Low Down

Opens at 7am

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Reviews of Low Down

12 reviews · a year ago

This is the coffee shop that I use to benchmark the rest. Large FW with an extra shot is my drink of choice. Any coffee that gives you goosebumps is great coffee. Service is first class - no name yelling - coffee is delivered to you and quickly. Don’t be put off by a long line at the door - service is quick and quality is not compromised.

16 reviews · a year ago

I asked for x-hot and got lukewarm, so not thrilled about that. The coffee itself was smooth and mellow. I go for a slightly stronger brew, but that’s just a personal preference.

1 review · a year ago

Lowdown continues its downward plunge. Coffee quality is now very erratic and service is a huge lucky dip. Since it was sold a while back there is an obvious lack of attention to detail and passion in the making of the coffee. A sad decline.

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