Top Cafes of 2016 - Newcastle - Maitland

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Door 34


Best cafe Door 34 in newcastle for 2016

Excellent long black. Great attention to detail from the staff. Friendly service.

Excellent flat white. Slight wait while adjusting the grinder but worth the time.

This place is really worthwhile visiting. I live locally so I’m here every so often. The owner (I wish I knew his name) is always so friendly and enthusiastic about what he does. It rubs or onto the staff too - really enjoyable and knowledgeable. And they brew a delicious double espresso!


Sherwood Coffee Bar

Newcastle West

Best cafe Sherwood Coffee Bar in newcastle for 2016

The Urban dictionaries definition of ‘good vibes’ should be The Sherwood Coffee Bar. A neat little hole in the wall, a hidden gem in the coastal town of Newcastle. The staff take pride in their coffee, their service & their environmentally savvy philosophy is a fresh breath to this hustling world. The place to be

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Great coffee, great service, great food and atmosphere! This place is a winner! I've been here several times and it is one of my favourite places in Newcastle to get coffee. Smooth blend. Can be enjoyed as an espresso or with milk. Service here is always so welcoming and friendly. Thanks Sherwood, you guys are amazing!

The coffee has character- being a bit on the bit chocolate-y side of things. The service is excellent and the place has a nice vibe- and someplace to sit comfortably which is a bonus. I'd be quite happy if the Sherwood was my 'local' but generally prefer my coffee with a little more bite.

Best cafe Xtraction Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Funky little espresso bar, awesome food. Coffee, two house blends and seasonal single origin each week.

Service by staff was excellent, so also was the coffee. A beautiful, rounded smooth brew with caramel undertones. There is also a nice selection of breakfast brunch style foods.

The best place for a coffee in Newy. Always busy but worth the wait. Kenn is the best barista in town. Great little menu of food. A bit small if you want to sit down but you can’t have everything!

I ordered a strong soy latte. The coffee was smooth and strong with a discernible flavour. They clearly had pride in their coffee and service was superb. The shop is small but has some intriguing art work on the walls, but still manages to find some atmosphere


Esther C


Best cafe Esther C in newcastle for 2016

Coffee was hot and balanced. Had woody, roasted, baked note. Really nice coffee in a cool little set up. Surfer boy had a latte which was creamy and sweet. Worth a visit if in the area.

Totally get it! Walking through the door felt like stepping into a warm hug. Such a friendly dude and exactly what I look for in a cafe. Such care and passion put into the coffee, even down to explaining the origin when bringing the coffee to me. The atmosphere is exactly what I love, with background music but the buzz of people enjoying life really bringing in the vibe. I'm all about it.

Best cafe Cargo Espresso Bar in newcastle for 2016

Quality coffee, well made and served with a smile - beach-side espresso bar inside a shipping container

I’ve been visiting Cargo in Redhead for a while now and the coffee is always great. Also love the Chai Latte!! Perfect location too!

Best cafe little white bull espresso in newcastle for 2016

Professional and engaging barista who really knows her stuff. Friendly and engaging with high end coffee to boot, classy!

A nice enough place on social media but in the flesh it’s really lacking. The coffee was bitter and burnt leaving a base taste in your mouth. The food had no real flavour and the overall price is one of the most expensive I’ve ever paid for Brunch. $62 for Avocado on Toast, Eggs Benedict (with a couple of sides) and two small coffees is simply unnecessary considering you can better coffee, service, taste and price at any other cafe on the Esplanade.

Best cafe Mr.Sister Coffee in newcastle for 2016

Pretty consistent flavour. Has a strong taste to it which is enjoyable with its after taste. Friendly staff. Great to have in a shopping center. Nice selection of food as well.

saved by the app a little hole in the wall that i walked straight past ... thankfully beanhunter led me back had a LB ..... strong and smooth... good kick without a bitter taste

Disappointing experience. Coffee good, service took way too long. I was looking forward to finding out which origin my long black was from but when I asked, I was told “oh no, yours is just on the blend”. I wasn’t given another option...

Best cafe Side Pocket Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Amazing for a takeaway coffee!!

Coffee was excellent, full body with a nice sweet side to it. Service was fast and prompt

Dined here for lunch but specifically because of the good coffee reviews. Not disappointed. The staff weren’t super-engaging but it was good coffee topped with well-done latte art. The food was enjoyable. A worthwhile stop

Best cafe Core espresso in newcastle for 2016

Coffee was good. Service good. If you like beige, or driving in the middle of the road, core espresso is the place for you!!

This quickly became our daily local since moving back to Newcastle from Sydney. Never disappoints- brilliant coffee, always good service, great wholesome foods & the best vibes. Highly recommend!

Good food, great service, nice coffee, good but not great hot chocolate.

Best cafe Suspension Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Nice coffee Sometimes takes a while to get a takeaway

Consistently good coffee, more than happy to wait cos I know it’ll be worth it.

Good coffee unfortunately had to wait 20mins to get a takeaway

Best cafe The Locomotive in newcastle for 2016

As keen coffee enthusiasts we were excited to learn of Locomotives edge and differences. We were intrigued to discover that each of the shots of coffee is weighted out, intern producing an exceptional and consistent shot each time. This encouraged us to travel some distance to try the coffee. Unfortunately, on arrival I was very very disappointed to learn that they DO NOT stock almond milk. I assumed that an espresso bar with such a reputation would be able to cater for all their clients by providing a range of high quality milk options. Extremely disappointing in today’s era with so many sensitivities to dairy and soy! Ryan ordered his triple shot latte and was very underwhelmed with the robustness and strength of his coffee. The atmosphere was slightly underwhelming as it was very minimal. The lack of comfortable furniture, soft furnishings and music and the harsh lighting encouraged us to get takeaway a leave quickly. This could possibly be intentional, we’re not sure. However, the service was polite, efficient, and very timely. Thankyou Locomotive for the experience.

Best cafe Corner Lane Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Amazing staff were friendly and chatty and remembered everyone’s names. Coffee was good.

Ethiopian espresso was a fairly tight shot with maybe a bit of caramel and mild acidity. FW was ok but nothing special.

Double Espresso. A little bitter, but a good temperature, and rich crema.


Welsh Blacks

Cooks Hill

Best cafe Welsh Blacks in newcastle for 2016

Big call but I think these guys do the best coffee in Newcastle for my taste. Consistent and well balanced coffee. Not too strong or weak. Very convenient as they are also on hey you.


The Press


Best cafe The Press in newcastle for 2016

Consistently great coffee, perfect hot chocolate, lovely staff. Interesting food. Nice atmosphere.

Best cafe One Penny Black in newcastle for 2016

Occasionally they miss, but usually can be relied upon for a decent coffee and a very nice hot chocolate. Food is a little overpriced for what you get.

Coffee was amazing! I usually have one sugar, but didn’t need to for this delicious coffee. My 3 year old had a hot chocolate and pronounced that it was ‘very yummy’.

Best cafe Black Circle Cafe in newcastle for 2016

Loved the wall !!!! Coffee was ok, espresso had a very bitter after taste .

New beans here. Must have arrived a month or two ago. And the beans are beautiful. The grind is consistent throughout the day. The flavour of the ocean is fruit and honey. Mild acidity. This cafe is consistently providing good service and a coffee. I love my coffee and recommend.

I love the service here and the music and most of all the COFFEE it is reliably amazing every time.


The Locale

New Lambton

Best cafe The Locale in newcastle for 2016

I've been here 5 times now and the service is always grumpy and very slow. Food and coffee just OK, so many better options in this area.

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