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I'd been informed that this was the best coffee in Rome but that there isn't a whole lot to choose from, and so far this assessment (made by a few baristas in the independent cafés in the UK) seems pretty accurate. To me this shows how far the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand have come in the coffee-making business - not to mention service. The place is sort of charming but quite dirty-looking (not aided by paper towel left on the floor by the baristas to soak up spilt coffee) and there's hardly any seating - what is available is on hard benches and usually one is getting brushed past by take-away or stand-at-bar customers all the time. The coffee itself is okay - certainly better than a lot of other stuff around here. Occasionally slightly gritty and not particularly good froth on the caffe latte; certainly no latte art. Service is a different experience: one has to purchase one's drink at a cash register at one end of the shop and then stand at the counter and use one's receipt to redeem it for a coffee. But the signage saying this at the counters is small and in Italian, so frequently people line up for ages only to be sent to the counter to start again. Service is peremptory and of course queueing is unheard of.

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