Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar

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Reviews of Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar

2 reviews · 8 years ago

Love this place. The staff in here are on the ball and customer service is second to none. Always a great choice of coffee on display for you to be able to choose what suits your desires or "needs" (after those tough nights). I visit this place on a regular basis and have never experienced anything less than a perfect coffee. I know what I like in my coffee and so does the team in Lamkin lane espresso bar. Sorry ph but I strongly disagree with your conclusion. I keep going back and I rate this joint v.highly.

12 reviews · 8 years ago

I love the fact that there is always a new blend to taste on a regular basis. This mix of new tastes with the ever popular regular coffees is certainly a treat for those who choose Lamkin Lane. If you take the time to soak in the atmosphere and delightful aromas of the coffee, you'll notice that every cup of coffee is brewed as if was the only cup that the guys have made. Each one is prepared with the the same enthusiasm and care so that the best cup is produced each time. Thankyou Lamkin Lane for what you have established right here on the Sunshine Coast.......a true coffee lovers delight.

76 reviews · 3 followers · 8 years ago

These guys have a real passion for coffee. They offer a selection of beans, which the baristas are happy to recommend (great service) to your tastes. It's kind of like a winery, but for coffee enthusiasts. The coffee has been consistently great each time I've visited. I'm not sure what Mr Hunter was on about, but I get the feeling that he was going to write a bad review irrespective of how good the coffee was. I really am loving the friendly and efficient service, the wide selection of beans, the attention to detail and the consistency of great coffee that I always get at Lamkin Lane.

10 reviews · 1 follower · 8 years ago

Lamkin lane has had such an impact on our workplace. Great coffee every time and an anticipation of "what coffee will I try today?" Then comes the fun if getting it. The fun buzz in the cafe is just a joy. Love the atmosphere. It's also a quality place to take clients for a meeting. You guys have established a wonderful experience for lovers of excellence to Caloundra. Thankyou

1 review · 8 years ago

Wow. Best coffee to grace my taste buds. I had bond street blend piccolo latte. Almond nutty notes. Atmosphere of this place is awesome, very rustic urban. Pastries are also devine. No idea what PeterHunter below with a score of 2.5 was on about. This place deserves an 8 at minimum.

33 reviews · 3 followers · 8 years ago

My last stop before heading back south. After reading a few good reviews on bean hunter I drove down the lane to find Lamkin. I can't say it's the best like I was lead to believe. I found the atmosphere quite stale, and although they had alot to offer in beans, I was very confused as to what to order! Coffee came out with quite a sour creme, maybe I chose the wrong blend? I can't say it's the barista, because the paper tells me they spend $$ in barista schools to train their staff. They must be training them something wrong. I will try again in a few months when I am back next. I look forward to some improvements!

8 reviews · 1 follower · 8 years ago

Last stop on our crawl heading south...what a great way to finish. We were so glad that this place was the lasting memory of the day. The place was buzzing compared to our last visit. Clearly the word has gotten around about this place. Heaps of choice and more importantly, barista's who are willing to walk you through each and every coffee on offer. They know their coffee inside out and are not afraid to share their knowledge with their customers...I love it! I had a piccolo on their brand new 'seasonal blend', only a week since becoming available apparently. They seemed pretty excited about it, so thought I'd give it a shot. It was just awesome, heaps of flavour, nothing unpleasant about it at all. I went back for another ristretto (not that I needed it by this point) this time on a single origin coffee. Amazing amount of flavour in this coffee from Sumatra, but it all worked to become a very enjoyable coffee, just like he (the barista) said it would. This place is seriously on the ball, they are rivalling and matching the best in the Brisbane coffee scene. Don't be surprised if you hear more about Lamkin Lane. The two coffees I had here were hands down the best coffees I consumed all day. The coffee is exceptional, the service is great, the place was buzzing with activity and a fun, relaxed vibe. Still very easily the best coffee I've had North of Brisbane.

12 reviews · 8 years ago

What can you say when you find a cafe dedicated to good coffee set in a a relaxed atmosphere with stunning personality and ambience! Love this place and everything about it!! Well done Lamkin Lane.......simply the best on the coast.

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