Oak Room

Open until 4:30pm

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Reviews of Oak Room

14 reviews · 6 years ago

Very funky cafe, amazing coffee, not sure that its one of the best cafes in Melb but, still better then 80% of the places in Vic tho. Had my usual expresso and flat white, nice expresso flat white was weak and chalky. 8/10 coffee, 10/10 service

22 reviews · 6 years ago

The love is gone. Nothing stays the same in Melbourne for very long and that is a win for innovation. Melbourne isn't complacent with mediocrity, its a seething wild thing of wondrous creation.

18 reviews · 6 years ago

I have tried my best with this place and supported it. I'm finding it very tired and coffee has become a little burnt. excellent with sugar.

35 reviews · 3 followers · 6 years ago

Id heard many great things about the oak room so was really eager to go. The set up is pretty great, but the coffee... it was good but really very familiar and my latte was a bit on the hot side

17 reviews · 6 years ago

I've never understood the appeal of the Oak Room I mean it's good, but it's not that good. There's equally good and better coffee elsewhere in the area with better service and more inviting atmosphere.

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