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Plug Nickel


Best cafe Plug Nickel in melbourne for 2016

Super solid spot. White coffee here is something pretty special. Espresso is consistently good, and their cold options are rad. Coffee cherry soda in summer is what dreams are made of

It was a less than 5min walks from my Airbnb house, which is the decision i would cherish through out my stay in Collingwood. You just gotta try their current espresso blend. That raspberry taste is SOMETHING. Tried in Piccolo and Cappuccino, both still showcase how strong the flavor are, it show some sweet as well. Nice balance! I have taken the liberty to take home this beans. They got indoor and outdoor seating area, both in tiny space, nevertheless it's never that crowd so you definitely will get a space to sit or just sit on the park across the cafe.

Long black was not too acidic, not too bitter, good balanced with stone fruit flavors. Always a surprise to taste what can do talented baristas with good beans well roasted.

Best cafe LB2 Specialty Coffee in melbourne for 2016

LB2 Cafe is a boutique coffee shop in Melbourne CBD, serving up Axil and Cartel Coffee.

Best Coffee in town, Been a while since I've been here back working in the area love it that they are using Cartel place has only gotten better.

Silky washed Columbian espresso from Axil on a large volume, had a lovely citrus feel - seriously good. Flatty traveller had spot on texture, taste and temp

The best on a Saturday morning.. they have a huge selection of single origins on pour over. Helen is lovely!

Best cafe Maker Fine Coffee in melbourne for 2016

Super refreshing Carbonated Coffee hit the spot on a hot day. Bit of a hidden gem down a Richmond side street worth a visit for the lovely coffee and service.

Best cafe One Origin Specialty Coffee in melbourne for 2016

A little disappointed. Staff seemed off today and a little disinterested. Maybe a one off but sad for my first visit

This is the best coffee you'll find in SE Melbourne, and it's great. My partner and I travel here from Hampton East each weekend to enjoy the strong but smooth flat whites. Perfect.

First impression was that there people take their coffee very seriously. A blend and a Guatemalan single origin from Axil and another single from Uncle Joe's. I had a strong flat white on the Axil blend (4 South American beans). The cup was initially just a touch too hot to be comfortable and obscured the flavour but as the cup cooled the beautiful chocolate and caramel tones came through with an impressive strength. The aftertaste of cacao on the tongue was brilliant. I would love to take the time to try the single origins but I've got my caffeine quota for the day! Maybe next time!


The Storehouse

Mount Evelyn

Best cafe The Storehouse  in melbourne for 2016

An organic wholefoods store turned cafe. The storehouse puts meticulous time into training all staff to make coffee perfect. If you're after a milk coffee you'll be spoilt with latte art every time. The atmosphere is contemporary & inspiring and the staff could make a pauper feel like a king.

Coffee is always consistent and stays true to how the blend/beans should tastes. I get my morning coffee here day in and out and Iv always enjoyed it. Great atmosphere with a solid sense of community and friends people. I arrange a lot of my meet here just because of the environment.

As a barista, and as a customer, I cannot go past this place without stopping for a latte. Always top notch and the staff are the friendliest in the business.


Hey Mikey

Wantirna South

Best cafe Hey Mikey in melbourne for 2016

Axil Specialty Coffee and nostalgic jaffles...

Beautiful cafe tucked away with delicious coffee and great service. A hidden gem, will definitely be back.

Coffee is good, but IMHO not worthy of the ratings in other reviews. The Jaffles are great - The Fresh Prince especially.


Aunty Peg's


Best cafe Aunty Peg's in melbourne for 2016

Had another great cupping session with the team, and then was made a stunning Kenyan Peaberry pour over.

Another stellar cupping session, and the Panama Hartmann gesha natural totally stole my heart.

Flawless. Aunty Peg's is everything that it could be. Fortnightly showcases of 3 different coffees (espresso or filter only), brilliant staff.

Best cafe Double Dutch Coffee Bar in melbourne for 2016

Best cafe Workshop Brothers CBD in melbourne for 2016

A cute little place but felt a bit cold. No real atmosphere past the nice design.

Even with sugar it was a tad too bitter for me.

Their new spot is a hidden gem. Say hi to Jason if you're popping in for a takeaway

Best cafe Focus Melbourne in melbourne for 2016

Sigh... I've been here 8-10 times now. And I love that they're open till 5 unlike most cafes. The staff are friendly and the coffee is adequate. But I really can't understand the top cafe rating works - and its leading me to question the whole Beanhunter system. Focus is a decent place, but there is a reason why it's always empty and there's a line up at Mr Hendricks. If they could sort out their food menu that would help a lot.

Very fruity coffee. I had a long black. It was tasty. The food was brilliant.

Finca La Union as a pour over was outstanding. Cannot believe a Colombian coffee can be so fruity, and remind me of an Ethiopian.

Best cafe Sacred Alley Espresso Bar in melbourne for 2016

We love specialty coffee and making a visit to our cafe an experience for each and every customer! All food made in-house with love. ALL-DAY BREAKFAST!

Very good coffee, very very good service, love the atmosphere of Melbourne CBD

Nice to see they have Maker Fine Coffee on the menu now.



Melbourne CBD

Best cafe Patricia in melbourne for 2016

This place has fantastic coffee but forget about sitting inside the line was out the door and around the corner. Crazy busy little place.

Best cafe Franklin Windsor in melbourne for 2016

Great coffee and staff with a nice little venue nice and close to the station. A great choice if in Windsor.

Best cafe Finders Keepers Cafe in melbourne for 2016

Coffee was to die for! Roasted by Code Black but it's prepared better here imho

OMG had a couple of amazing lattes made with Code Black's Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans - absolutely amazing raspberry and black current notes... Beautifully made...perfect temperature..go there NOW!

Always good at Finders Keepers. The coffee was beautifully made and full of flavour.

Best cafe Wilbur's Cafe in melbourne for 2016

Best coffee & best service. The food is great too.

love the coffee from here, and the service is spot on.

Best cafe Brother Baba Budan in melbourne for 2016

Went to grab coffee on the recommendation of a co-worker. I went at lunchtime on a weekday and it was packed! But waiting close to 15 minutes for a take away coffee is a little long I'd say. When I finally got the coffee (a flat white with one sugar) the taste was so poor! The flavour was extremely weak and watery. I expected so much and was very let down...

The coffee was good and the cafe is very trendy. It is small and busy so the service was a bit average due to volume of people coming in the door

Absolutely packed today when I popped in for a quick espresso. I suppose everyone was seeking refuge from the rain... and the confined space in BBB made it a rather challenging task. The Kenyan made for a juicy cup

Best cafe Mayday Coffee & Food in melbourne for 2016

Clean cut and nice design. Food was delicious and coffee was what I expected. A nice drop


Cup of Truth

Melbourne CBD

Best cafe Cup of Truth in melbourne for 2016

Such great coffee. Strong and delicious, huge flavour even in a soy flat white. It's just down the stairs on Flinders near the Degraves subway entrance. Really fast too, this guy knows his shit. Recommend. Coffee like this makes you realise what tepid rubbish most other stuff is.

A little disappointed. Felt rushed even though it wasn't overly busy. A nice drop

Best cafe The Coffee Cupboard in melbourne for 2016

The size of this cafe is a bit like a large cupboard, but when the weather permits there is additional seating outside. However the coffee quality more than compensates for any downsides. Recommended.

Easily best serious coffee in Moonee Ponds. Great range of specialty coffee and alternative methods. Had a Ethiopean V60 pour over and wife had a “soy latte”. Owner seems like a genuine coffee lover and happy to talk about his beans. Will be back :)

By far the best coffee in Moonee Ponds! I had the espresso and my partner had strong flat white and we were very content with the drinks and food we had. The owner seems to be a coffee lover and he surely made this couple super happy! We will surely go back again!

Best cafe Pardon Coffee in melbourne for 2016

Really nice piccolo though I keep forgetting that when in Oz, always ask for a double shot.

Nice little venue tucked away in the back streets. My piccolo was perfect but my follow up latte was just a little weak for my preference. Limited food menu

Tasteful renovation/expansion on what was here. Not a big fan of the new coffee they use now though. Undercover roast came through as smoky in my long black.

Best cafe Axil Coffee Roasters in melbourne for 2016

Had the time to sit down for coffee today so I rode out to Axil in Hawthorn for the afternoon. Started with a strong flat white on the reasonable which was rich and beautifully made. The lingering finish left me wanting another. Decided instead to try the Ethiopian single origin as an espresso. The tasting notes said "Black Cherry, Orange Rind & Cocoa". The first smell reminded me straight away of a Christmas cake with the cocoa coming through on the first taste. There is a reason these guys have been consistently up with Melbourne's best.

Great place for food and atmosphere and this local roaster is a credit to the Melbourne coffee scene. Worth a visit



Moonee Ponds

Best cafe Nabiha in melbourne for 2016


Area Four

Melbourne CBD

Best cafe Area Four in melbourne for 2016

A surprise packet. Coffee was a tasty little drop and the food range was big for a small space.

Came here for an early breakfast before work. Delicious porridge yesterday morning only topped by the mushroom omelette today. Coffee was spot on too

I’ve tried my usuals. A long black first, bitterness and acidity very well balanced, aftertaste long and sweet. To go I ordered a soy latte, was too hot, so the milk curdled, shame! Attentive and friendly staff.

Best cafe Monk Bodhi Dharma in melbourne for 2016

Awesome coffee, atmosphere, food, service. Well worth the drive into Carlisle St.

1st time here and can safely say my all time best experience. Coffee was amazing and food delicious Incredible

Its been a while since my last visit, but the coffee is still up there with the best of them. From the Ethiopian natural from Chelelektu, to the Ninety Plus game changing Panama Gesha- not a drop was left in my cup. 10/10

Best cafe Velos Mazeh Musette in melbourne for 2016



South Melbourne

Best cafe Magic in melbourne for 2016

Best cafe Black Flat Coffee Brewers in melbourne for 2016

In the heart of Glen Waverley, Black Flat is your local hole in the wall coffee house. Brewing house blend from Axil Coffee Roasters on our La Marzocco GB5 and Filter Coffee from various roasters including Wood & Co, ACoffee, Proud Mary's and Maker Fine Coffee.

Fabulous coffee and select fresh bagels and danish to accompany. Coffee was thick and crema just right

The little "hole in the wall" cafe near the station is still producing delicious coffee with Axil beans. My flat white was spot on.

Best cafe Little Bean Blue in melbourne for 2016

last and final visit here. i dont like to give bad reviews based on one visit, so this is based on three visits, with this final visit being my worst experience here. firstly, the coffee is average. On par with Jamaica Blue. Never at the right temp and the milk doesnt taste too fresh. There seems to be no passion from the barista, like they dont want to work there. coffee aside, the service on all three visits has been appalling. I feel like i am putting the staff out by ordering a coffee. Not once have i seem any staff member smile. I wish I'd recieved the same service that other reviewers have experienced, but 3 strikes and they're out. Sorry guys.

This café was one of my favourite finds of 2016. I went there on Monday for a coffee and had to get them to re-make it, and when they did it was still very average. The butter biscuit that I ordered with it was stale and tasted like it had come from a packet. Overall my impressions of the café (from the coffee, to the biscuit, to the tub of meadow lea margarine in the display cabinet) made me suspect that it must have changed hands. Will not be back. The search for decent ☕ within Eastland begins again. 🤷‍♂️

Coffee was more fruity than I prefer, but a well made piccolo with good crema. The Granola bar is a good accompaniment. Service was polite and quick.

Best cafe Three Bags Full in melbourne for 2016

A serious coffee institute. Loved the interior and perfect for a cold winters day

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