Top Cafes of 2016 - Newcastle

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Newcastle, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Door 34


Best cafe Door 34 in newcastle for 2016

A well balanced washed Ethiopian espresso that had a sweet fruitiness tinged with caramel. A resilient cola and lime flavour to the cold brew – strong and refreshing.


Sherwood Coffee Bar

Newcastle West

Best cafe Sherwood Coffee Bar in newcastle for 2016

First time at Sherwood, fantastic coffee, great staff and good atmosphere.

A great little set up in a sweet location. My piccolo was a little milky, nonetheless tasty and presented well..

Service was bad! Wasn’t impressed one bit. Coffee had good flavour and they know how to work with oat milk It has gone down hill since Hamish left

Best cafe Xtraction Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Funky little espresso bar, awesome food. Coffee, two house blends and seasonal single origin each week.

Washed Ethiopian from Veneziano for the espresso gave a silky tangerine-grapefruit cup. Nice berries to the batch as a traveller. This is definitely a go-to coffee location when I’m in Newcastle. Good to see them in their new site next door.

Best Espresso ever.... Full of flavour. Than came the double shot Flat white... This place has the best coffee I have ever had. Going back to experience the hit again and see what coffee they use. The Pitaya bowl is fantastic. Oct 19 currently being renovated.... but still open

Creamy crema’ed Veneziano natural Costa Rican espresso had some liquorice over something sweeter as it cooled - interesting cup. Guatemalan batch was not the best I’ve had here but it was still pretty good


Esther C


Best cafe Esther C in newcastle for 2016

Best cafe Cargo Espresso Bar in newcastle for 2016

Quality coffee, well made and served with a smile - beach-side espresso bar inside a shipping container

Best cafe little white bull espresso in newcastle for 2016

Excellent bright piccolo ground out of an anfim, pulled off a sexy white strada. Nice little spot.

Best cafe Mr.Sister Coffee in newcastle for 2016

Cold brew on soy. This spot is a highlight away from the usual coffee must visits in Newcastle.

Best cafe Core espresso in newcastle for 2016

Espresso and Double shot flat white. Time to change you coffee brand. Unfortunately the double shot was bland and milky. How ever their food is a 10. Try the Pulled Pork protein bowl... fabulous.

Best cafe Corner Lane Espresso in newcastle for 2016

The Mexican beaned long black. It’s a cracker, super smooth, delicate cocoa nib with a light spice....ole!

Very generous crema to the espresso on an Indian - bitter cherries, fairly rough robust number. The cold brew (750 mil) was excellent, smooth dark chocolate with a hint of acidity.


Welsh Blacks

Cooks Hill

Best cafe Welsh Blacks in newcastle for 2016


The Press


Best cafe The Press in newcastle for 2016

Brilliant vibe and atmosphere, surrounded by books and chatter of people.. service is friendly, the ambience is perfect for what this place is. My piccolo was a little milky, however, nice and decent flavour

Excellent double shot latte,best I had on a long weekend visit to Newcastle..quaint book shop setting with some vinyl lps to browse....what’s not to like...wished there was time for a couple more visits

Best cafe One Penny Black in newcastle for 2016

Very good ristretto and brownie 😊. Also oat milk coffee right up there. Limited vegan options if you are that way inclined. Great effort

Great coffee and snacks, One Penny Black is one of the best coffees in Newcastle.


The Locale

New Lambton

Best cafe The Locale in newcastle for 2016

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