Top Cafes of 2016 - Newcastle - Maitland

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Newcastle - Maitland, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Door 34


Best cafe Door 34 in newcastle for 2016

Great coffee, excellent value and friendly staff. Small and cosy and as all good cafe's can be busy. Love it!

Saturday morning at Door 34 was a great experience. Despite being very busy the service was excellent & as usual the coffee was great. I just love the atmosphere where everyone is friendly & you meet interesting people.

Great reputation, great service, great coffee. A little chilli on a winters day but it is cold out there! Great job Door 34.


Sherwood Coffee Bar

Newcastle West

Best cafe Sherwood Coffee Bar in newcastle for 2016

Some of the best coffee anywhere... lovely spot to sit out the front in the morning sun and enjoy this little gem

The Urban dictionaries definition of ‘good vibes’ should be The Sherwood Coffee Bar. A neat little hole in the wall, a hidden gem in the coastal town of Newcastle. The staff take pride in their coffee, their service & their environmentally savvy philosophy is a fresh breath to this hustling world. The place to be

Best cafe Xtraction Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Funky little espresso bar, awesome food. Coffee, two house blends and seasonal single origin each week.

Delicious Burundi espresso on a tight volume of water had a beautiful carmel fudge vibe - great. FW traveller was also delectable

Guatemalan double espresso had a thick coffee rich flavour that made me think of mandarins, it bittered on the aftertaste.

Best coffee in newcastle and Lake Macquarie


Esther C


Best cafe Esther C in newcastle for 2016

Lovely setting, but have had a couple of bitter coffees, limited food menu.

A great brew and a nice crew. Probably the best coffee in Merewether, and well recognized as such by discerning locals.

Black and white Coffee was excellent, super passionate and friendly owners and staff, what more could you want from a specialty coffee shop?

Best cafe Cargo Espresso Bar in newcastle for 2016

Def NOT the best coffee in Newcastle... disappointed as so many rave reviews. just could not gel with my pic...imbalance somewhere. Cafe scene in Newcastle is growing up...this is a step backwards back to "Grunge"

Best cafe little white bull espresso in newcastle for 2016

Very friendly service. Clean, high level food. Definitely worth a look if you're in the area.

Great coffee. Full of flavour. Usually well made. Been several times and only once was it served too hot/burnt. I've also stated buying beans here and they're pretty good.

Long black was so smooth. The barista certainly has the recipe right here - working with a top shelf bean from Seven Miles. Staff are welcoming and efficient. Lunch was delicious. Fabulous cafe experience. Congrats guys! OCD ;)

Best cafe Mr.Sister Coffee in newcastle for 2016

Worth getting in and finding this joint

The only place to get a coffee at Westfield Kotara (as far as I know). A life saver for those who actually like good coffee. Really good coffee and super friendly staff.

Easily the best coffee in Newcastle. Great filter coffee selection which has been hard to find in these parts. TO THE OWNERS: Please open a store in Maryville or surrounds!

Best cafe Side Pocket Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Amazing for a takeaway coffee!!

Coffee was excellent, full body with a nice sweet side to it. Service was fast and prompt

Best cafe Core espresso in newcastle for 2016

Light acidity over some green apple sweet/tartness on the Rwandan espresso went down very well.

Espresso on the blend was confused in flavour and not so good. The FW worked much better, had nice flavour and well treated milk.

Best cafe Suspension Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Cons: Dirty, over extracted, and inconsistent coffee. Slow-to-mediocre service. Don't serve black coffee with sparkling. Pros: casual vibe, community focused.

Consistently great & reliable coffee Can order ahead on 'HeyYou' Excellent menu

I love this place, coffee is always great and the service is awesome, queer friendly signage make me feel very comfortable, also has an “all gendered” toilet to not discriminate against trans people. Awesome work guys

Best cafe The Locomotive in newcastle for 2016

First time, impressed! Excellent coffee and the staff are lovely

The coffee is taking seriously and measured every coffee! These guys change the beans often so you get to experience different flavours from other countries. Outstanding coffee nice work guys

As keen coffee enthusiasts we were excited to learn of Locomotives edge and differences. We were intrigued to discover that each of the shots of coffee is weighted out, intern producing an exceptional and consistent shot each time. This encouraged us to travel some distance to try the coffee. Unfortunately, on arrival I was very very disappointed to learn that they DO NOT stock almond milk. I assumed that an espresso bar with such a reputation would be able to cater for all their clients by providing a range of high quality milk options. Extremely disappointing in today’s era with so many sensitivities to dairy and soy! Ryan ordered his triple shot latte and was very underwhelmed with the robustness and strength of his coffee. The atmosphere was slightly underwhelming as it was very minimal. The lack of comfortable furniture, soft furnishings and music and the harsh lighting encouraged us to get takeaway a leave quickly. This could possibly be intentional, we’re not sure. However, the service was polite, efficient, and very timely. Thankyou Locomotive for the experience.

Best cafe zaaki espresso in newcastle for 2016

How good is this place? What a gem. Zaaki is in a shop size of old school milk bar. Well kitted out and service that aims to please without being over attentive. I happily call myself a coffee snob but definitely not a foodie but the food was amazing. I had a felafel that was nothing like something you'd get in an Ali baba style chain - the flavours and presentation! The only thing that matched the food was the coffee with beautifully made campos coffee bringing out all the flavours of the bean. We turned off the highway heading north to visit Zaaki, and it's a fair way off the highway, but we won't be hesitating to go again. Fantastic.

This is a cosy cafe that gets busy very quick. The coffee was good . I tried their Jordanian eggs breakfast and it was quite good. The fried eggs were a little bit oily for my liking but tasty nevertheless. Will definitely be coming back

Best cafe Corner Lane Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Ordered a small long black on a double riz shot and it was perfect. The Batista recommended a single origin. It was awesome.

Have visited the Corner Lane several times in the last few weeks. It's always been a favourite- nice strong coffee; hot with that tang of bitterness that I like. The service is always friendly and efficient. Occasionally the staff at the CL get swamped and you have to wait a few minutes for your order-but that's what happens with a great product.

Best coffee just as I like it. Friendly staff. Nice atmosphere. Also sell great sourdough breads.


Welsh Blacks

Cooks Hill

Best cafe Welsh Blacks in newcastle for 2016

Seriously good coffee, Welsh Blacks has a great atmosphere and the staff never dissapoint. They offer a constantly great cup of coffee, no hit and miss with the barristers. Highly recommended.

Amazing coffee!! Friendly staff. And a nice chilled vibe 👌🏼


The Press


Best cafe The Press in newcastle for 2016

Great coffee, very friendly and such a relaxing place to sit and unwind

Newcastle's answer to Black Books, this Hunter Street cafe has a simple Uni/hipster vibe in a dark bookstore. If that's not your thing, look elsewhere, but it's your loss. Excellent coffee, cakes & scrolls. + a good read & a game of chess.

Best cafe One Penny Black in newcastle for 2016

Consistently one of the better cups in Newcastle. Whether it be a long black or flat white, it's always tasty and service here has improved out of sight in recent time.

Flat white + extra shot. I am firmly of the belief that this was the hottest coffee yet produced by humans. I don’t in fact think it is possible using current technology to heat coffee hotter than this without it becoming just a cloud of brown steam. This was really unpleasant which is sad because the coffee here is usually quite decent. Please don’t boil my milk.

Best cafe Black Circle Cafe in newcastle for 2016

Great coffee in this cafe. Had a smooth creamy latte. Rich caramel flavours throughout.


The Locale

New Lambton

Best cafe The Locale in newcastle for 2016

Good, strong coffee, extracted perfectly to my taste. Had a Large Strong skinny latte. Milk was well textured too. Food was great as well, ordered The Spicy Mexican corn fritters and although the flavour mix was absolutely spot on, the size was lacking for my preference.