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2 reviews · 7 years ago

Not sure what previous review was about but have always found the dark city blend by campos to be good and punchy. As for bacon and egg rolls this shop doesn't actually make any so not sure why the previous reviewer would say they are great when the don't event appear on the menu. Anyway, nice busy place with heaps of buzz and great atmosphere.

25 reviews · 1 follower · 7 years ago

Great little coffee shop... They do know how to make coffee even if they do use Campos. Would be good to see them try some other blends too. Campus is so overrated. Had my skim latte, my partner had a macchiato. Both were made well. The bacon n egg rolls are to die for.

9 reviews · 8 years ago

A real morning coffee specialist. They close at 12 and the menu is a nice range of breakfast / brunch offerings. Also enjoyed the avocado salad.

13 reviews · 8 years ago

First time I tried "drugstore" I was impressed (other than the staff stuffing their faces while serving). I loved the coffee and the avo mash with pomegranate on toast. I was so excited about this place I wanted to take hubby Sunday morning for breakkie....WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS. We were greeted by the young blonde staff member there rudely (again stuffing her face behind counter). As we walked into the not-so-busy cafe she asked if we were eating of having coffees (no hello) ..we said "both" and she said "eat in or takeaway".....(quite obvious we were walking up to a table) we then said "eat here". She then stopped us in our path and abruptly said, "U can order your coffees now" and I responded if it was ok to take a seat first as we not sure what we wanted. We then received a funny dirty look and sarcastic comment "yeah, if u want". She made us feel we asked for something from mars. We decided to walk out. In the meantime all eyes were on us including customers as she seemed to make a big deal about it to them. We are locals in the area and can easily go anywhere in summer hill for a coffee therefore if u make your customers feel bad for doing nothing wrong your business will decline. Service comes first!

63 reviews · 11 followers · 8 years ago

What a wonderful choice we have in Summer Hill. Drugstore uses the wonderfully heavy "Dark City" (Campos) blend, while Plunge uses Hazel's lighter more acidic blend (Coffee Alchemy). As a fan of the heavier style, I'm usually to be found at Drugstore for my morning fix. And John does a great job with it. Either way, Summer Hill is a good place to be if you're looking for coffee!

31 reviews · 8 years ago

Nice spot for a quick stop morning coffee. Definitely serves justice to the campos brand. Very limited food offering, just great coffee

306 reviews · 467 followers · 9 years ago

I had driven past this place so many times and seen it closed. Finally got to catch it open a couple of times; well once actually! The second time they were actually 'closed' but luckily for me the desperation on my face must have made the owner take pity! He took me back in and made me a coffee :) Awesome service that was! The reason it always seemed closed is because it closes at 12.00pm! (open 6.00am). Its a really good spot here; agree its a little awkward inlayout so you can't quite work out where to order or to stand and wait for your coffee. The coffee is really good; probably up there with the very good renditions of the Campos blend. After the guy took pity, I will visit whenever I am in Summer Hill!

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