Proud Mary

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Reviews of Proud Mary

5 reviews · 10 years ago

Found this place using beanhunter when heading out too early Sunday morning. Very happy with my find. Just got a takeaway so can\'t say too much bout the service, but I was pretty happy with what I got.

9 reviews · 10 years ago

Everything works here - Serious equipment pumping out the great coffee, friendly staff and a funky vibe. Recommended!

9 reviews · 10 years ago

It is not often that i can visit a place and feel so happy and content like i've just consumed something that my mother has made. Something so good and well made, its physical effect is one of wellbeing and happy vibes. Well this place is without peer in Australia !! Big-call too right, the place was on fire people everywhere coffee flying left and right food orders enough to feed an army. So it stands to reason that mistakes will be made..... no chance! My short mac was gold! my food was perfect The staff were awesome and made us feel like we were the most important people in a packed house, just like it feels when you visit your mum for dinner. I left this place with a sense of wellbeing. Pay attention cafe owners of Australia THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!!!!

7 reviews · 10 years ago

Amazing cafe. Nolan has created a mecca for coffee nerds - check out the customised 6 group Synesso (including wood from an old shed in Albury)! Coffee is amazing as expected. They also have a Clover, a range of Syphons and a few cold drips going. Plenty of awesome blends as well. Service is fantastic with staff always saying hello. Food is good too though sandwiches can disappear early. Packed on weekends as well, so be prepared to wait or squeeze in.

5 reviews · 11 years ago

Loud, busy, normally a good sign. The menu was interesting the coffee was very good. The biggest letdown was the disappointing serving size. After sunday breakfast you shouldn't leave hungry. This place is a stones throw from Smith St cafes that offer enormous breakfasts at more reasonable prices.

30 reviews · 4 followers · 11 years ago

Came here on a public holiday, very crowded, and they charge an extra 15% today because of increased cost in wages. Not too happy about this, I mean if you don't want to absorb the extra cost, don't open. Simple. Anyway, ordered the latte, and whilst it is smooth and silky, it's probably on the strong side for most people (which is fine with me) and my wife's was even stronger. Either it's been confused with a strong latte, or there's inconsistencies in making the coffee. Other than that the cafe itself is nice and big and staffs are friendly, especially today, they get paid higher :P

13 reviews · 1 follower · 11 years ago

Really, really good. Great fit out, imposing machinery. Service was slow, but it was worth the wait. Espresso was sublime, the Clover needed some fine tuning. I only wish I lived closer.

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