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reviewed Annie's Provedore

35 reviews · 1 follower · a year ago

Admittedly it was extremely busy with the usual professional money on holiday crowd but the time it took to get two basic lattes made was astounding...30minutes! The coffee tasted like burnt muddy water. Very disappointed considering in the past this joint has been good.

reviewed Mikro Coffee Kiosk

35 reviews · 1 follower · a year ago

Coffee was good without being great. The place is nice. The service was abysmal...standing around talking about last nights festivities whilst hardly anybody’s in the shop is terribly frustrating. I waited 15 minutes for two takeaway coffees. Really, 15 minutes to make a latte and cappuccino with more staff to customers ratio? Being a service business I’d suggest concentrating more on the service aspect. Bitterly disappointed.

reviewed Six8 Coffee Roasters @ Trader & Co.

35 reviews · 1 follower · a year ago

This place belongs in Brunswick,’s a typical trendy cafe albeit in country NSW. Definitely worth a short detour off the highway for a decent coffee.

Six8 Coffee Roasters @ Trader & Co.'s Avatar'

Six8 Coffee Roasters @ Trader & Co.

a year ago

Thanks so much for the review and recommendation Matt. We're glad you can appreciate what we are doing!

reviewed Wilbur's Cafe

35 reviews · 1 follower · 2 years ago

Still the best. Pinto Hound you’re a douche. The barista and staff are always striving to give you their best and it’s always bloody good if not perfect at times. Perhaps if you had an issue with your coffee you could’ve spoken with the barista instead of being a keyboard hero.

reviewed Apco Service Station

35 reviews · 1 follower · 2 years ago

At the moment it’s the best coffee (sadly) in Barwon Heads. The cafes in the street really need to pick up their game. The service here is friendly and the coffee is acceptable without being good...I’ve found over the years coffees in Barwon Heads Main Street to be hit &’s a sad state of affairs when a servo with a cafe inside beats you for coffee.

reviewed The Rectory Cafe

35 reviews · 1 follower · 3 years ago

Back again for the return ferry to Melbourne on the motorcycle...this place is a welcome stop & excellent coffee. The daughter of the owners running the place is an absolute gem. Doing her folks proud with excellent coffee & her lovely customer service.

reviewed Georges

35 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

First coffee was cold, second coffee was too hot (burnt my fingers) and weak (tasted as though it was put through the machine twice). Food was good but not great. Staff very friendly & helpful.

reviewed Suffolk Bakery

35 reviews · 1 follower · 4 years ago

Recommend this place by the owner of place we are staying at. I was not disappointed. Very very nice coffee, friendly & happy service/staff. Some of the sandwiches made up fresh on display look amazing. Love the open bakery / kitchen look. I will be back.

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