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Best cafe Salvage Specialty Coffee in sydney for 2016

Sweet grapey Columbian espresso to celebrate their 4th birthday - 26th Jan. Back again for another, also real nice. Great these guys have been pumping out consistently great coffee for a number of yrs now.

Sat for a number of hrs here, started with nice espresso then a FW then a batch. The batch was very drinkable with a dark choc edge to it.

Smooth balanced Columbian shot with a nice fruity vibe and no sharp edges - real good. Cold brew had an almost cola air.

Best cafe Cafe Without A Name in sydney for 2016

Cafe without a name is still serving the best coffee I have had in Sydney. Amazing service and extensive knowledge from the Barista's makes this little place an absolute delight to visit.

Bit hard to get to this place, but it was worth it. The coffee had nice strong full bodied taste to, the milk was made to a good temperature and great texture. The staff are very friendly and know their coffee and passionate about it.

Been a while since I've had a chance to pop into this place. If you've never been here you could easily miss it. It really is a hidden treasure. Their single origin Ethiopian espresso was sweet with some great dark choc flavours coming through. The house blend was sweet and smooth in my take away latte. Worth seeking out.

Best cafe Artistry Coffee Craft Co. in sydney for 2016

Espresso had an initial dark orange flavour moving to a lingering attractive sweet acidity – nicely balanced shot. FW traveller was on point

Recent V60 brew was through the roof - blueberry flavours and smooth, supple, elegant. Best filter brew I can find, and the FW is legendary. Sqab has definitely changed from a few months ago, less caramel and butterscotch but equally enjoyable.

Espresso had an initial phenylthiocarbamide taste (bitterness in brussel sprouts couldn't think how else to describe) however the taste gained sweetness and became this very interesting mix of sweet-bitterness, which was unusual but good. FW was robustly flavoured

Best cafe 18 GRAMS Coffee Project in sydney for 2016

One of my favourite coffee places!! Consistently delicious tasting almond latte's where there is a nice balance between the nutty flavour of the milk and the coffee, never disappointed here. Nice friendly service.

If you're in the market for cocaine or heroin then 18 grams is probably way too much. But if we're talking coffee - then congratulation goldilocks - these guys are just right. The flatty was smooth as silk and with zero wait.

If you are in Hurstville it's the place to go for a good coffee.

Best cafe Coffee Bar by Espresso'd in sydney for 2016

good coffee and great service, difficult to find a park if you're driving but I guess that's pretty much that case with most places in this area


Lime Espresso

Sydney CBD

Best cafe Lime Espresso in sydney for 2016

Super balanced espresso and some great banter.

I had a really good cappuccino on Thursday this week during a quiet time at this cafe. Great ratio of espresso, milk and foam. The standard slipped slightly on Friday when I returned during a busy period. The espresso wasn't as well defined in flavour due the ratio of wet milk to foam but it was still a better coffee than 50% of coffees I've had in Sydney so not all bad!

Best cafe The Reformatory Caffeine Lab in sydney for 2016

The BEST espresso I've had for a while. Panama Gesha, so floral & clean, smooth flavours all round! Not the best place for a sit and drink (there are no chairs) but coffee is arguably the best here in NSW. Next time I'll get a filter from the Brewers Cup man himself!

Wouldn't serve me at the bar as per last 20+ visits so left. At a place like this with such excellent coffee selections you want to be able to discuss with the barista before choosing. Not the usual crew on today so no big deal, will definitely be back when A-team are there.

Every time I visit Sydney, I make time to visit Reformatory.... and with good reason! The menu never fails to blow me away, but this mornings Natural Ethiopian espresso went a step further. Its been a while since a coffee gave me goosebumps. I've written about it on my Instagram post.

Best cafe Cavalier Specialty Coffee in sydney for 2016

Great as usual. Ordered a second batch filter after downing the first like it was water. Tasted like apples and was very drinkable

Good to have these guys back on deck after the Xmas break, their Awesome coffee and their super friendly service was missed through January.

Perfect food, amazing coffee, helpful and friendly staff


Coffee Alchemy


Best cafe Coffee Alchemy in sydney for 2016

I had today a cappu at Micro (Barangaroo). It was my first experience with Coffee Alchemy and what an unforgettable experience. The flavour is so different from other specialty coffee roasters. Excellent

awesomeness is now defined by alchemy

Best cafe Swallow Coffee Traders in sydney for 2016

Equipment LaMarzocco Linear PB Mythos One Grinder EK43 with custom twin doser Batch Brewer Tiamo Cold Drip

Great coffee. Relaxed vibe. Recommend.

Colombian espresso was ok, nice bit of sweetness in the middle but bittered towards the end. The flat white chaser was the highlight with some distinct hazelnut action going on, spot on temperature and a silky mouthfeel.


Cream & Co.

Chipping Norton

Best cafe Cream & Co. in sydney for 2016

Back to the grind today's cap was interesting w a bitter note which was quite good

Latte was initially too hot but it didn't affect the flavour once it cooled down. Flavour was balanced by being full but still clean. I didn't see any single origin or cold brew options which brought the score down as we could't try.

Seriously good espresso coffee. You'd be hard pressed to find anything better in the area. Highly reccomend.

Best cafe Artificer Coffee in sydney for 2016

Very very good coffee. Extremely knowledgeable barista as well. Very impressed

Interesting conversation, well balanced fruity espresso, great coffee experience.

Best cafe Pusher Espresso Bar in sydney for 2016

Just has to be my favorite place! Perfect attention to all the customers and coffee the way I like. Never done a 10 before but these guys deserve it. Staff always happy & playful. Keep up the good work.

Simply awesome. Be tempted by a 3/4 latte and the egg special.

Great coffee. Exceptional food. Cool tunes. Nice staff. I will come back here for sure

Best cafe Ritual Coffee Traders in sydney for 2016

Excellent little coffee place and very welcome (much needed) in Northbridge. Seating is limited and service can be slow when busy but the espresso is top notch!

Great little spot in Northbridge with a lovely sense of community. Very grateful for the team serving up signature Gabriel beans nicely to order over Easter. Can see why many make this place part of their daily ritual!

Not too strong - Gabriel's coffee

Best cafe The Diver Cafe in sydney for 2016

Little Marionette CoffeeTippety TeasLa Marzocco Linea Classic

Been here a few times now for my morning coffee. Always friendly and the coffee is great

A great spot to stop on our Bondi to Coogee walk. Fuelled up now for our return walk! Thanks.

Best cafe Barefoot Coffee Traders in sydney for 2016

Fairly solid espresso with some nice fruitiness to start, end was more bitter than ideal. Flatty chaser was rather good, nice mouthfeel.

Great long black, convenient location and nice vibe. I'll be back.

Potent cranberry tasting shot from Marvell St - the upfront cranberry vibe was unusual and very nice, let down a little by bittering at the end but still good. FW chaser was smooth and wholesome

Best cafe TopHat Coffee Merchants in sydney for 2016

Great coffee, always consistent quality, definitely one of the best in the area.

Consistently delicious tasting almond latte's, one of my favourite cafes.

Columbian shot started brightly acidic and ended towards bittertown - ok. Enjoyed the hazelnut flavour of the FW chaser First visit, will try again when in area.

Best cafe John Smith Cafe in sydney for 2016

Having driven past it a million times I never expected what was hiding within. Great coffee and granola that was to die for.

Coffee outstanding. Had the Ethiopian single origin. Great service too

Best cafe SteamTank Coffee in sydney for 2016

Good vibes and great people. I don't normal have cappuccino but I did today because I like the the pattern on it with cocoa powder. A good pattern looks the coffee already half tasty for me. Unfortunately mine today didn't have any pattern. Next time I will avoid peak hours. Still great coffee.

Steam Tank is awesome. The coffee is amazing, always consistently good. The people are so lovely, and the coffee is made super fast if you're heading to the train.

Really good coffee and they're efficient so you don't miss your train.



Surry Hills

Best cafe Sample in sydney for 2016

Honduros and Columbian blend for espresso gave a beautiful lime start and clean sweetly acidic finish. Flatty chaser was on point.

Always enjoy popping my head into Sample. Long Black was smooth, with honey sweetness.

Best cafe waffle co. in sydney for 2016

I have missed this coffee. Bold, fruity and delicious. Came here after a great feed at another local cafe. Would recommend to anyone in the area. They need to sell this coffee in more places!

Best coffee in Penrith. As someone who lives over on the north shore, when I visit the 'home town', I need a soy latte. These guys brew a smooth, deep roast which hits the spot. So glad to have found a coffee shop in Penrith worth writing about.

Thought it only fair to come back and try again. Grungy sort of Newtown theme works well and has a relaxed atmosphere with people scattered around passing time. Staff were friendly and attentive. For me though it is mainly about the coffee. I ordered a small flat white. While I believe the flavour is probably there, it's just too big, almost double the size of other good cafes, making the single shot disappear in too much milk. Can't comment on other coffees but a smaller fw could be the simple fix to a better coffee.


Mrs P's


Best cafe Mrs P's in sydney for 2016

What a gem! Fantastic service here, fast, brilliant quality food and coffee. These guys take a heap of pride in everything they do. I'm from Melbourne but will definitely be back when I'm in the area. Strong skinny latte was brilliant, "Ranchero eggs" was great too. Highly recommend Mrs. Pls!

The coffee was decent and so was the service. Havent tried the food yet.



Lane Cove

Best cafe Story   in sydney for 2016

Established by Jean Demirjian in 2012

Friendly service. Nice full bodied long black (I chose the blend rather than single origin). Interesting cup with only half a handle. Open early.

Best cafe elbow room  in sydney for 2016

Panama from Five Senses was a dark orange chocolate number - went down real well. Two FWs, both good, second better than the first.

Real nice Panama espresso was even better than last time, had a beautiful balance of acidity and dark chocolate - great.

Couple of FWs and Panama espresso here today. Espresso was pretty tasty, second flatty was highlight with a silky mouthfeel and spot on temperature.

Best cafe Gumption by Coffee Alchemy in sydney for 2016

Long black wasn't just a little bit burnt... it tasted like pure charcoal! Hard to hide how disappointed I was.

Looks. I used to give this cafe a 9. Not sure if it's a training issue or my english accent. All I wanted was to buy some coffee beans.

Nicely balanced Columbia espresso went down well. As usual very busy, however I was served and coffee'ed in 5 min.

Best cafe Bay Ten Espresso in sydney for 2016

Costa Rican White Horse espresso was very nice with some stone fruit action going on. Flatty also v.good

Quality coffee although consistency is a problem at times.

Smooth almond latte despite not being a fan of white horse and an average bay ten breakfast. Didn't find staff were warm or friendly which was disappointing.

Best cafe Ristretto and Co in sydney for 2016

This place is great, a cool outdoor area hidden from the road. Really nice food as well... If you're in Liverpool definitely make a stop...

Service was good but coffee was not unfortunately. Overheated milk with texture and butter Campos

I went here cause they serve campos but was bitterly disappointed with the bitter (and overheated) coffee... the ambiance was really nice though. Menu was small and limited for choice

Best cafe The Steam Engine in sydney for 2016

Nice staff pretty good coffee, only downside is limited (very) menu if you want food. The fact it's in a shopping mall doesn't help atmosphere but the guys have done a great job with the limited space they have

Red honey processed Nicaraguan for the shot had a robust stone fruit feel. Chaser FW was nutty and delicious.

Great coffee. Strong and well balanced. Being at Chatswood Station there was a great buzz from the many people grabbing their takeaways. Service was fast, efficient and friendly. Not much seating however. Definitely recommended.

Best cafe Roastville Coffee in sydney for 2016

Disappointed that the almond latte's are not consistent - second almond latte I had was quite burnt and I could not drink it, compared to the first which was quite nice.

Pleasant experience here the other week. Place was busy as has always been the case every time I come here. My latte was pleasant. Smooth but just a little too milky for my liking.

I needed some breakfast after dropping off my car for service. It was only a short walk to Roastville, and as I hadn't been for a while, it became my destination. On this occasion, I tried the "Seasonal Mushroom Bruschetta". It was delicious and my flat white was excellent as it has been every time I have visited. 13/04/2017

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