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1 review · 3 years ago

I would just like to say some words that are extremely good words about this absolutely solid 10 of a cafe for those of you who enjoy coffee... and music and good service. Firstly, the atmosphere! If you like cozy, the george is complimentary to this. Although tiny, It's light and modern that quietly squeaks (but doesn't shout) HEY LOOK EVERYONE WE ARE SO FLIPPING HIPSTER. No. To me it seems friendly. Also! it's a great nook for those of you (like me) who love to explore music outside of the typical radio pop station where you've heard "that song" about 10 times in an hour. Whether it be a blast from the past or a tune never before heard the George certainly has a quirk for music. Secondly my fellow bean hunters, some credit for the baristas. Seriously. These guys are the bees knees! Shout out to Mr Tom, Tegan, Sam and of course the amazing Liz who makes my Oily George cup of coffee possible. BLESS THEM ALL! These groovers are always there to greet you with smiles and are fantastic at remembering names and your "regulars". Guys seriously. Go in and say hi and have a good ol' chat about all kinds of nonsense. They're all so lovely! And finally what you're all here for... "How's the coffee?" You may ask. BRILLIANT! Need I say more?... Okay I will then... MARVELLOUS!... okay umm... coffee words... coffee words... Strong, aromatic, smooth, rich... everything coffee should be! Seriously. I've had terrible cafe coffee before and The Oily George hasn't let me down a smidge. GO AND VISIT THE OILY GEORGE LIKE RIGHT NOW PLEASE AND THANK YOU! 😄 xx

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