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Plug Nickel


Best cafe Plug Nickel in melbourne for 2016

Really great coffee- flatwhite- the only reason I gave a 9 for coffee was it was just a little too cold for me. That is my preference though- the coffee warm smooth and tasted lovely. Service is excellent!

It was yet a very quick visit but the coffee was perfect, service super friendly, easy going and casual, and despite the shop being really small, it has this great 'vibe' to it! Loved it!

My go to place when in the Fitzroy/Collingwood area for coffee. Great long blacks, awesome atmosphere, and excellent staff.

Best cafe LB2 Specialty Coffee in melbourne for 2016

LB2 Cafe is a boutique coffee shop in Melbourne CBD, serving up Axil and Cartel Coffee.

Had an Ethiopian spro, roasted by Cartel. As a big yurg fan, I'm happy to report that LB2 nailed this. Also had a Colombian spro, roasted by Axil. Although I wasn't as fond of this (purely down to my own preference), it had that wild dynamic that I love from certain Colombian coffees. Summary: Little cramped, so probably wouldn't come here with more than one friend, but this place isn't about that, so no bother. What I do know is that these guys are super lovely, and really know their black coffee. Bravo!

Our double shot flat white and mocha were great, mocha on the stronger side but just what we needed. The accompanying raspberry chocolate brownie was amazing. A great find - without Beanhunter we would never have stumbled across it.

Superb little oasis. Wonderful selection of singles, blends, super friendly knowledgeable barista Daniel - definitely a return visit in order

Best cafe Maker Fine Coffee in melbourne for 2016

Spending the morning here is always a pleasure. Had a wonderfully sweet Kenyan filter coffee, and sat at the bar watching the barista brew coffee for the better part of my day.

Super refreshing Carbonated Coffee hit the spot on a hot day. Bit of a hidden gem down a Richmond side street worth a visit for the lovely coffee and service.

Best cafe One Origin Specialty Coffee in melbourne for 2016

We had breakfast here today and it was too shelf. The food was of good portion, flavour and value. The coffee was well prepared and to no fault of Dr Chen, tasted under developed. This was noted through dry grass flavour in my pour over, with minimum sweetness and acidity. I would say that the blend, purple haze, was under developed at roasting, although having had this blend before at several cafes it is possible that it was under extracted at brew. My milk coffee was exceptional although the expected Ethiopian natural processed coffee flavours were very lacking. The fit out is very nice. I will return again and recommend to friends.

Ive been away in Adelaide, and its such a joy to come home to the service and coffee from One Origin. I had the Purple Haze blend from Uncle Joes as an espresso, which reminded me of blueberry and lemon candy. So nice to feel welcomed back to Melbourne.

Coffee was good. eggs and porridge were average at best. slow, disinterested service. was left disappointed after reading other reviews. best lift their game in a competitive strip of cafes.


The Storehouse

Mount Evelyn

Best cafe The Storehouse  in melbourne for 2016

An organic wholefoods store turned cafe. The storehouse puts meticulous time into training all staff to make coffee perfect. If you're after a milk coffee you'll be spoilt with latte art every time. The atmosphere is contemporary & inspiring and the staff could make a pauper feel like a king.

Most delicious menu ever! You definitely get more than what you pay for here. Who knew amazing healthy food could taste and look this great. Kid friendly and great service too.

Driving through the area on the Sunday of the Queens Birthday weekend, I was excited to try the Storehouse given the great reviews. The first thing that hit me upon entry was the overpowering smell of cooking oils - oh boy, they need a better extractor to make the cafe more welcoming as a place to sit and enjoy for a while. We got our coffees takeaway - a piccolo and a magic. Service was good enough that they kindly brought our coffees out to the car. First sip? Ouch burnt tongue! Bitterness with every sip of my piccolo and I left 1/3 of it untouched. How did they get it so wrong when reviews are consistently great? A bad Sunday maybe?

Coffee is always consistent and stays true to how the blend/beans should tastes. I get my morning coffee here day in and out and Iv always enjoyed it. Great atmosphere with a solid sense of community and friends people. I arrange a lot of my meet here just because of the environment.


Hey Mikey

Wantirna South

Best cafe Hey Mikey in melbourne for 2016

Axil Specialty Coffee and nostalgic jaffles...

Love this place! Great coffee, great location, epic staff!

Very funky cafe hidden away in an industrial centre. The coffee is excellent and the service was extremely friendly. However, the best part was the unique eggs bennie Jaffle. Highly recommend!!

Full of potential. Quite hard surfaces so noisy but nice interior. Coffee good. Much better than finding a coffee in Knox Shopping centre.


Aunty Peg's


Best cafe Aunty Peg's in melbourne for 2016

Came for the coffee.... stayed for the cupping. I was most impressed by the offerings on the table today. The Cup of Excellence from Costa Rica had a stunning cinnamon aroma, while the Zorro (natural Panama Gesha) was a fruity tutti! I love how the team here involve you, and engage with everyone. Its an idea space for people who want to learn about coffee on a deeper level.

Very cool - highly knowledgeable staff; gave me a taste of multiple coffees.

I pretty much visit here daily now. I love trying the different coffees (they rotate every fortnight)... and for a treat, the cold brew coffee (on tap!!) is a delight. I'm so sorry Patricia, but coffee perfection has (in my opinion) a new home - and it's at Aunty Peg's.

Best cafe Double Dutch Coffee Bar in melbourne for 2016

Extremely talented barista, superb espresso, skilfully extracted. Simple, comfortable setting on quiet section of Lygon Street. Dog friendly and person friendly! Some very different sweet treats and bagels.

Best cafe Workshop Brothers CBD in melbourne for 2016

Coffee was weak and when I asked for a replacement they wanted to charge me. Sorry, I'll just drink this weak one instead. Nice venue

A cute little place but felt a bit cold. No real atmosphere past the nice design.

Even with sugar it was a tad too bitter for me.

Best cafe Focus Melbourne in melbourne for 2016

Semeon Abay, Gesha yellow- naturally processed. One of the fruitiest coffees I have ever experienced. Roasted by Reformatory in Sydney.

Friendly service, good coffee and nice food 😀

Sigh... I've been here 8-10 times now. And I love that they're open till 5 unlike most cafes. The staff are friendly and the coffee is adequate. But I really can't understand the top cafe rating works - and its leading me to question the whole Beanhunter system. Focus is a decent place, but there is a reason why it's always empty and there's a line up at Mr Hendricks. If they could sort out their food menu that would help a lot.

Best cafe Sacred Alley Espresso Bar in melbourne for 2016

We love specialty coffee and making a visit to our cafe an experience for each and every customer! All food made in-house with love. ALL-DAY BREAKFAST!

Oh my, coffee and food was great - even in early morning



Melbourne CBD

Best cafe Patricia in melbourne for 2016

Patricia is the business. My partner had a triple shot Columbian and I had the house blend. Both on point and the peanut butter filled cookie sandwich was amazing. The high quality is evidenced by the fact that this place is absolutely packed full of stand up coffee drinkers, downside being that seating is a luxury reserved for other establishments. An absolute must visit.

This is the best coffee bar in Melbourne. Good service and good coffee. The coffee I had was a sweet Colombian that hit the spot

Espresso was only ok, tasted volcanic - igneous rock. Love the vibe, cups and especially the spoons but shot was not up there with past tastes. Kenyan filter was whole other story - full of floral gear and just great.

Best cafe Franklin Windsor in melbourne for 2016

Lovely guys, good long black. Not too sweet but still good.

Best cafe Finders Keepers Cafe in melbourne for 2016


Coffee was to die for! Roasted by Code Black but it's prepared better here imho

OMG had a couple of amazing lattes made with Code Black's Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans - absolutely amazing raspberry and black current notes... Beautifully made...perfect temperature..go there NOW!

Best cafe Wilbur's Cafe in melbourne for 2016

The people here were so nice. The coffee lacked character but was nice enough. Thanks for the lovely service.

Best coffee & best service. The food is great too.

Best cafe Brother Baba Budan in melbourne for 2016

Great flat white but thought it could do it better considering all the hype about the great coffee here. Maybe I've been a bit too spoilt with choice recently.

Good coffee, nice and original atmosphere. One of the good spots in the CBD

went there today to see what the hype is about and i must say the coffee is nice. ordered a piccolo 👌👌👌. great coffee.

Best cafe Mayday Coffee & Food in melbourne for 2016

A nice addition to the Richmond scene. Though prices for takeaway pastries and food is quite high

Clean cut and nice design. Food was delicious and coffee was what I expected. A nice drop


Cup of Truth

Melbourne CBD

Best cafe Cup of Truth in melbourne for 2016

Outstanding coffee. Great, quick service. A small is 8an oz cup.

You either like the blokes manner or you don't I guess, but they can be pretty upfront with regular customers. these guys once told me they thought that Doughnut Time charging $6-$7 for a speciality food was "stretching the friendship" these guys charge $6 for a large soy takeaway, hmm most expensive in the city. lucky the coffee is still good. Just no value anymore considering so many other good places close by.

Best cafe The Coffee Cupboard in melbourne for 2016

Consistently great coffee with an interesting choice of beans. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable and great care is taken in crafting the perfect coffee.

Great coffee served by a guy who definitely knows his stuff about it. Shame it's a bit small

The size of this cafe is a bit like a large cupboard, but when the weather permits there is additional seating outside. However the coffee quality more than compensates for any downsides. Recommended.

Best cafe Pardon Coffee in melbourne for 2016

I can't tell if I like it more now that they renovated or when they were a smaller venue. Coffee was good and went down well

Really nice piccolo though I keep forgetting that when in Oz, always ask for a double shot.

Nice little venue tucked away in the back streets. My piccolo was perfect but my follow up latte was just a little weak for my preference. Limited food menu

Best cafe Axil Coffee Roasters in melbourne for 2016

So impressed with Axil. The people, the coffee, the vibe- they seem to cover all bases. There was a real energy in here this morning, and staff were quick to greet and seat me. Enjoyed a Brazilian espresso that was sweet with hints of hazelnut.

Nice batch brew today (Rwanda).

This place does an outstanding coffee! It is always busy which says they must be doing something right. This is one of my top places to go in the more for my coffee



Moonee Ponds

Best cafe Nabiha in melbourne for 2016


Area Four

Melbourne CBD

Best cafe Area Four in melbourne for 2016

The name has changed but the crew is the same. Menu has improved with more variety. Coffee is now from Industry Beans and the man behind the machine made a smooth coffee that I ended up having 2

A surprise packet. For a tiny place it offered a big menu variety and a nice drop of coffee. It won me over with the movie playing on the wall. Nothing like a bit of Harry Potter on a Tuesday

A surprise packet. Probably the only place around the area that doesn't charge you a stupid price for quality coffee. Enjoyed a single origin from Ethiopia as a starter and finished a flat white using the house. Beans are from Industry Beans who I also love

Best cafe Monk Bodhi Dharma in melbourne for 2016

The coffee roasted here us amazing. albeit a little irrelevant, but also one of the best chai I have had as well.

Great staff, service and coffee. I am not vegetarian so can't comment on the food but their coffee is on point. The roaster Ely pointed me to an Ethiopian Geisha which was $7 and it was the best coffee I have had so far in Melbourne !

Ninety Plus Nekisse as a batch brew? That's a winning combination if you ask me!

Best cafe Velos Mazeh Musette in melbourne for 2016



South Melbourne

Best cafe Magic in melbourne for 2016

Best cafe Black Flat Coffee Brewers in melbourne for 2016

In the heart of Glen Waverley, Black Flat is your local hole in the wall coffee house. Brewing house blend from Axil Coffee Roasters on our La Marzocco GB5 and Filter Coffee from various roasters including Wood & Co, ACoffee, Proud Mary's and Maker Fine Coffee.

Love this place. They're using Axil, and they're doing it well. Magic is always on point. Great staff, great service, great little spot. Keep it up, guys.

Fabulous coffee and select fresh bagels and danish to accompany. Coffee was thick and crema just right

Best cafe Little Bean Blue in melbourne for 2016

Had a coffee here a few times now, and every time the coffee has been fantastic. Staff also friendly and provide prompt service. Only down side is its right in the middle of the walk way, but don't let that put you off having a coffee and a bite to eat.

Latte was excellent, wish they had a full cafe instead of sitting in the middle of the walkway. Atmosphere is the only thing preventing a perfect 10.

last and final visit here. i dont like to give bad reviews based on one visit, so this is based on three visits, with this final visit being my worst experience here. firstly, the coffee is average. On par with Jamaica Blue. Never at the right temp and the milk doesnt taste too fresh. There seems to be no passion from the barista, like they dont want to work there. coffee aside, the service on all three visits has been appalling. I feel like i am putting the staff out by ordering a coffee. Not once have i seem any staff member smile. I wish I'd recieved the same service that other reviewers have experienced, but 3 strikes and they're out. Sorry guys.

Best cafe Three Bags Full in melbourne for 2016

They're serious about coffee! Had a strong flat white on their house blend comprised of Ethiopian, Brazilian and Nicaraguan. The house blend and all single origins on offer are from 5 Senses. They also have a couple of rotating options for filter from other roasters. The flat white was creamy and full flavoured with a really enjoyable lingering aftertaste.

A serious coffee institute. Loved the interior and perfect for a cold winters day

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