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Reviews of Madamimadam

1 review · 2 years ago

Fast service for s small take away coffee and price point of $3.80 for a soy was great but unfortunately the soy was burnt and tasted like plastic.

1 review · 3 years ago

You guys really need to learn a bit about customer service......Ive let it slide with a smile everytime you've tried to overcharge me by $1 for a milkshake, even moved when you wouldnt let me eat my take away lunch on a seat outside but today your angry staff have really outdone themselves....... 4.02pm and you wouldnt serve me with a drink out of a fridge because you close at 4.00pm. Ok, I was 2 minutes after closing but your door was still open and there was still people having a drink inside. Surely a bit of customer service wouldnt go astray.....and heaven forbid friendly staff that arent cranky all the time would be a pleasant change

5 reviews · 3 years ago

Can't recall staff that are consistently this rude. They usually do a pretty good coffee but when it's bad, its really bad. 8 for a good coffee..... 4 for a bad one - average of 6 seems fair to me.

7 reviews · 3 years ago

Coffee was ok, a little dark for my liking. Atmosphere nice, staff awful...arrogant and no smiles, didn't look like they enjoy working here let alone serving customers!

74 reviews · 7 followers · 5 years ago

I do not understand S1 who gave this place a bad review, 2 reviews and only here makes me question if he is from a rival cafe because my experience could further from his review. Beautiful food and a good coffee at a price that was decent. $15 for a coffee and big chicken and avocado panini. definitely will be back next time I'm in Melbourne or want to go somewhere i know is good.

2 reviews · 5 years ago

the worst place!! first the waitress changes $5.for a standard cup of coffee. is there ANY where else charges this? then when I question the price, she abuses me and calls me a regard. don't go near this rip off

2 reviews · 5 years ago

Not impressed by service in this cafe that's in one of my favourite Melbourne alleyways, got the distinct impression the staff were all in bad moods, or just didn't care. Coffee was OK - I had a latte - slightly bitter taste, certainly not specialty in my opinion. Atmosphere was busy/rushed, and pretty rundown inside, although maybe that's the fashion these days

34 reviews · 4 followers · 5 years ago

Stong enough and almost hot enough but not a fan of the beans they use. If I really need an afternoon hit though it will get me through and the barista is lovely

2 reviews · 7 years ago

Wish I could pop this cafe in my suitcase and bring it back to Brisbane with me. Robust smooth coffee and consistently made well, fabulous service (remembered my name and order after my 2nd visit) and a lovely selection of breakfast and lunch food. Love this place!

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