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"Babe" my wife says to me as we are walking along George st kidlets in tow, "there's an espresso bar just there, did you want a coffee?" I nodded in appreciation and made my way to the counter. And what a counter it was, a 3 and 2 group spirit standing side by side. Line up if "E" grinders and special fancy Toby's coffee. Can I get an espresso of the house blend and a riz of the Kenyan, Barista asks if i had a preference for which one first, I got water in between the two , had banter with the Barista, giggled at some dude freaking out cos his cream something or rather was COLD, (it was in the fridge you numpty) and had two if the most sumptuous Toby's coffees I have had for like an age. B Double-O M!! How bloody lucky are we that we have become such nerds about coffee that a walk up espresso bar in the middle of George st in the heart if Sydney had coffee so good it makes you weep!! I love fancy coffee, amazing Kenyan today, I love attention to detail, my cups did not have dribbles down the sides, I love banter, ultra polite and efficient staff. This was my fave city coffee today!!!

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