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reviewed Ninth Street Espresso (Alphabet City)

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I am fortunate that Ninth Street Espresso is my "local" coffee bar. Their east side space---9th between C and D--is my favorite of their three locations. it filled with serious New Yorkers with few tourists. As I have been going to Ninth Street for years, I have had dozens of their cups--macchiatos, espressos, and cappuccinos. I am amazed at how consistant they are from barista to barista--though there are variations. For cups with milk, they know how to froth the milk to create micro bubbles and to blend the coffee with the milk. My only complaint (and a minor one) is their macchiatos are not "marked" with milk but are filled to the brim and Latte Art reigns. No matter what kind of coffee, the product is superb. The coffee is rich and complex. The taste makes your tongue tingle and one goes into sensory overdrive. I love how all their coffee lingers with you well after you have consumed your cup. I judge Ninth Street the best cup of coffee in the city.

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