely know their coffee. Many different coffees with an easy to read discription. I ordered an Indonesian Black Panther enjoyed as a Black Magic. Amazing strong start develops into a savoury finish. Kind of like eating a snowball of flavor that changes as it melts in your mouth. The food was nearly as good as the coffee. I have a Cajun fried chicken burger. Not my normal brunch go to but amazing. Highly recommended for coffee and food lovers it is a must stop!

reviewed Froth and Fodder

74 reviews · 7 followers · 5 years ago

Shop number 4 for the day Froth and Fodder I have heard good things about this place and as we drove to look for a park the place was packed. Luckily they have a chesterfield and seating which is for coffee and cake only which is perfect for us. A friendly feel with vintage / industrial decor with a warm rumble of conversation. The server did not know my normal "Magic" order but where very friendly about it so I got my back up order of a strong late. The coffee was good although slightly bitter in the finish, but the chocolate brownie I had with it was amazing and cut through any bitterness. Really nice place, the food looks amazing and the staff are very friendly. I would not make a special trip just for the coffee but for food and overall experience will definitely be back.

reviewed CREAM

74 reviews · 7 followers · 5 years ago

Cream Coffee shop crawl for the summer. Heading down South of Adelaide with some friends joining us. "Cream" Coffee (coffee rules everything around the world) As you walk in from Jetty Rd through a small door you see a hallway with a sweet long bench. When you get into the coffee shop there is a great mix of light timbers, raw metal and old school hip hot merch, mixed with Scandinavian, industrial decor and pop culture- giving the whole shop a really good vibe. The friendly staff (all who welcomed us), the warm decor and the smells coming from the kitchen all made me very excited to tuck in. The server knew my standard magic order right away and all 5 of the coffees came with spectacular late art. The coffee "Cream" uses is 5 senses and definitely does it justice. A full bold taste with no bitterness, rich hazelnuts at the start that mellow out as the sip develops. For my breakfast I ordered a Breakfast donut- something I have never heard of before, which was amazing but any more than 1 a year might dramatically shorten life. The friendly banter between the staff was awesome to see. You can tell they enjoy their work which adds to the cool vibe. I highly recommend this coffee shop and will be my new go to in the area as I have been very disappointed with other shops in the area lately.

reviewed PURE Boutique Coffee Bar

74 reviews · 7 followers · 5 years ago

Pure have always been a go to for good coffee, no longer. The last few times I have been here I have been really disappointed. $7 for a bad cold drip, staff who are portentous and rude. Sadly in a state where the coffee culture that is strides forwards Pure is taking backwards steps

reviewed Booknook & Bean

74 reviews · 7 followers · 5 years ago

A very different shop to the others. Cute little shop tucked away, love the book swap on the wall and the cafe feels like an outdoor beer garden. It was hard to find but luckily my wife has been to somewhere near by. The lady working the till (who i assume is the owner) knew most of the people who came in by name, which is really nice. When i ordered my coffee there was a smirk by the barista which said "that is a very protencous order" there was no latte art to speak of (although was in a take away cup). The coffee was good but not amazing and the coffee was lost in the milk. My wife had a white hot chocolate which was really good. Beautiful shop and lovely feel with nice jazz and the kind of place you could come with a book and stay all afternoon. Not the place for groups bigger than about 3.

reviewed Paddy's Lantern

74 reviews · 7 followers · 5 years ago

I have heard lots of good things about this place and sadly never been before now. Ordered my normal "magic" -amazing. Staff were friendly and I even heard them offer a delivery driver a coffee (im guessing on the house). The food was the real highlight. My ham and cheese tostie was the best I have ever had and my wifes waffles were fresh and packed with flavour. Worth a visit, definitely around meal time.

reviewed Madamimadam

74 reviews · 7 followers · 5 years ago

I do not understand S1 who gave this place a bad review, 2 reviews and only here makes me question if he is from a rival cafe because my experience could further from his review. Beautiful food and a good coffee at a price that was decent. $15 for a coffee and big chicken and avocado panini. definitely will be back next time I'm in Melbourne or want to go somewhere i know is good.

reviewed Sacred Alley Espresso Bar

74 reviews · 7 followers · 5 years ago

On yet another coffee drinking tour of Melbourne. First off the ranks Sacred Coffee. Friendly staff and rad industrial decor. I ordered my normal magic, good temperature maybe 2 degrees too cold, the coffee was strong and had a strong citrus acidity which tasted slightly bitter. Overall a very good coffee, the food looks amazing so might be back for that too.

Sacred Alley Espresso Bar's Avatar'

Sacred Alley Espresso Bar

5 years ago

Thanks Bobsta! Yes do come back and try our food! And next time you're in have a chat with one of our fab baristas...they love feedback and ensuring our customers love their coffee!

reviewed The Rogue & Rascal

74 reviews · 7 followers · 5 years ago

Cute little cafe with beautiful food and great decor. They use SA coffee roaster Mahalia from Robe. the coffee was good and drinkable but not out standing. It is easy to believe it is the best coffee in this small town. I will likely visit here again on my visits to Lincon. If this cafe was in a capital city I would come back for the food but not the coffee

reviewed Krimper

74 reviews · 7 followers · 5 years ago

Awesome atmosphere and the food was devine. Seeing as beanhunter is a coffee app the coffee was good. Excellent for a restaurant rather coffee shop. But would still be good for a coffee shop. Definitely come for the food. Definitely order a coffee with your food. Don't come just for a coffee. Overall a 9.5 out of 10 Just for the coffee 7 out of 10

reviewed Dukes Coffee Roasters at Ross House

74 reviews · 7 followers · 5 years ago

With an industrial Scandinavian decor a very welcoming cafe. Ordered my normal Magic beautiful coffee, stong yet smooth with a soft nutty finish. Great latte art even with a hot chocolate (for the wife) shows nice attention to detail. Gluten-free polenta cake was 10 out of 10 according to my friend I was with.

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