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reviewed Campos Newtown

8 reviews · 2 years ago

Always a great place to go to for coffee in Newtown. Had the Brazilian - Sitio Cachoeira as a long black last I went. They're always changing the single origins and blends for their espresso, filter and cold brew, so unless you're always going to order coffee made with the standard "Campos Superior Blend", it's going to be something different every time.

reviewed The Usual Cafe

8 reviews · 2 years ago

Long black was delicious, an Ethiopian Single Origin by...Single O :P. Staff are friendly and helpful. A great place to stop for filter and/or espresso-based coffee in Cabramatta if you're not in the mood for Vietnamese coffee.

reviewed Chef’s Palette

8 reviews · 2 years ago

The Long Black was delicious, nice to have a small card on the table giving background information on the single origin used in the coffee. At the time it was an Ardi - Ethiopia by 'five senses coffee' that they used for their black coffee (specifically long black/iced long black), whereas a different single origin is used for cold brewing. Minor nitpick, the crema on the long black seemed almost non-existent, however, it was still superb in flavour - fruity, subtly sweet, and no unpleasant bitterness.

reviewed Handcraft Specialty Coffee

8 reviews · 2 years ago

Loved it. They have a wide selection of single origin coffees, which are laid out for you on a sheet of paper next to the food menu in plain English. Each section has plenty of detail including background information on the bean's country, farm, region, elevation, processing method, variety, expected notes in the taste, and some history. Had a v60 pourover, using Panama Geisha beans by Proud Mary Coffee, wonderful, from the aroma to the taste. Had a pleasant syrupy mouthfeel, and was a joy to drink. Couldn't pick up some of the notes of mango, pineapple, etc mentioned in on the paper though, but maybe my palate isn't refined enough!

reviewed Chinchilla Coffee House

8 reviews · 2 years ago

One of the best places for coffee in Bankstown, and it's one of the few in the area that make Cold Drip coffee. Milk-based espresso coffee is good as well. I love how the rim of the glass is chilled if you order their Cold Drip. There's a bookshelf with some old second hand books to read while you have your coffee/meal or waiting for your order, which is nice. There's also the bonus of complimentary wifi (though there is already free wifi in the Bankstown CBD). They use Campos beans for their coffee, a brand that can taste amazing if done right, and in this cafe it is done right.

Chinchilla Coffee House's Avatar'

Chinchilla Coffee House

2 years ago

Thank you for the awesome feedback Jamesn... Please make yourself known next time you pop in :)

reviewed Darcy Street Project

8 reviews · 2 years ago

I found it funny how this place is in what is literally a small room at the back of a carpark, and I mean that in a good way. Coffee was great and the staff were pretty chill. Worth checking out and only a short 5-10 min walk from Westfield Parramatta.

reviewed Barefoot Coffee Traders

8 reviews · 2 years ago

Amazing coffee. I ordered their iced batch brew (which I can't for the life of me recall the unique name they have for it on the menu). I was impressed by the mellow, fruity taste, and the person behind the counter was happy to tell me which Ethiopian beans were used for it. One thing to note is if you're looking for this cafe, you could miss it if you're walking on the footpath. I don't remember seeing the cafe's name on the hanging sign from the direction I came in, but their name is visible from across the road on the street-facing side of the canopy.

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