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Had a filter, a flat white and a flat white (2 shots). Felt a little caught out that the first flat White came with only 1 shot. Realised before the order had been made, but they couldn't change it. OK, a system thing. But was assured their coffee was strong and didn't need two shots. That scared me that it would be over roasted. It wasn't. It was just super weak wishy washy cup of milk with mild coffee flavour. Hence went back for second version with a double shot. It was strong as promised, but tasted over extracted. Better than a paris corner cafe, but not specialty coffee level. I can think of more than 10 much better coffees in Paris. The filter also didn't taste very dialled in. No interesting notes. Just a flat coffee taste. The food is good, but a little bland. Eg the poached eggs are perfectly runny yolks, but hard rubbery whites so I guess they cook then in big batches and then store them at 62 degrees as yolks only harden at 63 degrees. The corn bread was a little dry. The beans didn't have a depth of flavour. That sort of thing. The service is excellent and super invested and happy.

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