Paramount Coffee Project

Opens at 7am

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Reviews of Paramount Coffee Project

688 reviews · 252 followers · 5 months ago

My filter was beautiful.. my single origin espresso was under done.. chill on the attitude, I may not look like the coffee hipster, but, I certainly appreciate it a lot more then some of the peeps repping here, never judge a book.. and try and celebrate the origin and it’s journey to the cup a little more.. ✌🏼

2034 reviews · 144 followers · 8 months ago

Made of Many washed Kenyan for the espresso had some unripe apple with generous citrus acidity PCP Washed Guatemalan for a batch on ice benefited from decanting from the ice to reveal a cola orange cup.

32 reviews · 2 years ago

It is a good spot but just a bit expensive, starting with a $8.50 juice drink that was 75% ice cubes. They’ve obviously done their homework with cost v portion size straight from the the Captain Bligh trip-across-the-ocean-let’s-make-it-last playbook. The coffee was reasonable, but when I order cappuccino I want regulation froth. The one I got would not have scored well in any coffee contest. I got a park right out front which was noice. Overall worth a look because I could have been overly grouchy. Staff were great.

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