Top Cafes of 2016 - Melbourne

We’ve run the numbers! Here are the best cafes of 2016 in Melbourne, voted by real coffee lovers.

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Plug Nickel


Best cafe Plug Nickel in melbourne for 2016

One of the few places that can mix a slightly fruity espresso blend with bonsoy. Really enjoyed it, awesome vibe inside too

Best cafe LB2 Specialty Coffee in melbourne for 2016

LB2 Cafe is a boutique coffee shop in Melbourne CBD, serving up Axil and Cartel Coffee.

Great little coffee shop hidden in a typical Melbourne alleyway.

Fantastic pour over, delightful coffee indeed !

Very very good! Great espresso from El Salvador roasted by Axil and great Flat white

Best cafe Maker Fine Coffee in melbourne for 2016

I had the Timbio - Colombian as a long mac. Awesome coffee, great food, services and tunes!

Spending the morning here is always a pleasure. Had a wonderfully sweet Kenyan filter coffee, and sat at the bar watching the barista brew coffee for the better part of my day.

Super refreshing Carbonated Coffee hit the spot on a hot day. Bit of a hidden gem down a Richmond side street worth a visit for the lovely coffee and service.

Best cafe One Origin Specialty Coffee in melbourne for 2016

Really Nice take away coffees - long black (Ethiopian fruitiness) and latte.

Back in Melbourne, and back to where its at. Loving the Costa Rican natural in the hopper. Alan is one of the most humble operator, and his staff always greet you with a smile. Happy to be home after this visit.


The Storehouse

Mount Evelyn

Best cafe The Storehouse  in melbourne for 2016

An organic wholefoods store turned cafe. The storehouse puts meticulous time into training all staff to make coffee perfect. If you're after a milk coffee you'll be spoilt with latte art every time. The atmosphere is contemporary & inspiring and the staff could make a pauper feel like a king.

Ordered Bonsoy latte: delicious silky smooth and nutty, quite subtle but love the flavour. La Marzocco machine.

Great coffee, not enough staff so had to wait a long time.

My local Great staff, very accommodating, short black always on point and vibes for days!!


Hey Mikey

Wantirna South

Best cafe Hey Mikey in melbourne for 2016

Axil Specialty Coffee and nostalgic jaffles...

Don't be too quick to drive past this place. It serves excellent coffee. I ordered a piccolo followed by a chai tea. The piccolo was perfect - the froth slightly bitter and the drink smooth. The chai had been left a little too long before serving so too strong for me. Service is fantastic even though they were training someone new. It's quiet in the mornings when you'd normally expect the mums and bubs crowd - though I don't know why as there's plenty of room for prams and parking. But it makes for a lovely, quiet coffee especially if you're sitting outside looking at the trees.

Saw this in the top 10 cafes in Melbourne and have been keen to try it out. Dropped the kids at Jumpdeck up the road and waited for them at Hey Mikey. Enjoved the funky, pleasant atmosphere. I had a cold drip coffee which was amazing. I don't usually drink black coffee but this was very refreshing and not bitter. A lovely looking selection of chocolate brownie biscuits filled with different flavours.

Great coffee! Using Axil is always going to help you create a great brew. Bit tricky to get to and kind of hidden away, but worth the search. They need to develop their food menu, perhaps just simple breakfast/lunch menu.


Aunty Peg's


Best cafe Aunty Peg's in melbourne for 2016

Beans from Panama. Very nice take-away long black.

This place is amazing! The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and have so much time for people (I was just getting 1 bag of beans and 1 coffee, but the guy in there taught me so much). Awesome place!

Ordered the Honduras filter, was delicious. 2 in our party of 4 didn't order as they had enough caffeine on our coffee crawl, and don't usually have black coffee. Old mate bought out two small cold brews for them anyway. Now we have 2 new converts. Amazing experience all round.

Best cafe Double Dutch Coffee Bar in melbourne for 2016

Extremely talented barista, superb espresso, skilfully extracted. Simple, comfortable setting on quiet section of Lygon Street. Dog friendly and person friendly! Some very different sweet treats and bagels.

Best cafe Workshop Brothers CBD in melbourne for 2016

Coffee was weak and when I asked for a replacement they wanted to charge me. Sorry, I'll just drink this weak one instead. Nice venue

A cute little place but felt a bit cold. No real atmosphere past the nice design.

Even with sugar it was a tad too bitter for me.

Best cafe Focus Melbourne in melbourne for 2016

Had the Panama Gesha...a naturally processed one! My God, the clarity was impeccable; and the fruit notes were so indulgent. I'm so happy to have Reformatory Caffeine Labs coffee in Melbourne. The video of the extraction is on my Instagram if you need proof.

Not very often I come across a coffee I say is a 10.. but this Costa Rican filter prepared by Ken was one of them. Clean crisp balanced.. some of the best coffees in Melbourne.. great space, great food options.. and best of all the service is brilliant

Best cafe Sacred Alley Espresso Bar in melbourne for 2016

We love specialty coffee and making a visit to our cafe an experience for each and every customer! All food made in-house with love. ALL-DAY BREAKFAST!

This place is sensational, I wish I could pack it up staff and all and relocate it to brisbane!! Coffee was perfect temp, silky smooth. If I could shrink down and live in it I would!!

Very popular place ... espresso machine constantly pouring ... which is a good thing ... decent coffee !

Great service and atmosphere, cold brew was smooth



Melbourne CBD

Best cafe Patricia in melbourne for 2016

Doesn't get better than this! Only two options white or black coffee and the small batch blend they served was superb. These guys know what they are doing - right down to using thermometers to check the milk temperature. Worth the visit each time.

Great ... fresh beans ... highly skilled baristas ... consistently good !

Best cafe Franklin Windsor in melbourne for 2016

Excellent coffee, dbl ristretto shot, silky milk, great flavour. Nice guys.

Fantastic cafe that offers the lot for any cafe, but more importantly, coffee enthusiast. Truely a great cafe that has excellent service, great food and somehow even better coffee. Directly across the road from Windsor station it's only a 10 minute train ride from the city and well worth the trip at that. Thank you for having me, Franklin Windsor.

Best cafe Finders Keepers Cafe in melbourne for 2016


Coffee was to die for! Roasted by Code Black but it's prepared better here imho

OMG had a couple of amazing lattes made with Code Black's Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans - absolutely amazing raspberry and black current notes... Beautifully made...perfect temperature..go there NOW!

Best cafe Wilbur's Cafe in melbourne for 2016

Really really really good coffee - had a double expresso and it was perfect. It was slightly longer than a typical double expresso - just the way I like it. It's creamy and the taste is perfect. Staff are extremely friendly. I definitely recommend this place

The people here were so nice. The coffee lacked character but was nice enough. Thanks for the lovely service.

Best cafe Brother Baba Budan in melbourne for 2016

Coffee was good. Expecting a Wow based on reviews but maybe an off day? Will definitely come back to try again when I'm in Melbourne again.

Best cafe Mayday Coffee & Food in melbourne for 2016

Food was absolutely sensational, the burrata was divine. The single origin was really smooth and creamy, had a well balanced and fruity flavour. Lovely service, definitely deserves it's reputation

A nice addition to the Richmond scene. Though prices for takeaway pastries and food is quite high

Clean cut and nice design. Food was delicious and coffee was what I expected. A nice drop


Cup of Truth

Melbourne CBD

Best cafe Cup of Truth in melbourne for 2016

Neat little hole in the wall but it can be a challenge to find. It hides in the subway tunnel which you can reach from Flinders St station or from 2 steep staircases on Flinders St. Great little flat white was smooth and easy to drink. Espresso had a full flavour without biting acidity and the milk was beautifully textured.

great service. made fast. coffee was beautiful only disappointing thing is that i drank it all an had to end

Went back here for the first time in ages, and they've still got it! It can be hard to find, as it's a window in the Degraves Street subway to Flinders St. But it's totally worth it as Courtney makes the Axil beans sing!

Best cafe The Coffee Cupboard in melbourne for 2016

This place should and could be so much more... When this store first opened its doors a couple years ago now, the coffee was second to none! (and Moonee Ponds was suffocating under 7/11 quality cafes) It seemed that the original owner only held onto the place for a few months and the business changed hands. The concept towards good coffee appeared to remained very high, but almost every one I've had from here since has been over extracted and painfully bitter and acidic (even though the beans appear to still be supplied from the same roaster, who was actually the first owner). For some reason I keep giving it another go every few months to again be disappointed. I really hope this place can return to its original glory.

Best cafe Pardon Coffee in melbourne for 2016

Nice coffee, cool place. Not the fastest. Coffee was full flavour, bit nutty, a touch Creamy. All good for me

Delicious coffee and a relaxed environment. Ham and three cheese toastie and a flat white for brekky were a perfect match!

I can't tell if I like it more now that they renovated or when they were a smaller venue. Coffee was good and went down well

Best cafe Axil Coffee Roasters in melbourne for 2016

Went at a quiet time which I think helped. Good coffee, maybe weaker than I like, but still good. Good service, nice place. Great shop.

So impressed with Axil. The people, the coffee, the vibe- they seem to cover all bases. There was a real energy in here this morning, and staff were quick to greet and seat me. Enjoyed a Brazilian espresso that was sweet with hints of hazelnut.

Nice batch brew today (Rwanda).



Moonee Ponds

Best cafe Nabiha in melbourne for 2016


Area Four

Melbourne CBD

Best cafe Area Four in melbourne for 2016

Apparently this espresso bar is no longer called Naked (hence have no name until further notice, according to the barista). I came in for a short black yesterday (photo provided), and they have a Kenyan on, which was roasted by Industry Beans. it was a little bitter for my liking. On a positive note, the barista was very friendly.

I get a coffee from this little hole in the wall when ever I'm in the area. Has a good variety of treats and food available. Though it's the service that makes me come back. They always make me laugh

The name has changed but the crew is the same. Menu has improved with more variety. Coffee is now from Industry Beans and the man behind the machine made a smooth coffee that I ended up having 2

Best cafe Monk Bodhi Dharma in melbourne for 2016

Coffee perfection. Very cosy interior, limited seating and super hipster vibe.

Back for another visit to Monk's. Probably our favourite coffee in Australia. They have stuck to their own thing as far as coffee roasting and preparation. Everybody else does a lot of science, measuring everything- at Monk's it's much more visceral with judgement and experience being the key. It sets them apart from the rest of the crowd.

Consistently good coffee, service with a smile :)

Best cafe Velos Mazeh Musette in melbourne for 2016

All very good. There's little not to like here - except not open Mondays and uses Macro Soy milk - but that is easily forgiven. Coffee is consistent, served with great care and humour. Some unusual and interesting drinks are also known to be served too!

terrific coffee quality, taste and flavour - sweet & smooth espresso. expert barrister makes sure it's not burnt (hard to find) not much for atmosphere or space, but the quirkiness makes it somehow special.



South Melbourne

Best cafe Magic in melbourne for 2016

Beautiful coffee and great service. Can't say nothing negative about this place. Well done Magic!

A magic, magic from Magic 😜 Great flavour, fast (late afternoon pick me up) service and friendly. Thanks team Magic!

Had an excellent cappuccino and a "magic" (double shot with milk). Absolutely worth going there!!! Food is good as well! I'll be back ... often!

Best cafe Black Flat Coffee Brewers in melbourne for 2016

In the heart of Glen Waverley, Black Flat is your local hole in the wall coffee house. Brewing house blend from Axil Coffee Roasters on our La Marzocco GB5 and Filter Coffee from various roasters including Wood & Co, ACoffee, Proud Mary's and Maker Fine Coffee.

This place is great. Consistently good coffee, that's super smooth as a long black.

Great coffee. Had a latte. Very smooth with no bitter aftertaste. My friend likened it to Pablo and Rustys (for those who have heard of that). They do say they make their coffee to a temperature that isn't as hot as some people are used to. I order mine extra hot as I do prefer a hot coffee. A great place to get a take away coffee on way to train station or there are some tables for dining in. Very limited food options - some pastries - it is certainly a place to go for good coffee not for cakes.

Great coffee from Axil Coffee Roasters! Love the set up! Tucked away right next to the station. Perfect place to sit and have a coffee before your train. Bagel menu is a great idea! This will be a regular for sure!

Best cafe Little Bean Blue in melbourne for 2016

Rated coffee a 9. Consistently excellent. Number one mistake cafes make is overheating the milk. I've had 5 cappuccinos here and each one has been quality. Rated service 10 out of 10. Always with a smile and wait time is minimal. Unfortunately I couldn't rate atmosphere high as the cafe is in the middle of a shopping centre. Rated atmosphere a 6. If you want a cafe that clearly has experience and expertise in making coffees then this is the place to go.

Had a coffee here a few times now, and every time the coffee has been fantastic. Staff also friendly and provide prompt service. Only down side is its right in the middle of the walk way, but don't let that put you off having a coffee and a bite to eat.

Latte was excellent, wish they had a full cafe instead of sitting in the middle of the walkway. Atmosphere is the only thing preventing a perfect 10.

Best cafe Three Bags Full in melbourne for 2016

Excellent coffee, had a cappuccino and a Colombian pour over. Both presented really well, tasted good. Cappuccino probably not my favorite ever, but still very good. Place is nice, just very loud! Good service, nice and fast. Food was delicious.

They're serious about coffee! Had a strong flat white on their house blend comprised of Ethiopian, Brazilian and Nicaraguan. The house blend and all single origins on offer are from 5 Senses. They also have a couple of rotating options for filter from other roasters. The flat white was creamy and full flavoured with a really enjoyable lingering aftertaste.

A serious coffee institute. Loved the interior and perfect for a cold winters day

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