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72 reviews · 2 followers · a month ago

I travelled to this place last week and I have no idea what all these great reviews are talking about. The Asian man made me a ridiculously terrible coffee. The lady who served me gave me no better service than you get from a busy supermarket attendant. I honestly have to wonder if people are reviewing a different place.

1802 reviews · 143 followers · a month ago

Natural Ethiopian as an espresso in a lovely wabi-sabi cup - some sour cherry and dark chocolate with a clean finish - tasty. Natural Ethiopian Gesha as a pour over had a silky mouthfeel, smooth blackcurrant flavour – overall was milder than what I would expect from a high-quality Gesha

14 reviews · 3 months ago

I must have had a dud coffee looking at the other reviews. The palate was (in my terminology) thin and pinched. The milk, while textured correctly, had a dusty/floury feel - maybe from reheating? The end result is that, on leaving, I had an unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth. All this despite the apparent care shown by the baristas, e.g. weighing coffee for shot. Would I try there again? Probably not.

58 reviews · 5 months ago

The lack of hipster decor might lead you to believe the coffee at Normcore is lacking - it is not! I travel the world drinking the best espresso in bespoke coffee joints wherever I go and I can say this is the best coffee I have had in Sydney - ever! I gave Normcore a 5 for atmosphere yet their service and coffee is exceptional which turned my review around. You may think this is a problem? No. I want the best coffee from people who are experts yet take care of you ... the atmosphere comes last. Normcore is not a flashy superficial trendy coffee takeout - they have made me want to travel back to Sydney for another cup of their joe ...

1802 reviews · 143 followers · 5 months ago

Sweet cherry aroma to the natural Panama espresso, more like sour cherries with some caramel on the mouth Pour over on carbonic maceration (CM) natural Panama Gesha was sweet, clean and complex with cola notes mixed with something more like plums and moreish acidity - excellent.

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