Latticini Cafe

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128 reviews · 3 followers · 3 years ago

The good points here are the coffee is quite decent. It's a quirky place, where once vibrant and buzzing. A few locals early morning when it should be thriving with pre-school and work activity. Food is terribly ordinary. It gives a sense that the owners don't really care.

71 reviews · 4 followers · 6 years ago

First time here, although I must have passed by a million times. I'm glad I stopped, the coffee was solid while the service was excellent. I'm not that big a fan of the Allpress bean, I find it lacking in punch, however, I think these guys are getting as much as they can out of the extraction.

306 reviews · 467 followers · 6 years ago

Now using Allpress beans instead of Campos! I must say I always feel a little sad driving past this café, from what used to be a pumping place with a hip looking crew and customers, it now just seems a little left behind? Still good service, and they have always done coffee well. Lets hope the new bean makes a difference, but they really need to look at reinventing themselves still further, imho!

306 reviews · 467 followers · 7 years ago

Stopped by here for the first time in absolutely ages. Used to come here quite regularly a couple of years ago. I have always found the coffee here to be very good and my recent visit was no exception; strong, perfect temp and good texture. The service can be hit and miss; sometimes great. others cold, the owner is generally consistent though and friendly and luckily he served me the other day.

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