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Best cafe Salvage Specialty Coffee in sydney for 2016

Kenyan Made of Many espresso started talking pink grapefruit, finished with a bitter whisper Unusually the batch was fairly tart

Been here a few times now and have had great coffees each time. Nice and convenient before hopping on the train in the mornings.

Espresso on a PNG had an appetising flavour that made me think spearmint, finished cleanly. Batch had a lovely berry feel - nice

Best cafe Cafe Without A Name in sydney for 2016

Quality and quirky with excellent espresso

Best cafe Artistry Coffee Craft Co. in sydney for 2016

Owners are great, and the flat white is easily the best I have found in the city. Flavours are strong and smooth and the milk is perfectly textured every time. Great beans to take home too. Rotation of filter beans is always a delight as well.

Just dropped in again this week for a 3/4 flat white. Still a treat every time. The difference between a cafe and somewhere that is passionate about coffee always shows through in the cup. Looking forward to my next visit. 👍🏼👏🏼

Reformatory beans for a washed Columbian espresso had a tasty bit of acidity across a more rounded chocolate backbone - nice. Smooth mouthfeel for the Ethiopian pour over coupled with a lovely balance of sweet, clean fruit and citrus acidity - real nice. Washed Panama Gesha for another pour over had a mighty fine orange and passion fruit flavour


Lime Espresso

Sydney CBD

Best cafe Lime Espresso in sydney for 2016

Love Lime and still thinking of it while back in the UK. Named my new Acaia scales after your place Costas. All the best your Brit customer that left in July. Pete

Back in Sydney city and staying somewhere different which opens me to new cafes. I think I have another favourite cafe. Lime has great coffee, no really great! It’s also a gourmet sandwich bar, both pre-made and on demand. These looked sensational. Local city workers drop by for coffee and a sandwich. Definitely worth the visit. I will be returning tomorrow.

Best cafe The Reformatory Caffeine Lab in sydney for 2016

Barista had very strong passion for coffee, and various types filter coffees to explore. Had panama 90 , which was nice. However, seatings are limited and relatively expensive. But nice quality.

Panama Geisha Hacienda Esmeralda incredible. Thanks Jet

Love coming back here.. some of the best Singles around. Great set up and great specialty coffee

Best cafe Cavalier Specialty Coffee in sydney for 2016

Washed Honduran from Marvell st was sort of cinnamon and spices - rounded and nice Different washed Honduran for the batch was a clean mildly fruity number

Great coffee and the best toastie you’ve ever had!

Washed Marvell St Nicaraguan double espresso had an interesting vegetal note I couldn’t pin down, additional sweetness came through on cooling Washed Marvell St Kenyan for the batch had some nice mango gear going on. Washed Honduran Marvell St as a cold brew was clean and tropical


Coffee Alchemy


Best cafe Coffee Alchemy in sydney for 2016

Experts of coffees. Experimental blended beans. Strong floral and fruity taste in flat white. It was quite new experience for me.

Great little roastery with loads of options for espresso, filters and cold drip

A red apple vibe to start on the Costa Rican espresso, became fairly bitter to finish - ok. Batch on a washed Kenyan was excellent, a Ribera-like joyous cup.

Best cafe Swallow Coffee Traders in sydney for 2016

Equipment LaMarzocco Linear PB Mythos One Grinder EK43 with custom twin doser Batch Brewer Tiamo Cold Drip

Trying out a new cafe - Swallow Coffee Traders - Morning coffee in Rockdale - great atmosphere - friendly staff - excellent coffee 🧁👍🏆☕️🥐 - verdict 4.5 out 5 - it’s worth the effort to find it - next the Rockdale Railway Station 🚉

Despite the underwhelming visit earlier in the year, I decided to give the café another try as they made the effort to respond to my review (kudos to the team for excellent customer experience management!). Plus recent reviews mentioned they’ve changed their beans from Single O to Zest Roasters and I was curious. My large almond milk cappuccino ($4.50) was made with Zest’s single origin Nicaragua. If I slightly disappointing with my first visit, then this visit certainty made up for it :). Smooth and aromatic, my coffee had a nice balance of intensity and complexity. Alas, I was too focused on catching up with a friend and didn’t pay as much attention as I should to the intricacy of the flavour profile. But it was definitely delicious and oh so easy to drink. Kudos for ensuring it was extra hot, just the way I like it. Coffee: 9 Service: 8 Atmosphere: 8

Great service,staff were friendly and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy. The eggs benny and açai bowl were delightful, next time I’d try the single origin coffee for a stronger tasting coffee but that’s more personal preference. Good range of milk choices including Bonsoy and milk lab.


Cream & Co.

Chipping Norton

Best cafe Cream & Co. in sydney for 2016

Have been visiting this place nearly every day for 2 years straight and the constancy in high quality coffee making is incredible. Rarely have I had a bad coffee. Food, service and ambience is great. Highly Recommended!

I travel all over Sydney for work. I’m so lucky this is my local. The coffee is always a high standard no matter which barista makes it. Seems on our travels my wife and I are always comparing the coffee we have to here. And are usually left thinking “we’d rather cream & co”. Especially if you have light milk as we do. Somehow they manage to get a creaminess others can’t. With most light milk ends up making a watery coffee. Not here. Food is always good quality, made with care and well presented. Not a huge menu but always something for any taste. If you want take away coffee. Their quick too. Without sacrificing quality.

The service is outstanding. The coffee is just incredible- can’t be beaten. And their food is wonderful. So lucky to have this quality so close to home.

Best cafe Artificer Coffee in sydney for 2016

I have been to lots and lots of cafes in Sydney, and I guess there's no need to describe. They make perfect cappuccino. The best Cappuccino I ever had in Sydney. Very trendy coffee, nearest coffee to the perfection.

Way tasty Kenyan espresso had caramel and stone fruit in abundance. Sweet orange tang to the batch with are very clean finish – real nice.

Same Kenyan I tried at Salvage but on a slightly reduced volume. It had a citrus, tending to marmalade vibe, aftertaste brought an increase in bitterness - nice shot. Very distinct hazelnut flavour to the batch, coupled with the finishing clean sweetness made it very enjoyable.

Best cafe Pusher Espresso Bar in sydney for 2016

Delicious, quick, convenient for on the go - however not my place for a long sit in lunch.

Best cafe Ritual Coffee Traders in sydney for 2016

Coffe as you would expect for Gabriel branded. Milk was creamy and not too heavy so balanced well. Service was quick and no minimum for using card which was great. Only downside was Hard to find parking, but you could get lucky on the day.

Best cafe The Diver Cafe in sydney for 2016

Little Marionette CoffeeTippety TeasLa Marzocco Linea Classic

Best cafe Barefoot Coffee Traders in sydney for 2016

Marvel St Columbian for the espresso was alright with some red apple but bittered strongly on the finish Different Columbian for the batch was fruity, juicy and finished cleanly

Espresso was ok with maybe a bit of chocolate but fairly blended up - it was a blend after all. Batch was the highlight with some clean applely fruit gear going on.

Best cafe TopHat Coffee Merchants in sydney for 2016

Great coffee and love the arvo smash

Best cafe John Smith Cafe in sydney for 2016

Columbian espresso was sort of darker choc to start but did veer towards bitterness at the end Enjoyed the Kenyan batch, made me think of green apple skins with that style of sweetness but also an underlying tartness. As it cooled became more grapefruit with an accompanying increase in acidity. Another espresso, this time on a Costa Rican was more fruity and finished more cleanly than first espresso- nice.

Best cafe SteamTank Coffee in sydney for 2016

Double espresso on Mecca Kenyan came with a burnt caramel start , finished with increased acidity coupled with red currants. Batch on Mecca Columbian was clean and fruity - easy drinking.

Small Batch Guatemalan espresso was plums with a bit of underlining tartness mixed in. Really enjoy the Mecca Ethiopian batch, it maintained it’s clean citrus fruity flavour throughout

PNG Mecca double espresso was robust without being overly bitter, the sort of nutty end of things - tasty Mecca Columbian batch was fruity and juicy



Surry Hills

Best cafe Sample in sydney for 2016

Smooth flat white hit the spot .. recommended

Sweet, vibrant washed Kenyan for the espresso - had an interesting slightly astringent mouthfeel, sort of drying of the back of the lips Same beans for the filter gave a sensationally bright, sweet, fruity cup - real good.

Best espresso in the area with the delicious Gabriel beans and expert, jovial Barista. Service safe seem to lack active listening ability and order can be stilted and verging on frustration. You will be rewarded with persistence though


Mrs P's


Best cafe Mrs P's in sydney for 2016

Great coffee! Staff were friendly and attentive. Atmosphere was a bit average - could do with a bit of a make over.

George and the team at Mrs. P's are always warm and welcoming. Add to that the consistent eye for detail making sure the coffee is delivered to a high standard and the always tasty food, that makes this the best cafe in the Burwood / Strathfield area.



Lane Cove

Best cafe Story   in sydney for 2016

Established by Jean Demirjian in 2012

Best cafe elbow room  in sydney for 2016

Proud Mary beans for the espresso gave a very enjoyable cup with a solid mix of acidity and sweetness with interesting spicey overtones. Enjoyed the batch with its appley flavour

Enjoyed the Proud Mary espresso, finish not quite as clean as last time but still a nice acidic tang to keep it interesting. Easy drinking batch to-go

Tasty blueberries to the espresso. Take away batch kept a clarity of flavour and sweetness from start to finish

Best cafe Gumption by Coffee Alchemy in sydney for 2016

Soft texture of flat white was remarkable. Atmosphere is also part of the attraction, I will often visit here when I get to go wynyard. It's good to see barista keeping quality of coffees, even though it's really busy there.

Kenyan espresso was at the bitter end of town Batch was a different story with a clarity to the fruitiness that made for an excellent cup.

Beautifully smooth and satisfying flat white. Good job!

Best cafe Bay Ten Espresso in sydney for 2016

Didn’t realise I never left a review... I love my long black made with the White Horse coffee beans. These guys at Bay10 definitely know what they are doing!

Lovely atmosphere, good coffee and wonderful food

Been wanting to try this place for sometime just waiting for my next Sydney visit. Coffee was a bit ordinary asked about it. Re ordered a double shot. Was ok but not special. Atmosphere and staff are also ok. Maybe I was hoping for to much. Definitely worth a try but wouldn’t rush here

Best cafe Ristretto and Co in sydney for 2016

Great little place, coffee was amazing. Highly recommend

Lovely. Small flat white. Quality flavour. Barista makes excellent quality coffee. Campos beans used.

Best cafe The Steam Engine in sydney for 2016

Toby’s Estate washed Nicaraguan espresso had a big dense flavour with a bit of lingering acidity. FW traveller was a bit more bitter than usual, milk was treated well

Big toffee taste to the Toby’s Estate Brazilian espresso, turned bitter’wards at the finish

El Salvador cold brew had a rich tropical fruit feel and clean finish. Second coldie on a Nicaraguan was more chocolate with a more bitter aftertaste.

Best cafe Roastville Coffee in sydney for 2016

Great almond flat white and good service

Great choice of beans! Out of the two long black beans, both pretty great. One was prefect for what I like but. Side note: get the dirty bird Benedict

Great V60, tried the natural Colombia whichwas roasted t perfection. Very sweet a bit of acidity and the bitterness was on spot. I sat outside and Sydney weather was kind to me for 2 hour 😁. Cost 7$ the only concern.

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