Top Cafes of 2016 - Sunshine Coast

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Sunshine Coast, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Best cafe Kai Coffee in sunshine-coast for 2016

Coffee was smooth but nothing stood out as extraordinary. I can't fathom the beanhunter rating as I've certainly had much better coffees. Almond milk was not texturised to the thick, silky consistency that I expect. I expect my coffee filled to the brim and not with the 'tide out' . Customer service was satisfactory but no extra effort to appear to genuinely welcome a new customer. Decor was modern industrial and quite appealing but atmosphere was not existent.

The most incredible experience for a coffee enthusiast! Visited right on opening time at 7:00am and had the full coffee experience laid out before us. Bought a couple bags of beans as we walked out. Absolutely worth the visit. A must do.

Best cafe Black Market Espresso Bar in sunshine-coast for 2016

Black Market Espresso Bar - Clandestino Coffee Espresso Bar. Passionate about crafting brilliant consistent coffee. Ground fresh and weighed for each and every cup. Providore of locally baked pastries, sliders, & cakes. We're very Pet Friendly (and likely to run out to meet your four legged friends)! We're also WiFi enabled!Coffee: Clandestino Roasters Equipment: La Marzocco Linea PB and 3 Mazzer Grinders

Coffee is AMAZING ! Great coffee and service every time I go. Best coffee on the coast by far !!

Consistently good coffee!! Not many places like this on the Sunshine Coast. Staff are so friendly and welcoming and great range of counter food options too. Highly rate the cold drip!

Love coming here with my wife. The vibe in the mornings is great. Bold, strong coffee, awesome food and excellent staff

Best cafe Urban Garden - Bury St in sunshine-coast for 2016

Good coffee, cool shop as well...

Fabulous coffee, great atmosphere. Definitely come back

Best cafe Compound Surf & Espresso in sunshine-coast for 2016

Surf & Drink Coffee

From Melbourne and the espresso, pour over, cold brew and latte are all of Melbourne quality if not better! Highly highly recommend this little surf bar

Yum. Finally a decent coffee shop in coolum to give old Joe a run for his money! Great coffee.

Great coffee, Nice atmosphere. Great place to hang and relax. You'll end up ordering more than one...

Best cafe Humdrum Espresso in sunshine-coast for 2016

One of the best coffees I've had in a long time! My cappuccino was served with a deliciously crunchy little biscuit and a small card extolling the virtues and characteristics of the particular blend I chose. Definitely recommend this cafe to anyone visiting Eumundi.

Clandestino - Double Ristretto. Great shot, chocolate, cherry, nutty. What a lovely little place on Eumundi High Street. The coffee was perfectly extracted and delicious. The staff here are warm and welcoming. It's a great set up and well worth popping into for a relaxing coffee.

My second trip in 3 days. Best coffee on the coast and top 5 ever drunk in the last few years

Best cafe Little May Espresso in sunshine-coast for 2016

We've been here three times in the last two days. It is without a doubt, the best coffee and food in town. Thank you!!

nice coffee long back a touch hot. we waited 10 mins with very few people in the shop. this may be the laid back lifestyle.

Friendly service and nice coffee. Great location.


YOYO Espresso


Best cafe YOYO Espresso in sunshine-coast for 2016

I do not agree that this café is the # 2 in Mooloolaba. I had a take away cappu there which was not up to standard compared with other places in Mooloolaba

This is a great cafe with a delicious menu. The coffee is good but the food is amazing and the staff are incredibly friendly with great service. The owner Rosie is the sweetest and loveliest lady you will ever meet in your life - I'm serious. I will go back here any day for brunch/lunch (check out their menu it's great). Perfect spot to meet someone for a meal and the beach is just up the road. Great location and funky little outdoor atmosphere that's very comfortable.

Best cafe Waterline Espresso in sunshine-coast for 2016

What a great spot to enjoy a great coffee. Free Anzac bickies on Anzac Day too!

Back again for my favourite coffee. Welcoming smiles, great coffee and friendly banter. Wow! What a busy Easter. A queuing crowd .... the word is obviously out! Great company and good fun. And then there is the magic river view....

Nice and relaxing views by the water.



Kings Beach

Best cafe Beau's in sunshine-coast for 2016

A quality focused cafe servicing delicious coffees, teas and local chais, organic cold drinks and juices to complement our beautiful menu.Open 7 days from 7am, and serving dinner on Friday & Saturday nights. Licenced, with a boutique wine list, Tasmanian ciders and award winning Green Beacon Brewing Co beers.

Awesome coffee, flavoursome and robust Great service, engaging and friendly Good location

My first 10 - exceptionally smooth yet bold coffee. Delicious homemade almond milk. Beautifully spiced latte with a splash of nutmeg on top. Great decor, amazing location and happy vibe in the shop. Lovely staff. Perfect - only downside is Beau's isn't straight across the road from my house!

Coffee was spot on, 10/10. Had a giant cookie thing that wasn't so great though.. tasted like it had been in the fridge for a while and had lumps of bicarb throughout. But hey, we co.e for the coffee, right?

Best cafe Clandestino Roasters in sunshine-coast for 2016

Best coffee in the greater Noosa area. The Sitio Do Cruz Brazil roast is my favourite for a flat white. I love this place and I love their coffee.

Totally deserves its reputation as one of the best coffee destinations. An array of blends and single origin beans, my Bonsoy latte was spot on: creamy, fruity, roasty. Great atmosphere here.

Worth the hype and drive from Brisbane. Every aspect of this craft roastery is perfect. A great experience every time. Congratulations on blending the perfect offering to a discerning customer base.

Best cafe Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar in sunshine-coast for 2016

Perfect. Great selection of coffees. Made well. service fast, friendly and knowledgeable.

Nothing like a smooth Sunday morning coffee served with a smile - and that is what we got!

A bit challenging to find if you are not a local but well worth the effort. Definitely one of the better QLD coffees I have ever had. Smooth and rich.

Best cafe The Colombian Coffee Co. in sunshine-coast for 2016

My favourite coffee on the Sunshine Coast. The house blend is amazing and if I lived locally it is all I would use at home.

This is my favourite coffee shop in the Sunshine Coast. Beans are roasted on site and are always fresh, service is consistently good and staff are friendly and passionate about coffee.

Best coffee roasters on the Sunshine Coast. Haven't found anything better. Super friendly and knowledgable staff. Love it!


Foster & Black


Best cafe Foster & Black in sunshine-coast for 2016

Clean, modern decor, lovely atmosphere with outdoor seating by the water. Best cold brew I've had in a while 👍🏼❤

Just moved to Sunshine Coast with the family. Been to the plaza before and knew there was some nice coffee near the water. Stumbled across these guys and I knew it was going to be great. 10/10 Drink of choice latte full cream milk Nice textured milk not to hot like some places Coffee cuts through the milk perfectly. 👍🏼👍🏼

Really, really good. I have no idea why any of the mass produced garbage on offer at Sunshine Plaza has anyone lining up with Foster & Black in the centre.


The Pocket

Moffat Beach

Best cafe The Pocket in sunshine-coast for 2016

good coffee. friendly, prompt and fast service. super location. very happy I came for a visit.

Coffee is strong and a great caffeine kick. Always made with care just as I've ordered it. Staff are friendly and attentive to any special requests. Unique decor, happy, fun atmosphere and a scenic location. The most expensive latte place when adding $1 extra for almond milk is the only factor that's a slight downer but I'd rather pay the extra for a great coffee than waste money on an mediocre one.

Best cafe The Birds & The Beans espresso bar in sunshine-coast for 2016

Really nice coffee. Long black tasted like velvet goodness. Cappuccino was perfect. nice pastries too.

Our first time to this unique coffee spot. What a pleasant experience. Wonderful smooth coffee with excellent attention to respect of both the bean and the milk. Old but wonderfully rustic old garage making for an enjoyable morning coffee. The chocolate slice was fresh and full of flavour. Well done. 👍👍




Best cafe CUBA ST.  in sunshine-coast for 2016

Nice spot. On a main road and away from the beach but nice vibe inside. Attentive staff and decent coffee.

Have spent 5 weeks on the coast and this was by far the worse coffee I have experienced. Large soy latte. Milk was overheated a lot and as a result there was no texture in the froth. It tasted like a coffee with milk and 4 mm of froth. People are sweet and nice music. Maybe I was just unlucky


Urban Garden


Best cafe Urban Garden in sunshine-coast for 2016

We are a specialty coffee shop with our own unique house blend that is locally roasted, organic & traceable in source.We always have a seasonal single origin coffee available and all our coffee can be purchased to take home.Milk options include: Full cream, skim, lactose free, bonsoy, coconut, almond.We offer a large selection of gluten free, dairy free cakes & raw vegan treats are available.Fresh pastries delivered daily as well as bagels w/cream cheese.There is a selection of breakfast & lunch items in the cabinet as well as Food Trucks that park next to the shop to serve lunch between 11-2pm. There is parking at the rear and street parking.We are located on the ground level of the Old Courthouse Building.

Sorry all 24 reviewers(almost like you reviewed a different coffee shop) but we are locals and had a cap and long black here recently. Nice atmosphere BUT what a coffee disappointment! Coffee made quickly (hardly anyone there) but it was rather luke warm to cold. Really didn't want to make an issue. So here's a review- Poor coffee- too milky for my liking. And really hate those coffee cups that are thick so that you get less coffee than you should. Can get better elsewhere on the coast- don't waste your money!

Best cafe Milk and Beans Coffee House in sunshine-coast for 2016

Such wonderfully made coffee. Friendly staff. Super location. I could sit here all day.

Great coffee and perfect location. Felt as though the staff member was annoyed that we had come in even though it was an hour until closing. Yummy raw treats also!

I love the breakfasts here especially the omelette and the smashed avo! They use Wolff coffee and it's always smooth and full of flavour with nice sweet notes. A cute cosy cafe to sit and relax and very friendly staff.

Best cafe Little Cove Coffee Co in sunshine-coast for 2016

Excellent coffee, double ristretto in every coffee.

Been back a few times for coffee over a long weekend. Flat whites have been consistently very good. The milk temperature was spot on and textured very well. They pull a double ristretto as standard and it really cuts through the milk. The coffee has a great chocolate /caramel notes. Very well balanced.

Best cafe The Good Bean Espresso Bar in sunshine-coast for 2016

This review relates to The Good Bean Espresso Bar and not to the Old Bean. I had my early afternoon cappu there every day during my holidays. The cappu was very flavoursome and the barista did an excellent job. Also interesting to see the composition of the house blend being mentioned on the bag with Arabica beans from India, PNG, Brazil and Colombia. Also the cupping scores are mentioned.

Best cafe Bean There Done That Espresso Bar in sunshine-coast for 2016

Italian Style Espresso, Breakfast and Lunch Menu, Quick Takeaway Coffee and Food, You can buy all the furniture and bits and pieces in the cafe, funky and fun atmosphere. House Blend and Organic Blend, Aeropress and Sell Coffee Beans.

The coffee here is good but as they don't have (or no longer have?) Bonsoy, I find myself frequenting other cafes. Great staff who are enthusiastic and friendly, and skilled baristas.

Best cafe ShotHouse Brew Bar in sunshine-coast for 2016

It's Beanie Boy here. Yes, I did review a while back I know. Yes, the Barista is rather cute. Yes, the coffee is very good and yes, the best coffee in Mooloolaba by far!

Read past reviews ans i have been hanging to try. WOW what an amazing place. One of the best on the coast by far. well worth the visit