Darks Coffee Roasters

Opens at 7am

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Reviews of Darks Coffee Roasters

1 review · 3 years ago

I've just had, what i believe to be the best Double ristretto in Newcastle from a shipping container full of coffee wisdom & friendly service. A great find!

1 review · 3 years ago

One of the best coffee spots in Newcastle. The staff there are amazing and the bloke there Adam is very knowledgeable about his coffee and actually knows what he's talking about. They roast their own coffee and generally have 3 choices to select from. Their house blend is consistently good with a full body, acid tones and depending how it's been roasted can taste from dark chocolate to more fruitier notes. Has a good clean finish to it. Have only had one occassion that I can remember aftet going there for around 2 months where it hasn't tasted as good as it usually does but overall it is consistently good. Very cheap prices for someone who drinks espressos I only pay $3 as opposed to some other places in Newcastle that charge $4-4.50. Would highly recommend going there if you happen to be driving past the stadium

4 reviews · 3 years ago

One of the best coffee spots in this area. Very nice work from barrista Adam with a nice robust brew. Occasional variations in consistency but not far off the mark. Access is a bonus with a focus on the coffee with fast service. Dog friendly. The staff are very nice too.

2 reviews · 3 years ago

Great coffee, excellent depth of flavor and good strength. I found the service to be very quick and the staff very friendly. Highly recommended.

56 reviews · 2 followers · 3 years ago

Very strong coffee which was to the taste of one of us. Everyone else found it too strong and in my case it completely overpowered to flavour of the chocolate in the mocha rather than complementing it. Super easy to pull up at and enough seating if that's required. Service was ok, not super fast, but there were a few people there at the time Cup size is small. So a small coffee is more of an extra small coffee Would I buy coffee there again? No... There's much better options. (Except for the 1 member of our group who really liked it)

1 review · 3 years ago

Coffee was strong and a good temperature. Sugar didn't feel stirred well. Also had to wait a while as they made me the wrong coffee.

5 reviews · 3 years ago

The coffee was made perfectly, the beans are a little on the tame side, I prefer something with a little more character. The staff are great and they make the most of an interesting venue. Worth a crack!!

1 review · 3 years ago

Fantastic coffee. They are very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. This pride is hard to come by and it is great to have it in Newcastle. Friendly service. Efficient and a great spot to chill out in the sun and enjoy the refreshments on offer. BIG thumbs up.

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