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1 review · 2 years ago

Worst customer service I have come across in a while. I would never usually even write a bad review as I like to give people a bit of slack in case they have had a bad day and speak with them directly. The scenario was that my mother had ordered 2 coffees and obviously one of them didn't hear or explain something properly so in my mother's attempt to order she pointed to the size she had asked for thinking that was the part misheard, meanwhile she is being told to not touch the cups (on display for size and cost details) and being met with the cashier and a fowl unimpressed look on her face, she tried to explain that she wasn't touching the cups and simply trying to clear things up of which the cashier just ignored her and repeated to not touch the cups. My mother kept behind the line due to COVID distancing rules yet the cashier has been touching the payment facility and putting lids on the cups without disinfecting or washing her hands in between so she obviously isn't that concerned with the cleanliness or any harm that may come to a customer only that a cup may have almost been touched that never would be of use other than display and is not a high touchpoint that she would be touching on a regular basis anyway. To make things worse I went to go up to her to discuss what had happened and clear up any misunderstandings only to hear her gossiping about it with the other employee to which I said its probably not best to talk about your customers in front of them at the very least... her response? I wasn't, what did I say then? I referred to what she said to which she then started to get into a debate with me as to how we ordered was incorrect. I work in customer service too and would hope that most in customer service wouldn't respond like that in either of the two parts to this ordeal instead maybe attempt to find a way to communicate in a polite way in the first instance that she didn't understand or hear what was ordered instead of dismissing her attempt to explain the order and the second part would be to own up to what they had done wrong instead of debating to deflect the fact that she was gossiping about her customer. I hope I am now heard by this cafe and that instead of trying to defend the clearly inappropriate actions and attitude that they work on them instead.

12 reviews · 4 years ago

Coffee not so good & will not make it extra hot vary disappointed did give them a second go only to have the coffee remade vary disappointing

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