Top Cafes of 2016 - Sydney

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Sydney, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Salvage Specialty Coffee in sydney for 2016

A nice butterscotch to start with more acidity as it cooled (Ona Honduran natural espresso)

Best cafe Cafe Without A Name in sydney for 2016

Decent coffee served in a takeaway cup even though I said I was sitting in. Young lass on counter wasn’t friendly and then got mauled by mosquitoes when sat outside. The pot plants have stagnant water that are a breeding ground for the wrigglers. Had to leave after ten minutes.

Best cafe Artistry Coffee Craft Co. in sydney for 2016

They’re coffee just keeps getting better. It’s one of the highlights of my day


Lime Espresso

Sydney CBD

Best cafe Lime Espresso in sydney for 2016

Best cafe The Reformatory Caffeine Lab in sydney for 2016

Columbian natural Gesha filter started earthy but opened out into tropical fruit, had an interesting back note a sort of astringency Costa Rican honey processed batch was smoothly sweet with something like kiwifruit - great. Been a while since I’ve been here, great to be back

Just visited the Good Fields cafe in Lindfield. They serve their coffee. The piccolos of SO Costa Rica and the Loma blend were excellent.

Really nice coffee with toffee like mildness. The piccolo was strong and flat white very mellow. Service was not overly friendly and there was no atmosphere at all on a Saturday.

Best cafe Cavalier Specialty Coffee in sydney for 2016

Sweet nectarine flavour to the Nicaraguan espresso. Ethiopian batch had some honey, maybe butterscotch, going on. Two tasty cups.

Guatemalan espresso was at the nutty end and had a slightly tart finish Batch was calmly fruity


Coffee Alchemy


Best cafe Coffee Alchemy in sydney for 2016

Ethiopian espresso was a beautifully balanced number. A batch on an Ethiopian was blackcurrants with a spark of acidity Bolivian batch also had the acidity nicely highlighted, this time with something more like passionfruit going on.

Bolivian espresso came cremaless and tasted of sweet cherries A one-two of a Columbian then Ethiopian batch brought happy coffee moments

Best cafe Swallow Coffee Traders in sydney for 2016

Equipment LaMarzocco Linear PB Mythos One Grinder EK43 with custom twin doser Batch Brewer Tiamo Cold Drip


Cream & Co.

Chipping Norton

Best cafe Cream & Co. in sydney for 2016

Had a great latte w honey t/away from new staff after being away for soo long

Haven’t been in a while, panacotta was yum and coffee had its own unique flavour which was smoother than usual 🙂

Best cafe Artificer Coffee in sydney for 2016

Ethiopian double espresso tasted of caramelised fruit with a pronounced acidity, reminding me of aged balsamic. Plummy goodness to Kenyan batch

Richly clean orange and honey Guatemalan espresso - luxury pie Ethiopian batch blackcurrant with a dash of acidity

Espresso had a nutty quality but the batch was the highlight, somehow tasting like toasted hot cross buns – sweet, dried fruit, bit of cinnamon style spice over a bready backbone

Best cafe Pusher Espresso Bar in sydney for 2016

Coffee was nice, but not amazing. A mellow smooth flat white. Not chocolatey, but not distinctive either.

Best cafe The Diver Cafe in sydney for 2016

Little Marionette CoffeeTippety TeasLa Marzocco Linea Classic

Best cafe SteamTank Coffee in sydney for 2016

Two red honey processed batches had some almost hidden sweetness and acidity but this was subsumed by a fairly heavy tartness - apparently the beans were just roasted.

Double espresso on Colombian from Sample - green apples and a delicate balanced acidity made for a great cup. Washed Guatemalan from Market Lane for the batch had some tasty stone fruit action going on.

They changed from Mecca to Legend. The blend Colombia - Nicaragua lacked some flavour. So more or less disappointed about the change



Surry Hills

Best cafe Sample in sydney for 2016

Orange, grapefruit feel to the Honduran espresso - tasty. Batch on an Ethiopian had an attractive jamminess.

Batch was bright and fruity Guatemalan espresso was mandarin and grapefruit, slight sourness in the aftertaste


Mrs P's


Best cafe Mrs P's in sydney for 2016



Lane Cove

Best cafe Story   in sydney for 2016

Established by Jean Demirjian in 2012

New pop-up amazing selection of pastries and same high quality capp 🥐☕️

Cool as setting w friendly service & buzzing atmosphere Short stop donuts too! 🤤

Best cafe elbow room  in sydney for 2016

Candyman blend from Small Batch for the espresso was dark chocolate with some rounding sweetness Batch, a natural Columbian from Leible, had a curranty sweetness with a nice splash of acidity.

Espresso in an Ethiopian from Leible Coffee was big on bergamot - real nice Batch was an easy-drinker

Best cafe Gumption by Coffee Alchemy in sydney for 2016

Friendly staff who provide good advice. Coffee was okay but didn’t like it enough to buy beans.

A smooth caramel and gently acidity to the Bolivian filter - an easy drinker.

Best cafe Bay Ten Espresso in sydney for 2016

It’s an interesting set-up the back faces the highway which I incorrectly tried to enter - the coffee when I had it (white horse blend) was smooth, flavoursome 👌🏻

Best cafe Ristretto and Co in sydney for 2016

Always excellent coffee. Prompt friendly service & some good food. Choices too. My Goto place in Liverpool.

Best cafe The Steam Engine in sydney for 2016

Guatemalan espresso had a sweet roundness Some expansive orange to the Brazilian batch

Tobys Guatemalan yellow honey processed for espresso and batch Espresso started caramel then came through with sweet apple to end Batch Sweet orange with a interesting grapefruit vibe underneath Columbian lactic honey batch was impressive with a straight-to-the-point acidity

Best cafe Roastville Coffee in sydney for 2016

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