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6 reviews · a year ago

Very hit and miss I'm afraid. The customer service is consistently good or better (and sometimes great), but I cannot say the same about the consistency of its coffee quality. Some of the cappuccinos I have bought have been great, but just as many have been poor, and a few downright sour and barely drinkable. The fact that the coffees here are expensive ($4.30 for a small cup!), higher than both the national and Victorian averages and (given the quality) IMO far more than what they should be, just makes this all the more frustrating; which is a pity because the staff are nice. For coffee this expensive one might assume the provision of free wifi and all of the Victorian/National newspapers; but neither are provided, only two Victorian papers and often not even the local rag. I've not yet tried to connect my laptop to a power source, so I cannot comment about that. The provision of table sugar is also unusual, and ordinary raw sugar is not provided on the tables, only some strange novelty concoction, although raw sugar can be accessed upon request or from elsewhere in the cafe. It's best when it's not busy because customer service is better; and because when it is busy you then realise just how small and pokey the place really is - especially when you're effectively sitting cheek by jowl and trying not to elbow your neighbouring customer who's crammed into a seat next to you and who's also trying not to elbow you, and you're all trying not to listen in to neighbouring conversations that are barely 1m apart. So if you're trying to have a private conversation, then this cafe is often the worse place to be! I used to regularly go to this cafe several years ago, before it changed it's interior colouring from a warm-and-cozy yellowy-cream and mid/dark-brown to a harsh post-modern pastiche of white and black/dark grey, a change resulting from new ownership that IMO that was not for the better. At least they didn't try to change the romantic external appearance of the ivy on the red brick, which still gives it a distinctive appeal; and which is one of the last reminders of the old countrified-way in which Mornington used to look before developers got their claws into the once-historic township and “modernised” it. All in all, very average I'm afraid. 5.5/10

2 reviews · a year ago

I love this little cafe with its Parisian feel. So cosy. Great staff and it’s clear all the regulars are well known and made to feel so welcome. We were just driving past and happened upon this cafe and were not disappointed. The banana bread is delicious and the coffee on point. I had an espresso and then a piccolo. They were both awesome.

76 reviews · 6 followers · a year ago

Came here based on reviews on our way through town and I'm not sure how they score so high. They were struggling with demand and the service was indifferent. Latte was more like a flat white with poor milk texture and little character to the shot.

2 reviews · a year ago

Excellent coffee! Try the breakfast brioche as the one I had was prepared to perfection. Small, compact and intimate cafe with good friendly atmosphere. Tight for kids, families, or those with limited movement but superb for takeaways as excellent quality coffee.

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