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You walk in the door and you realise that you've just walked into a new rising trend in coffee. It's not really a cafe. It's a training space. It's a coffee accoutrement supply store. It's somewhere to pick up a SCAA official cupping handbook. It somewhere to pick up one of a dozen different bags of beans and only a quarter often from Joe's Roastery (and yet were not even displayed at eye level). They'll also pull you some good shots. The coffees they had on the lever-pull espresso were both interesting without falling into the two usual camps of caramel/chocolate or citrus. Tasting notes were more pear fruits. I enjoyed it in a coffee geek kind of way. I walked away knowing a little bit new about a few different things (VST sizing, lever-pull pressure drops, cupping etc). But they're professionals here. They're not going to stroke your ego. There are no food options (BT a choc chip cookie). There's no seating I speak of. The decor is commercial wire shelving. There's a big training area out the back. So it is what it says it is. ... A Pro Shop. Great for working in your palette. Not great for finding breakfast.

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