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Best cafe Salvage Specialty Coffee in sydney for 2016

Somehow this place gets better with more and more visits. Rwandan double spro from Artificer was citrus city in the best way. Heaps of clarity. Vibes from staff are great, each visit makes me want to come back sooner than the last.

Sweet, sweet espresso on Rwandan from Artificer. Malty edge to the FW. Consistently bang on.

Best cafe Cafe Without A Name in sydney for 2016

Espresso on house blend (mix of Columbians) had a thick crema, was underwhelmingly bitter to start, did go a bit dark choc on cooking but not up there with some of the shots I’ve had here.

Don’t know what all the fuss is about with this place? My flat white was honestly a little burnt and my wife’s soy cap was overheated so the milk separated. Had high hopes but was really disappointed...

Best cafe Artistry Coffee Craft Co. in sydney for 2016

Best cafe 18 GRAMS Coffee Project in sydney for 2016

Been here a few times and they consistently do a good coffee. They are open 7 days a week, even during public holidays when other cafes are close! A haven for those desperate for a good cup of coffee on a lazy day. A large almond milk cappuccino cost $4.50. My request for "extra hot with extra chocolate sprinkles on top" are always met. Plus they give you these yummy bite size cookies for free with your coffee. This is where I go for coffee in Hurstville if my preferred Campos place isn't open.

Great for takeaway. Not much room for sit down. Good coffee and friendly, efficient staff.

Had my large almond milk cappuccino made with their featured single origin - El Salvador. A mid-roast with a smooth and creamy mouth-feel. Aroma a mixture of burnt figs and cacao, finishing with a nice crispness. Extra kudos for my always making my coffee "extra hot with extra chocolate sprinkles on top", just how I like it. #Hurstville #18GramsCoffeeProject #SingleOriginBean #ElSalvador #AlmondMilkCappuccino


Lime Espresso

Sydney CBD

Best cafe Lime Espresso in sydney for 2016

Well the coffee is excellent and the service is just fantastic, knowledgeable Barista, happy to chat and offer advice.

Always attentive. All the baristas make an effort to chat about the beans available. Banana and chia muffin excellent.

Best cafe The Reformatory Caffeine Lab in sydney for 2016

Costa Rican Gesha double espresso initially had a rich fruity acidic aftertaste, cooling opened it out to a vivid mix of citrus acidity with sweeter berries. Rich, sweet, moreishly acidic and balanced - impressively delicious, only slightly let down by some bittering on the aftertaste.

Best cafe Cavalier Specialty Coffee in sydney for 2016

Ethiopian washed espresso was a fairly juicy number - nice. FW to-go while tasty was warmer than usual from here

Amazing coffee and food. If have food this option, I definitely score 10!


Coffee Alchemy


Best cafe Coffee Alchemy in sydney for 2016

Attractive light acidity to start the Costa Rican espresso, some maybe green grapey action to follow - very enjoyable. Flatty chaser robust yet not overpoweringly so. Always impressed that during weekdays they have such a loyal over-60s crowd.

I had a double espresso and thought it was ok. Didnt do much for me. The place is also quite small and there is no food at all. I can see why it appeals to some people - but it didnt light my fire.

Best cafe Swallow Coffee Traders in sydney for 2016

Equipment LaMarzocco Linear PB Mythos One Grinder EK43 with custom twin doser Batch Brewer Tiamo Cold Drip

Coffee was fantastic (pour over, wife: skim cap). Food and service was great, but food came a little slow. These people deserve your money in exchange for coffee.

Service is fab. Very knowledgeable owner, happy to answer any questions asked about coffee. Always buy my beans from these guys. Latte always steamed to perfection but also THE BEST cold drip I’ve had in a long time! Amazing flavours!

Favourite cafe in the area. Baristas and kitchen staff are always friendly. Coffee is amazing! Using a blend from Single O roasters and delicious singles from ZEST.


Cream & Co.

Chipping Norton

Best cafe Cream & Co. in sydney for 2016

Should I hav a coffee in this blistering heat? It seems that it is still necessary.. Got a cappuccino t/away initially too strong but mellowed to a smooth blend after resting.

Iced coffee was on point and refreshing on a hot summers day.. ☀️

After Christmas break tried single origin. Nice, smooth well rounded. Always satisfying.

Best cafe Artificer Coffee in sydney for 2016

Top coffee in Sydney. Very worth the visit to here to taste coffee!

Clean balanced shot for the Rwandan espresso. The flat white was the highlight - lovely mouthfeel coupled with a hazelnut flavour made for a lovely cup.

Best cafe Pusher Espresso Bar in sydney for 2016

Popped in here on my way to work this morning. Coffee was pleasant, with friendly enough service. Worth a visit if you are in the area.

Thanks - just another perfect coffee/breakfast/service its go to make fore a Perfect Day

Best cafe Ritual Coffee Traders in sydney for 2016

Best cafe The Diver Cafe in sydney for 2016

Little Marionette CoffeeTippety TeasLa Marzocco Linea Classic

I find it hard to fault this little cafe. Best in Coogee? Best in Sydney!!

Fantastic service ... coffee great...try the lemon tart 🙂

Ristretto/Espresso. Rating on Beanhunter massively overstated imo. Service was pretty average for Sydney standard. Coffee not bad, but nothing near great. Location is great though, little corner shop semi-overlooking Coogee beach.

Best cafe Barefoot Coffee Traders in sydney for 2016

Very cool place, it may be small, but complete in every detail. Also coffee is great!

awesome offering given size, long blacks always on point post a dip in the ocean!

Best cafe John Smith Cafe in sydney for 2016

Best cafe SteamTank Coffee in sydney for 2016

Friendly, efficient & committed staff. Barista pulled a lovely S.O. espresso of Ethiopian origin. Would have preferred a darker roast but just personal preference. Coffee extracted well with lovely rich crema. Nice complexity.

Nicely done tiny cafe in handy location. Only one size cup with beautiful design. Ordered a capp - was ok, thicker froth would've been good

Where do I begin... I have been a regular customer of SteamTank for almost as long as they have been open. As a budding coffee enthusiast back then, I am so glad I lived in a place called Hornsby near these absolute coffee gods. While there have been staff changes from the OG line up, the service and customer experience has never wavered. I personally love a batch brew: and with their roster of sample roasters and Mecca masterpieces, the palate has a new experience every time that you join the team for a cuppa. While it would be lovely for them to expand to have sitting area, their niche hole in the wall style has been something people of Hornsby have come to know and love about the SteamTank experience. As a young man at 17, when things were tricky at home, SteamTank became a little home away from home. With the warmth of a well balanced and exciting batch brew, and the pleasure of their company I will always hold SteamTank as the place I truly discovered my love of Coffee. Thank you SteamTank, and I will forever be a loyal customer!



Surry Hills

Best cafe Sample in sydney for 2016

Kind of grapefruit vibe to the Kenyan espresso - nice. Lovely mouthfeel to the flat white traveller

Great place in Surrey Hills, coffee was fantastic and service was really friendly. If you're in Sydney and looking for great coffee def a place to go.

Best cafe waffle co. in sydney for 2016

Thinking you guys have changed your name but previously you didn’t hit the mark for me, but recently you guys have changed your name and stepped up the game hands down the best dirty chai I’ve had in a long time the large cup that you don’t want to end.

Now called the Brew Lab Cafe, it’s a relaxed atmosphere, coffee is rich and silky. All in all pretty darn good.

Don’t love the bean they use here - a bit bland. But the consistency from the barista in terms of delivering a clean, balanced espresso with smooth milk is high. Also found the staff very friendly.


Mrs P's


Best cafe Mrs P's in sydney for 2016

Excellent cosy little cafe. Flat white and cappuccino always good and tasty. Staff are warm and knowledgeable. Food also quick and great. Our go to in this part of the world.

Cute little cafe, friendly staff. I found the coffee had a fruity taste to it which I did not like.

George and the crew at Mrs P's always deliver. Outstanding single origin doppio with perfect extraction. #lifeistooshortfor$hitcoffee Thanks guys!



Lane Cove

Best cafe Story   in sydney for 2016

Established by Jean Demirjian in 2012

Great little nook with fantastic coffee

Best cafe elbow room  in sydney for 2016

Reuben Hills Ethiopian had more bitterness than ideal. Same beans for a double a couple of days later had more to offer with the bitterness toned down and more cocoa coming through. FWs good both times.

Kenyan from Small Batch made me think of the roasted pineapple cake at Dinner by Heston - nice.

Asked if they still did 'magic' on their menu, but apparently they don't anymore and can't do it to order :( Then asked for a piccolo with Kenyan origin I believe. There was a depth and complexity of fruity and berry flavours to the origin. Well done!

Best cafe Gumption by Coffee Alchemy in sydney for 2016

A rather nice brew, as could be expected from the Alchemy mob. Love sitting, sipping and people watching in The Strand.

Coffee was very balanced and excellent ratio of espresso to milk. Smooth and chocolate flavours which was slight sweet and without bitterness and smoke. Really enjoyed this coffee.

Great coffee, they always busy so need to wait little bit long time.

Best cafe Bay Ten Espresso in sydney for 2016

The espresso on Whitehorse had some stone fruit gear going on to start but became rather bitter. The milk in the FW was well cared for.

White Horse for the espresso had a nice lash of acidity over dark chocolate. Takeaway FW was a bit warm. Haven’t been here for a while now they don’t open Saturdays. Still busy.

Best cafe Ristretto and Co in sydney for 2016

We were staying in the area and found the review on Bean hunter and went there for breakfast. Food and coffee were awesome!

Great coffee - best in Livo. Good atmosphere, friendly vibes and prompt service. Shame that the barista doesn’t seem to recognise the symbol for soy, but all in all a good drop.

Good atmosphere. Had a flat white with extra shot and it needed it. But was yum. Waitress touch stressed, so not as welcoming as she could be, but they were very busy so all was forgiven.

Best cafe The Steam Engine in sydney for 2016

Costa Rican espresso had intense vanilla on the first sniff - strongest I've experienced. First few sips were a full on plum sweetness that gave way to apricot as it cooled. A delightful and intense espresso with incredible guidance by staff. Wonderful.

Piccolo was well done! Delightful surprise as it's tucked away in the District.

Best cafe Roastville Coffee in sydney for 2016

Coffee wasn’t bad. Nothing amazing but nothing undrinkable either. Service was a bit hit and miss.

Nice place, great atmosphere and service. Coffee is awesome and the food is great and well priced.. Enjoyed it

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