Top Cafes of 2016 - Newcastle - Maitland

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Newcastle - Maitland, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Door 34


Best cafe Door 34 in newcastle for 2016

This place is really worthwhile visiting. I live locally so I’m here every so often. The owner (I wish I knew his name) is always so friendly and enthusiastic about what he does. It rubs or onto the staff too - really enjoyable and knowledgeable. And they brew a delicious double espresso!

After being pointed here I understand what it’s all about. Small shop, great coffee, friendly vibes.


Sherwood Coffee Bar

Newcastle West

Best cafe Sherwood Coffee Bar in newcastle for 2016

The coffee has character- being a bit on the bit chocolate-y side of things. The service is excellent and the place has a nice vibe- and someplace to sit comfortably which is a bonus. I'd be quite happy if the Sherwood was my 'local' but generally prefer my coffee with a little more bite.

Handy location, consistently good coffee

Best cafe Xtraction Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Funky little espresso bar, awesome food. Coffee, two house blends and seasonal single origin each week.

Couldn’t recall the number of visits I’ve had here, each one as good as the last. This one in particular was highlighted by a full bodied, juicy, berry driven Ethiopian espresso. Very clean, extremely sweet, perfect way to start the day. Double flat on point as always, super busy behind the machine yet the team here consistently delivers. Can’t wait to be back in town again.

Guatemalan for the syrupy espresso had a bright bit of acidity over a dark molasses vibe - nice Columbian beans for a second espresso just shouted blueberries - sweet succulent and so good FW to-go was bang on.

Deserves its Beanhunter first place!!


Esther C


Best cafe Esther C in newcastle for 2016

Coffee was hot and balanced. Had woody, roasted, baked note. Really nice coffee in a cool little set up. Surfer boy had a latte which was creamy and sweet. Worth a visit if in the area.

Totally get it! Walking through the door felt like stepping into a warm hug. Such a friendly dude and exactly what I look for in a cafe. Such care and passion put into the coffee, even down to explaining the origin when bringing the coffee to me. The atmosphere is exactly what I love, with background music but the buzz of people enjoying life really bringing in the vibe. I'm all about it.

One of the top baristas in Newy always making great coffee. The option to sit down for a tasty v60 filter is awesome as not enough cafes offer this in Newy. I hear the lattes are a little bit cheeky too.

Best cafe Cargo Espresso Bar in newcastle for 2016

Quality coffee, well made and served with a smile - beach-side espresso bar inside a shipping container

I’ve been visiting Cargo in Redhead for a while now and the coffee is always great. Also love the Chai Latte!! Perfect location too!

Best cafe Mr.Sister Coffee in newcastle for 2016

This almost hole in the wall place is serious about their coffee and their coffee is seriously good. LB was lively to start with sweet toffee tones evolving to smooth dark chocolate finish. Will return.

👍🏻☕️ great hole in the wall cafe in Westfield.

Best cafe Side Pocket Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Coffee was excellent, full body with a nice sweet side to it. Service was fast and prompt

Dined here for lunch but specifically because of the good coffee reviews. Not disappointed. The staff weren’t super-engaging but it was good coffee topped with well-done latte art. The food was enjoyable. A worthwhile stop

Best cafe Core espresso in newcastle for 2016

Good food, great service, nice coffee, good but not great hot chocolate.

Great little short Mac.. a nice acidic hit up front with a mellow finish, good food, nice staff..

Great coffee. Great breakfast too. If the weather is nice, sit in the back courtyard

Best cafe Suspension Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Good coffee unfortunately had to wait 20mins to get a takeaway

Ordered a large latte, nowhere to sit inside which is fine cos it was a cold windy day. Sat outside in the courtyard and waited for my coffee... tasted like licking the bottom of an ashtray. It’s probably fine with a durrie, but not for me.

Best cafe Corner Lane Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Amazing staff were friendly and chatty and remembered everyone’s names. Coffee was good.

Ethiopian espresso was a fairly tight shot with maybe a bit of caramel and mild acidity. FW was ok but nothing special.

Double Espresso. A little bitter, but a good temperature, and rich crema.


Welsh Blacks

Cooks Hill

Best cafe Welsh Blacks in newcastle for 2016

Big call but I think these guys do the best coffee in Newcastle for my taste. Consistent and well balanced coffee. Not too strong or weak. Very convenient as they are also on hey you.


The Press


Best cafe The Press in newcastle for 2016

Consistently great coffee, perfect hot chocolate, lovely staff. Interesting food. Nice atmosphere.

Best cafe One Penny Black in newcastle for 2016

Occasionally they miss, but usually can be relied upon for a decent coffee and a very nice hot chocolate. Food is a little overpriced for what you get.

Coffee was amazing! I usually have one sugar, but didn’t need to for this delicious coffee. My 3 year old had a hot chocolate and pronounced that it was ‘very yummy’.

Best cafe Black Circle Cafe in newcastle for 2016

Loved the wall !!!! Coffee was ok, espresso had a very bitter after taste .

New beans here. Must have arrived a month or two ago. And the beans are beautiful. The grind is consistent throughout the day. The flavour of the ocean is fruit and honey. Mild acidity. This cafe is consistently providing good service and a coffee. I love my coffee and recommend.

I love the service here and the music and most of all the COFFEE it is reliably amazing every time.


The Locale

New Lambton

Best cafe The Locale in newcastle for 2016

I've been here 5 times now and the service is always grumpy and very slow. Food and coffee just OK, so many better options in this area.

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