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2 reviews · 2 months ago

These coffee's where outrageous, delicious coffees! These people on here saying $5 is to much for a cup of coffee go f**k yourselves and get educated. All coffees around the world shouldn't be the same set price. Gesha coffees which is what this cartel mainly focuses on is an extremely low yielding crop, and develops more sugars on the coffee cherries through photosynthesis which creates incredibly intense flavours which is highly sought out for an experience in the specialty coffee community.

1 review · 2 months ago

I use this app to search for great coffee not complain about the price, This was the best filter I have had in years and with out a doubt the best long black in the City I am not sure about the $5 option I took the $10 and $15 option. It’s good to be able to get this selection of rare coffees in Melbourne CBD. Keep it up guys you have our support and we all love what you guys are doing good and so nice to have a chat to staff dedicated to pushing the boundaries on unique flavors it was great to try a wild honey fermentation coffee process its is next level. .... Why do people think all coffee should be the same price confuses me all economies are different ! who has the right to dictate that a coffee from Africa should be the same as the price as from Colombia ? Australia we should not all charge the same price THIS IS NOT 7-ELEVEN some coffees are rare some are unique some are cheap some are expensive for all you who actually love coffee support great coffee !

27 reviews · 3 months ago

$5 for a regular milk coffee is a bit steep. You're given the option of fruit or chocolate notes (I chose fruit, my mistake. Chocolate next time). Did enjoy the fancy water on tap.

1 review · 5 months ago

Absolutely legendary experience, with unmatched hospitality. I had high grade jasmine tea, which was brewed in a BKON machine, and served in a wine glass. (Classy!) The espresso was the best I’ve had in a long while, And was followed by an amazing milky and a filter coffee, and a jaffle. Everything my wife and I ordered was brilliant. They’ve got a fantastic natural wine selection that I can’t wait to go try out on my next visit! I highly recommend this cafe if you’re in Melbourne. The Barista’s name was “Lex”. 👍

1 review · 5 months ago

Interesting cafe with a really big range of unique great coffees The girls are lovely and showed me through both the tea and coffee range will be back.

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Cartel Roasters Mebourne

5 months ago

*Fist bump

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