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reviewed Koukla

6 reviews · 8 years ago

This is the second venue within the Frangos and Frangos complex in the main street of Daylesford. It's a relaxed casual cafe with open fires. They have won awards for 'best coffee' and 'best barista' in 2011 although I don't know what the competition was! I didn't try the food but the coffee was great - my favorite in Daylesford.

reviewed Red Beard Cafe

6 reviews · 8 years ago

It's all about the bread! Red Beard's feature is its historic traditional wood fired commercial Scotchman's oven from 1892 and the bread they produce is fantastic! Their cooked breakfast is excellent. The coffee is 'OK' (I had to order a 'Strong Demi' to get a reasonable Latte), but the overall experience is worth the trip :)

reviewed Coffee Gallery

6 reviews · 8 years ago

Unfortunately the coffee scene in Hawaii is still evolving from the 'Starbuck's'-style milkshake-size containers filled with drip coffee and added syrup flavouring of your choice! Hence it's no surprise that at the time of posting this, there's only one cafe listed in ‘Beanhunter’ for the whole of Hawaii! So I thought I'd list a couple of options that I've found after many vacations. 'Coffee Roasters' in Haleiwa is an independent roaster on the North Shore. It offers a variety of single-origins and blends from Hawaii and around the world in venue that is classic Hawaiian surf-culture. It's a laid-back experience and a great (perhaps the only) opportunity to sample a variety of the local beans. While perhaps not the best latte I've ever had, it's certainly one of the best (and the least like Starbuck’s) I've found on Oahu. .......oh and BTW, they still offer syrup flavours! :(

reviewed Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse

6 reviews · 8 years ago

Visitng from Melbourne. Loved this place. Great atmosphere - its always a nice effect when the roasters build their cafes around the roasting equipment. Had a choice of 3 blends for my double-ristretto latte and mine was excellent. I didn't sample any food so can't comment, but the coffee experience was well worth the trip from Syndey CBD.

reviewed Organic Produce Cafe

6 reviews · 8 years ago

Discovered this by accident when heading for 'Four Ate Five' (a frequently reviewed, high-scoring cafe in Beanhunter). Organic Produce (O-Cafe) is right next door and the high organic content and coffee from Toby's Estate Roasters captured our interest. We stopped for lunch and returned another day for breakfast. Both meals were excellent - true to their 'Australian Certified' high organic content. The coffee blend from Toby's Estate was full and rich, and combined with their organic milk, made for an excellent 3/4 latte. The venue is consistent with the organic theme - simple and rustic - the kitchen blends with the dining area. The staff were all freindly, attentive and knowledgeable. Highly recommend trying this if you appreciate organic content........never did try 'Four Ate Five', but they had people queing up at times!

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