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Best cafe Salvage Specialty Coffee in sydney for 2016

Espresso as a tighter shot on a Ona washed Columbian had some pineapple and increased acidity to finish. El Salvador batch was ok but bittered as it finished.

Generous volume to the Columbian espresso gave a citrus heavy cup - tasty Long black to-go had some nice toffee gear going on

Very tasty Ona Columbian espresso, was sweet and cherry-rich. Balanced batch to finish the visit.

Best cafe Artistry Coffee Craft Co. in sydney for 2016

One of the best! Consistently good and lovely little spots to sit and enjoy your brew poured by an artist.


Lime Espresso

Sydney CBD

Best cafe Lime Espresso in sydney for 2016

Best cafe Cavalier Specialty Coffee in sydney for 2016

Passion fruit for the Five Senses Natural Ethiopian espresso Five Senses Washed Ethiopian for the batch was a more molasses number.

New baristas do not disappoint. Convinced that the service can’t be matched for a cafe. Love sitting in 2.0!

Fairly robust shot for the Five Senses Ethiopian, remained pretty untamed on cooling. The batch was delicious with some stewed plums going on.


Coffee Alchemy


Best cafe Coffee Alchemy in sydney for 2016

Still my favourite cafe in Sydney. I always get excellent service along with great coffee.

Natural Columbian espresso as a shorter shot had a generous dose of fruity goodness with some nuttiness underneath - big and tasty. A lovely vigorous lime acidity made the Guatemalan batch an appetising cup

I dropped in to buy somd beans and have a croissant for morning tea. I noticed they had a Hesha on offer as an espresso so I added that to my usual flat white order. The espresso was very good. Balanced with no harsh aftertaste. 13 Nov 2019

Best cafe Swallow Coffee Traders in sydney for 2016

Equipment LaMarzocco Linear PB Mythos One Grinder EK43 with custom twin doser Batch Brewer Tiamo Cold Drip

Excellent cafe located near the train station. Nice, relaxed atmosphere. The coffee is good; smooth and not too bitter.

The service, food and coffee here is always top notch.


Cream & Co.

Chipping Norton

Best cafe Cream & Co. in sydney for 2016

Travelling back home from Sydney airport we decided to check out Beanhunter and up came Cream & Co. Coming off the M5 google maps took us an exploratory trip through the “burbs” and we landed here. Great coffee, a very good selection of food including the apple turnover and friendly service. Well worth the stopover.

Nice strong coffee. Service is very fast and friendly

Good stuff coming back to Josh and team. Love the t/away capp that wasn't too strong and overpowering 💪

Best cafe Artificer Coffee in sydney for 2016

A darker nectarine vibe with some citrus acidity to the Ethiopian espresso - rich and tasty. Smooth and cleanly fruity Columbian Batch was real nice.

Kenyan espresso had an almost umami air to start becoming more caramelised fruit - great Takeaway Colombian batch also very nice. Great visit again

Columbian Espresso was a calm plummy number. Delicious Ethiopian batch had a lovely roasty flavour over more fruity gear, very clean, very moreish.

Best cafe Pusher Espresso Bar in sydney for 2016

These guys are the best- excellent coffee & fresh delicious muffins. Great team!

Best cafe The Diver Cafe in sydney for 2016

Little Marionette CoffeeTippety TeasLa Marzocco Linea Classic

Coffee was reasonable to drink but slightly bitter. Food was average - breakfast burrito was just a mix of flavours that didn’t make anything special together. Also had açai bowl which was an odd sweet flavour (similar o bubble gum) The service speed was fine but the staff just seemed apathetic and so vibe is bland (except for a guy who was covered in tattoos, face included - he made it feel like he was happy to have you there)

Just a visitor to Coogee. Had a great coffee at The Diver. I would definitely go back again

Best cafe Barefoot Coffee Traders in sydney for 2016

Staff are always friendly and coffee is unbeatable. Belgian hot chocolates / mochas / waffles are a perfect treat and the best I’ve had (consistently for years!)

Milk chocolate tasting batch that increased in acidity on cooling – nice

Best cafe John Smith Cafe in sydney for 2016

Espresso was a fairly gutsy number, as you expect for an Natural Ethiopian (from Barrel One). Sweetened on cooling, with something red grape like. Washed Ethiopian (another Barrel One) had pleasing buttery mouthfeel

The Eggs Benedict here is incredible - I have tried two types on their menu so far and both have been amazing. The venue is great and the service is great. The coffee was ok - a bit too weak for my liking.

Best cafe SteamTank Coffee in sydney for 2016

Espresso - Mecca Columbian rich stone fruit, generous citrus acidity and clean finish. Batch - crisp acidity over some deep blackcurrant, real nice.

Orange and Earl Grey to the Mecca Ethiopian espresso - really enjoyed Kenyan from Sample for the batch was also grand with a nice balance of fruity acidity

Quality great customer service and consistency



Surry Hills

Best cafe Sample in sydney for 2016

Espresso on a Guatemalan was juicy and vibrant - tasty stuff Black currants to the Kenyan batch - also a tasty number.

Washed Colombian for the batch and a washed Rwandan for the espresso were both excellent cups and printed me to get some of the Columbian beans for home.

Bunch of green apples for the Bolivian washed espresso - really enjoyed. Batch came with something more like dark chocolate with a spike of lime.


Mrs P's


Best cafe Mrs P's in sydney for 2016

Always excellent coffee, always impressive food, always friendly, warm, genuine service. Unquestionably an outstanding cafe.

House baked muffins fresh out of the oven and Reformatory Caffeine Lab beans treated with respect. Perfect warm, friendly service every time. All in all a great place to hang out.

Natural Ethiopian from Grace and Taylor for an espresso came with ample crema and a dark roast feel. Lifted by some light acidity appearing as it cooled but slightly let down by a bittering on the aftertaste.



Lane Cove

Best cafe Story   in sydney for 2016

Established by Jean Demirjian in 2012

Best cafe elbow room  in sydney for 2016

Blueberries apparent in the espresso. Pretty good batch as follow up

Oranges with a hint of hazelnut to the espresso - tasty Batch as a traveller had a crisp dash of acidity that made it go down very nicely

Excellent strong latte. Friendly service

Best cafe Gumption by Coffee Alchemy in sydney for 2016

Wonderful place in the Strand. It’s all takeaway but there is a lot of seating in the atrium right outside. Service staff were very friendly. The coffee, an iced latte, was great!

Really enjoy their coffee but find that it’s just a bit too cramped which takes away from the atmosphere.

Best cafe Ristretto and Co in sydney for 2016

Lovely. Small flat white. Quality flavour. Barista makes excellent quality coffee. Campos beans used.

Campos washed Ethiopian espresso had some grape-heavy acidity and a more nutty finish - real nice. They were kind enough to redo my espresso on the single rather than the Superior blend. Cold brew on ice was an easy-drinker

Best cafe The Steam Engine in sydney for 2016

High acidity to the Myanmar cold brew made for an excellent drop. Another cold brew on different Myanmar beans, while good, wasn’t up there with the banga that was the first cold brew.

Natural Myanmar espresso had some delicious spicy cherry - real good Costa Rican batch was berry heavy - also real good

Lovely Guatemalan batch came with florals and fruit Toby’s washed Costa Rican espresso was a more bergamot affair.

Best cafe Roastville Coffee in sydney for 2016

Ordered a piccolo. The blend is quite tasty and well balanced, but the piccolo was a bit too weak for my liking. Decent but not great.

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