Top Cafes of 2016 - Newcastle - Maitland

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Newcastle - Maitland, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Door 34


Best cafe Door 34 in newcastle for 2016

Picked up a take away cappuccino yesterday. The coffee was a lovely smooth blend with the first sip bitter but it continued to get better with every sip. Really happy that door 34 lived up to its great reputation. The only downfall was a bit of a wait but that is expected when it is busy.

Love this cafe so much, best coffee I've ever had!

you've gotta get one of Caroline's chicken salads for lunch. the best.


Sherwood Coffee Bar

Newcastle West

Best cafe Sherwood Coffee Bar in newcastle for 2016

Grounds for espresso was pretty ordinary - too bitter with not much else. FW to-go was pretty solid if not outstanding.

First time at Sherwood. Had a triple shot latte and it was spot on. Good flavour, strength and smoothness. Will be back.

Didn't enjoy overly bitter espresso. Maybe I needed to ask for a single origin or something as this seemed to be made with care but just had a punchy blend flavour. The FW was good

Best cafe Xtraction Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Funky little espresso bar, awesome food. Coffee, two house blends and seasonal single origin each week.

Rwandan espresso was great with a balance of acidity, stone fruit and surprisingly a saltiness - excellent. Beautiful ceramic open cup for the shot. Tasty FW chaser. I like this place.

Indian espresso was a syrupy cocoa heavy number that went down so well I had a second straight away. FW traveller had a beautiful mouthfeel and malty taste. Just great.

Was pretty excited to see this place come up as number one in Newcastle so I definitely went out of my way to try it is a very nice smooth coffee but I'm not sure if its number one in Newcastle as there is some fantastic espresso bars with in the city.👍🏻


Esther C


Best cafe Esther C in newcastle for 2016

Thoroughly enjoyable. Staff are lovely, up for a chat and very kind. I ordered a large skim cappuccino and I thought it was very reasonably priced. Nice, smooth blend and very easy to drink- excellent temperature.

Very impressed with the filter coffee at this place. It has a nice little vibe and easy to get to.

Nice cosy cafe in unexpected location but great to drop in for coffee! Nice friendly workers that know coffee

Best cafe Cargo Espresso Bar in newcastle for 2016

Def NOT the best coffee in Newcastle... disappointed as so many rave reviews. just could not gel with my pic...imbalance somewhere. Cafe scene in Newcastle is growing up...this is a step backwards back to "Grunge"

Best cafe little white bull espresso in newcastle for 2016

Great spot with spectacular views of Lake Macquarie. Kombucca on tap. Coffee is quite strong but has a nice kick to it.

Very friendly service. Clean, high level food. Definitely worth a look if you're in the area.

Great coffee. Full of flavour. Usually well made. Been several times and only once was it served too hot/burnt. I've also stated buying beans here and they're pretty good.

Best cafe Mr.Sister Coffee in newcastle for 2016

very nice coffee always consistent and hot hotchocolate is one of the best

Great specialty coffee bar offering all the options and bits and pieces in an unlikely location such as a shopping centre. Coffee was on point and service was too.

The only place to get coffee at Kotara. Hard to get atmosphere in a place like this. But the coffee is good.

Best cafe Side Pocket Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Amazing for a takeaway coffee!!

Best cafe Core espresso in newcastle for 2016

Light acidity over some green apple sweet/tartness on the Rwandan espresso went down very well.

Best cafe Suspension Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Lovely edgy vibe with nice coffee. Very strong blend with a smooth texture. Service was average and waitstaff appearance was very sloppy.

Cons: Dirty, over extracted, and inconsistent coffee. Slow-to-mediocre service. Don't serve black coffee with sparkling. Pros: casual vibe, community focused.

Consistently great & reliable coffee Can order ahead on 'HeyYou' Excellent menu

Best cafe The Locomotive in newcastle for 2016

That was The Best Coffee I ever had on Sunday 12 February! My husband was horrified you had no sugar but I really enjoyed it. Today I had a Campos coffee somewhere else ( Campos has always been my favourite) and it didn't come close. You are to be commended!!!!!

Best cafe zaaki espresso in newcastle for 2016

Great coffee and the food was to die for! Probably the tastiest toastie I've ever had! Really friendly too! I live in the Gold Coast and I would definitely make a detour to eat here again!

friendly staff, very tasty food, great service and the coffee is perefect ☕

You can't get much better than these guys in newcastle Excellent coffee, excellent food and amazing service

Best cafe Corner Lane Espresso in newcastle for 2016

Just fantastic. Great coffee, staff and cool retro vibe.

Found this coffee to be so bitter and sour. Wasn't enjoyable unfortunately.


Welsh Blacks

Cooks Hill

Best cafe Welsh Blacks in newcastle for 2016

Always enjoyable, even bought some locally roasted beans they were selling, great in a cold drip and aeropress

Seriously good coffee, Welsh Blacks has a great atmosphere and the staff never dissapoint. They offer a constantly great cup of coffee, no hit and miss with the barristers. Highly recommended.


The Press


Best cafe The Press in newcastle for 2016

Great coffee, very friendly and such a relaxing place to sit and unwind

Newcastle's answer to Black Books, this Hunter Street cafe has a simple Uni/hipster vibe in a dark bookstore. If that's not your thing, look elsewhere, but it's your loss. Excellent coffee, cakes & scrolls. + a good read & a game of chess.

Best cafe One Penny Black in newcastle for 2016

Slight lack in consistency for the hot chocolate but it's usually good. Usually good coffee. Friendly staff, slightly overpriced food (especially when compared to Xtraction).

For a long time this was Newys best coffee, has dropped a bit, mostly because EVERYONE goes there now. Still great coffee can get very busy and the wait can stretch out a bit on the weekend.

Good coffee Good atmosphere Very busy on weekends

Best cafe Black Circle Cafe in newcastle for 2016

Great coffee in this cafe. Had a smooth creamy latte. Rich caramel flavours throughout.


The Locale

New Lambton

Best cafe The Locale in newcastle for 2016

The coffee is inconsistent- some good, some not so good. Coffee temperature tends to be variable. Service is friendly but the place is generally busy and you may have to wait a long time for your order.

Good, strong coffee, extracted perfectly to my taste. Had a Large Strong skinny latte. Milk was well textured too. Food was great as well, ordered The Spicy Mexican corn fritters and although the flavour mix was absolutely spot on, the size was lacking for my preference.